Preface— My book AUGURIES has an extensive (if not perfect) glossary. Duplications here will be minor. These entries are to help with this site’s comprehension. As you will see, one of the commands of “poetries” is to manifest the words (sound/concept/feel) which “hold/bond/sing” both reality and “an” authentic perception of it into an “holistic/covenantal” sing/say/script////mind-body-spirit meaning. (See “Apocroaptic” below.) Such expressions will not only “be” and “mean” — they will “work.” Alas, such wordings–(whether they make it into dictionaries or not) —  are the hoes that till the lands for “ripe” harvest. When we find ones that “work,” we’ve dancing partners for the true romance of this life on A-ROCK of Augural Recrescendoes of Covenanantal Kairos.

A —- Not only a word, but a symbol and a sound. My books are titled ALTARPIECES-SYMPATHIES-AUGURIES. They manifest in order AOIDOI-AGONISTI-ACTORI.  This is the A of the Alpha of beginnings that prevails to be the A that ends OmegA. As such it is the most pervasive/primordial sound/structure of existence. AlphaOmegA. ABBA.MAMA.BRAHMA. JAHWEH. ALLA.NIRVANA. VALHALLA. SAMSARA, etc., etc.  Alas, this  “Ahhhing” will take a bit of a “saying.”

This “A” is the axis-spiritus-anima-mundi- — primordial-birthcry-pain&wholistic sound of AHHH! This is the A of AUM that formed the sound of OM. The A in the see-saw-seat of palindromes as MOM A MOM( see below). It is the A of A-letheia and ‘Apo’kstrophes’.  This is the “A” of Alpha-Brahma-Buddha-Gaia-Aqua, etc. It is the ladder of pointed-attained ascent( as in dotting our “i”) with a bridge connecting the polarities of left-right to work in harmony/hold: similarly the 0 between + and – . So it is that this A is prominent in the logo on my card and this site. A-HA! As an Axion (a word from “axial” and “axiom” and “axis” with the “ion” of Action) it represents the power that keeps the palindromic different-but-sameness in dynamic relationship — such as our two hands held in front of our face with the thumbs forming an A-triangle between left and right. For example:  AWE-A-EWA…where AWE is essentially the same, but from two different directions. Here it is: IOU-A-UOI. —  AUM-A-MUA!— Surely, you can hear singings and choiring, harmonics and melodies intoning just this A sound. Aspiration-Inspiration-Respiration (AIR) —-becoming a wholistic-in sync-harmonia Spiritualization. Such is the wheel with both hands to steer it and be steered by it. Such is the swing of the pendulum fixed to a centering A that merges the past and future with now: Predation and Procreation with the Prosperoion.  It’s like tying the two strands of your shoe laces into a neat-secure bow. AHHH-HAHH!!!

“A” requires greater treatment ( more later) ) to explain how I use — and must use it — as the Axion of the palindronmic-triune nexus of existence. Earth and Sun would be of little consequence if they did not each spin on their Axis. Otherwise, such as AWEEWA would just be static. Add the “A” — AWE-A-EWA and you have a dynamic system.( A point/power from which the pendulum swings and the palindrome feeds reciprocally within itself.) This will take some explaining.  But like our thumbs — we’d be nowhere without thumbs. Thus, my hand positions in( A Wave Afflatus Yoga) meditation are with the thumbs between the four fingers on each hand. This, too, will have greater significance when I get to the midpoint of uneven numbers such as 3-5-7-9 that creates evens on either side. 1-(1)-1=3.  1-1-(1)-1-1= 5. Similarly, the A works as the magnet that hold both sides in unison-axion of form&flux&futuring of dynamic tension. Similarly, your head and neck are like such an A between extremities and organs. This mimics nature as it is and as it functions. That’s again why the 0 is needed twixt  – /+….-0+. We are offspring of the Earth&Universe. One doesn’t have to be an Astrobiologist   (science of life in the Universe ) to see the “how’s” of “what’s” happening– and the “wise” of “whys.”  My guess: the way things are here is way things are everywhere beyond here. The unique-magic of it all — is that this “A” both “breaks symmetry” and “creates symmetry.”

