The logo-logos-life symbol above is my creation. This brief article will describe it and how it came to be. There is more of that “how” in my books. I first used it to conclude AUGURIES and thus the trilogy. My explanation of it in that book is from the vocabulary used there to explain its origin in that context. Here, I will, hopefully, clarify it in a more limited concert. But, please begin with me – knowing that this is a most significant LOGO LOGOS LIFE symbol. It carries visually the substance of my concepts. The drawing is a bit imperfect, because our knowledge of existence is imperfect…somewhat as Davinci put the Vitruvian Man’s left toe outside the circle. I have labeled this symbol with a name: CORETANGOION…pronounced core-tan-go-i-on. Notice the five beat-syllables. They mirror the five instruments in the QUINTETION breathing sequence. The basic tango dance steps are five. The strings on cello-violin-viola-double bass are four (classically) and the bow the fifth. In AUGURIES the fifth dimension was the PENTAMEROION – the breathful/breathtaking hold of being’s inhalation/exhalation over a five-petalled flower. Insightful here is the “lead & follow” sequence in the Tango and its variations between both male and female “centers of readiness” for holding-frames of reciprocal embrace. Alas, all musings from science on the fifth force of nature are implied here. When I do my meditation and breathing-pause, I use a hand gesture/grasp that is (from my research) unique to this form of expressive hand symbolism. It is simply putting the thumb between the four fingers and grasping that hold; a hold of five fingers I must add: the same five playing the strings of the cello. In the symbol you can see the four strings and a bow.

So, that’s the QUINTESSENCE, which pervades my writings as does the TRIUNITY and numbers, generally, that are prime number oddions ( 3,5,7,9, 11…these being the fundamental five with “7”  as “keystone” in the middle with its long history way before the seven chakras and days of the week. I’ve honored the tradition with seven sounds from the QUINTETION. This is not a digression, because the flaming “i” in the symbol is the classic & daily “tertium quid” released from the covenantal reciprocillating embrace midst the clash&grasp of opposites: thus creating that third dimension  which, somehow, translates into matter in the universe, mind on earth, and that “i” of me twixt we and thee. The key word from the dance of life in this dimension is TANG: meaning pungent essence and sharp existence – along with many other terms reflected off these phrases. On my card, I have spelled-out POET – as Passage Owl’s Epiphanic Tang. This means, simply, that special something that makes us human and sometimes wise as an owl — grasping for life and meaning — in the darkness. (Similarly, AFIRADAPO – A Fireflies At Dawn Poiesis.) That TANG, as represented by a well-dotted and flaming “i”, carries these “i” characteristics: imagination-intuition-individuation-inspiration-immanency-intelligence-innovation-integrity-identity-insightful, etc. Sum all these and more – and you get a pungent TANG: the human/earth experience/expression/essence. It is our dance: OUR TANGO. Alas, the planet did a lot of dance steps before US. It has given us the dance floor full of multitudes of plants and animal species for our steps, embraces, and music.

Now, some words about the OIO and the ION. It should be obvious that there is a real connection between OIO and the above symbol. In AUGURIES (p. 207-208) I take-on the old theological OO, of Nicaea, meaning “same” and OIO meaning “similar,” and different. The “iota” in between meant, in essence, putting the figure of Jesus as more a “human being” between absolutes of Divinity. No need to rehearse that here. Furthermore, Heraclitus, many centuries before, had conceived the LOGOS as the backwards-forwards-and-all-around holding pattern that centered existence between contrasting polarities. Don’t think he made a logo of it, but the TAI CHI symbol below, which was created just over 400 years ago, shows this centering Logos-type-concept between the Yin & Yang of that ancient symbol. (And look at the computer imaging of galaxy formation next to it.) I call that creative-centering-hold-embrace the iTANG between YIN & YANG. So, the Heraclitian concept, we must say, has been around some 800 years before Nicaea. Indeed, this triune sense of things (think 3-D, father-mother-child, subject-object-predicate, past-present-future . . . and you’ve got it) is a primal structure pervasive in existence: this interaction of opposing binary systems (not “same” as in OO) that manifests a third dimension. The Nicaean world of 325CE had no real concept of the primal triune unity, though some tried with the “i” in OiO. — And speaking of thirds, I recall here my characterization of humanity-and-earth at this juncture of time as GEN-i-US. We are the generation – all of us and all “i”s — that are endowed with the genius to sustain and enhance the embrace-hold of humanity and earth. We know what we must do and that we must do it. We are at the very center of the forces of our planet and our consciousness. Life is begging for an embracing-hold-pattern smack-dab in the middle of our existence. We must become actively motivated – fully inspired — GEN-i-USION. iEarth is calling!