 “A”…  as stated… is more than just a letter to form words — it is the most primal sound of human existence.( And, thus, the creator/catalyst of language.) Palindromes are not just language play–they enact the primal form/format of living systems: even in our DNA. It is a symbol of unity, bridging, fulcrum-axis mundi, and augural directive into the future. I’ll explain the term APOCROAPTIC below, which will designate “A” ( always as the  various “A” sounds regardless of the language, both spoken and written) as the primary expression that opens us to conceive a future beyond the grip of survival. Thus the A of AUGURIES. As conscious beings we are more that just predators-procreants– killers and birthers– we are prosperoion augurs: to prosper is to look ahead. Such auguring is a “breaking” of symmetry. The “vanishing point” (an “A” form design) in a 2-D Canvass  makes it a 3-D experience: breaks out of 2-D into 3-D. ALIVE! AWARE! ASPIRATION! AFFLATUS!

It is the combined reality of all these senses which has moved me to put the “A” between the two same-alike-sides of a palindrome  — otherwise they would be static with one sense only butted up against itself. The dynamic tension has room to break and sends it in reverse and roundabout. Things move, to use Eliot’s phrase, “into another intensity.” Alas, a bridge between that focuses to a point of mutual creation. O the Midwifery and Tertium Quiddity of it all. Indeed, an “A” as the executive –mean-median-medium between contraries: the MEMEME of consciousness. Our THALAMUS twixt Frontal-Parietal Cortexes. The Link of Think&Blink. (Recall that swinging pendulum.)

Now, dear reader, remember I am not a neuroscientist, physicist, mathematician, or musician. I’m a poet, who essays off his poetry and vice versa: thus my POETESSAYS, which is what this is.  I’m a poet with no credentials to speak of…other than the authenticity of my own experience. Palindromic entanglement is not –“spooky action at a distance”  — it is natural as the action of walking right where we are. The make-up of our whole body manifests the pervasive endowment of a palindromic alignment with a “likeness” different than a “sameness.” The “A” shows the playing-field’s fifty-yard line: the net of the courts. Reminds one of the Council of Nicea’s deliberation over the “OO” of sameness verses the “OiO” of likeness. (Homoousian verses Homoiousian). Thus, I could say “oAo” and express the palindromion likeness of left and right hands. Like the “A” sound — this relationship is built-in. And not just us, but all species have this primal configuration. (Surely, one can see this OIO in the created symbol of the overlapping fields of entanglement with the dotting-of-one’s-own-“i” in the midst of it all — as on the back of my card. ( Recall, too, that the suffix IAN is to name an “actor” — whereas the suffix ION is to name an “action. So it is that I will often use ION to manifest an action encompassing the IAN actor. Big difference between A Vegetarian and The Vegetation: a Native and The Nation.

I must conclude this manifest of “A”; here’s how. Here’s a famous palindrome out of ancient Rome: ingirumimusnocteetconsumimurigni. ( It reads — “we enter the circle at night and are consumed by fire.” Rather meaningless, except as word play.) It’s likenesses — ( not samenesses —  because coming from different directions, though entangled because each is implied in the other, as in left-right.) — run into one another creating gibberish…a gibberishion. Put the A between the “ ee “ in the middle and you have “eAe.” Simple. A bridge. A MEMEME. A pivot/pilot. Now relate this to the three rivers of Pittsburgh, PA.–  Allegheny —  Monongahela — Ohio. If the A and M just ran into one another it would be a non-creative, flooding mess. But, because they converge at a point they form a new river — the Ohio , which contains them both and is itself unique: a true tertium quid of a  coincidendtia oppositorum. The rigid symmetry is broken. The Thalamus directs traffic: bridges the flow—dots the “i” of I-Know twixt any so&so. AFONA– A Force of Nature with the Ahhhhhhh sound of the Covenantions. — see the Recent Post Poem — SO&SEW&SOW&SO as an Echo in the Afterglow of all this Aness.

ABC’s — AFFLATUS BREATHING COVENANTIONS — Know your ABC’s. And a favorite triple A sound is ADAMAH-AMITABHA-AUM( Brahma) which is the great BBB of BEING-BELONGING-BREATH. And if we look carefully we see the equally great triple CCC — CONSCIOUSNESS-COVENANTUS-COGNITION.

Such are the ABC’s of what I call the APASBAMBAON — A Physical&Spiritual Body&MindBreathingAs OneNaturally. Such hoeing digs for harvests that nourish our poetries to ring true. — With this in mind, I conclude with the meaning of “echoing” that Blake used in his poem The Ecchoing Green. He used the archaic two “cc” word ( here I give it as “eccchoing”) to express how nature and humanness echo back and forth to one another so living in such a covenantal relationship( the third but middle “c”)  rings true with purposes that sustain and promote prosperity. — AROCKAKCORA — Make that “A” in the middle really large and you can see the pendulum swing. ( Must do a drawing of this somewhere.)