So, now you should have the meanings of the visual parts of this symbol, now called THE CORETANGOION. The first letters CORE refer to COVENANT RECIPROCITY, which is the “core” of much I’ve written – which produced this symbol. The ION, about which I’ve written much, is a suffix used by the sciences for issues like fission and fusion: and used, generally, in language to refer to active action…traction, innovation, motion, Nation, vibration, stimulation, respiration, meditation etc. Alas, ionization is – like radiation and binary polarization – a key concept of how existence works. Seems “ion” is defined as an atom that has lost or gained one or more electrons so that it has an electrical charge that’s either positive or negative: the positive with loss are cations and the negative with electron gain are anions. All of this is related to “ionic bonding.” This is a poet’s summary to show some of the depth of IONIZATION AND REIONIZATION in the matter of existence.  ION is now as primary-primal as LOGOS; so we have a LOGOSION: meaning, mostly, that which holds in all things. When all the action is summed and totaled – it is the flaming and well-dotted “i” that emerges on earth from the collision-embrace of polar-opposites — the most primal emergent is our consciousness of life in death/death in life. The symbol CORETANGOION – shows that.

So, the five of CORETANGOION joins the five breath-instruments of the QUINTETION and the five breathing sounds of AHHhhSOHOBECALM. And the PENTAMEROION. Don’t forget the stringed instruments and the candidates for the fifth force of nature’s embrace – the FIFORONATE, which I simplify (with poetic profundity) as THE HOLD.  And, I should add here how THE HOLD, which I’ve referred to as a Fifth Dimension candidate, holds-up in the Space-Time continuum. There – the 3-D world gets the addition of Time – making a four-dimensional manifold of general relativity. Time’s measurements are basically a human concept — dealing with the observation of relative velocities of things,  which had to have a “beginning” somehow. I would add THE HOLD as the Fifth Dimension to this concept: it is totally pervasive — and, I’m compelled to say, it holds the other four. Why Einstein missed this, I’ve no idea. The quantum world couldn’t be without THE HOLD.

Once this is grasped(embraced), then the glue that holds our ordinary world and the quantum world will be found. Then GUT (Grand Unified Theory) and TOE (Theory of Everything) will bask in the HUG of the Hold’s Ubiquitous Grasp. The mathematics of THE HOLD should be exciting — like Shakespeare’s composing Hamlet or the Tempest. Dramatic poetry from the “i” of it all. This reminds me of Walter Kaufman’s “From Shakespeare to Existentialism” (Anchor Books, 1960), wherein he says of Camus — “. . .he was a nightingale who thought he was an owl.” (p. 281) This meaning a singing poet rather than a wise owl of well-reasoned philosophy. Personally, I see them as a duet in the dark of our knowing-being. This way: POET – Passage Owl of Epiphanic Tang. Alas, the “epiphanic tang” of the poet’s expression can’t help but feel, often, that it has “something” in its grasp, its vision, and has a life-giving nourishment that passages into its song. Camus was good with that “something.” One must add science to both the poet’s and philosopher’s quest. There is no true “tang” today unless all three dance together. Kaufman wrote about that. As do “i.”

So, my symbol is like a GPS of my POET writings. The version on my card has vibration signs in the polarities to indicate lively movement and the number 7. I’ve left those out in this article to focus on it in just this way. There is so much more that could be added here that’s in my writings elsewhere — all of which will be pulled (and held) together when I put it all in a book  (TO HAVE AND TO HOLD)– hopefully this year. 

[Now, a reflective note. A word like CORE is YOKE. Think of yoked oxen drawing the plow. Of course, I see this in this symbol. We are yoked by opposites to manifest our plow.  I also see The Symmysts of Syzygy — where syzygy is the pairing/yoking of opposites and where the symmysts are the initiates-illuminati of all those “i” words of inspired inspiration mentioned above, who will grasp the revelations in the yoking of opposites. These are the SOSers: the Sound of Silence and Solace of Soulers. Songsters of the CORE and bearers of the YOKE. Symmysts are you and me – syncing what holds – what sustains and gives abiding structures of beauty, justice, and meaning: the bridges over breaks from old symmetries to new. Our “Syncing Our Spirituality” has its home in this SOS. (In today’s tech world SOS means System of Systems. Different territory. See further note below.) These are some key words with this OS as their yoke: LOGOS, ONTOS, HOLOS, AUTOS, HELOS, TELOS, ETHOS, MYTHOS, PATHOS, THANATOS, HYPNOS, CHRONOS.  The CORETANGOION symbol embodies all such embraces of THE HOLD. — The ScienceMag (2/7/2020) article, from which the above galaxy picture was taken, while continuing the discussion of What is and Where is Dark Matter? – had this to say about the MOND, modified theory of Newtonian Dynamics: “According to the theory, the attraction between two masses obeys Newton’s laws only up to a point. Under very low accelerations, as in the case of galaxies, it becomes considerably stronger. This is why galaxies do not break apart as a result of their rotational speed.” So, once again, some scientific evidence-theory that there is a HOLD at work in the universe. Call it THE HELD – The Hold Embrace Logos Dance – that never holds still: no matter how much we hold our breath until it takes our breath away.]

[ And now, this picture of the human brain with its two interacting spheres – resulting in conscious awareness of an I-Self-Me ( an ISM for sure) that emerges at a space and time place full of holdings to behold, become, belong and be beheld. What is holding inside our heads is as of the holdings to make a tree with its pulsing sap&breath and a galaxy with its grasp&gasp of stars and stuff. Our bodies and all of life are made-up of such polar reciprocillations to bring about personal/concrete structured existences. When strivings to hold/beheld find what syncs into patterns/molds that hold, then life —living or inanimate — builds cathedrals, cities, rockets, species, and everyday homes take shape. Ahh, the Earth’s moon and both together with the sun and all three in a solar system in a galaxy in a universe in universes. Call it THE HOLDING GRAIL. . . or simply the CORETANGOION. For sure, if this brain, we have, didn’t Hold like the Hold of existence in all its dimensions (M-Theory has 11)– then we wouldn’t have a clue: but a clue we have. You can hold your breath while holding that thought. Our consciousness has formed from what holds. Alas, neither stars nor thoughts can form without the presiding primal presence of THE HOLD. We are just beginning to grasp this dynamic of existence. The future of human/planetary existence will seek ever so to dance in its embrace: rather than enliven structures of struggle and demise, which can easily sync into their forms. Behold -below – graphics of the brain and lungs. See that “i” thrusting from the middle. Think GEN- i-US…all the way home.]


[More on the SOS -System of Systems technology and two current needs for its utilization to coordinate multi-source data into a wholistic working concept. Two issues: climate and coronavirus. At issue: global systemic crises/risks. ScienceAlert reports from’s International Sustainability Research Network that there are five climate/global systemic risks: (1) failure of climate crises mitigation and adaptation (2) extreme weather events, (3) major biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse, (4) food crises, (5) water crises. All the systemic branches of the current coronavirus crisis are being structured into place, but one can imagine most that will be in the SOS for that. We will see what holds for these two systems. Civilization and human/planet health are dependent on the healthy state of the systems of nature on which they depend. So much data now. Scientists foresee a global systemic crisis if we don’t put our GEN-i-Us to work immediately to enact THE HOLD to stabilize and deny collapse. The SOS is – with all the SOS’s above – the Systematics Of Salvation. Within this SOS, our salvation is not linked to “soteriology” of theological doctrine. It’s an all-natural systemic.]