By Michael D. O'Kelly


A Fireflies At Dawn Poiesis

  1. Glistenings – Till Death Do Us Part – 2010
  2. Altarpieces – Structures of Poetry and Spiritual Thinking – 2011
  3. Sympathies – The Aoide Protocol – 2014
  4. Auguries – Augural Recrescendoes of Covenantal Kairos – 2017
  5. MOM – Muses of Mortality – 2020
  6. POP – Poetries on Purpose — 2020
  7. SOS – Song of Songs — 2020
  8. GOTMOL – Gracing Our Time’s Meaning of Life — 2021
  9. PORTS O’CALL – The Journey Home – 2022
  10. INDIGO’S UMBRELLA – More then just a children’s story – is now in Available for Purchase!

Nom de Poiesis – ‘APO’KSTROPHES’

Michael D. O'Kelly - Published Works

New Release! Indigo's Umbrella: A Storied Birth of the Rainbow

This is a fantastically exciting tale that rumbles and rhymes with nature’s creative existence in play with humanity’s promise, the magnificent life forms all over the planet, the treasures of the human family, and the wonders of personal creativity. A tale embodying the symbolic inter play of philosophy, science, imagination, storytelling, adventure, and spirituality. Hopefully reader-viewers (of all ages) will resonate with the utter excitement and glory of our creative life on this Earthen Home of families — and how each weaves and chapters their own story as they journey home singing in the sunshine — “We Are The Joyful, Joyful, Joyful Colors Of The World.”




A Speak-Easy from the Sea-Theater of Repeating EAs as Beacons of Meaning




O, time to leap ahead for this hearing of reason’s steadily creating a clearer-cleaner seal-heal-plead appeal of the really real for a heaven on Earth that is near and dear to all who live the zeal-team-deal to reveal truths — that won’t congeal, tweak, or sleaze — as their seal of reality’s duty beyond the surreal and the heavy-weather-heather years to the daily breaks of bread and the gleaming leagues of beauty’s meaning ever breathing its breath healthily dreaming-ever from our heartbeats of healing — beyond nuclear weaponing, firearm threats, disease, and the teaser-teats-of-cheater-treats and freak-leaks of speakeasy sneaks — as a beaming, glowing heartbeat full-abreast of hope, home, and peace beaming as a beacon across the oceans, seas and seasons; ever the theater of the hearth fires of the heart that spark the impermeable treasure-pleasures of dreams and entreaties in the realms of breath and death—and every creative breach of the weary-dreary to steady our homestead with its mountain streams and streaming medias of minds meandering—with no meager vigor — in the mead-meadows of eager beaver-eagle beagle and peaches of peace for each: those treaties that earnestly-threadingly-feasibly speak leagues and realms from the pleads of appearances with all their bearings of ideas that weal and reveal the Earthisean ( Ur-this-see-an) measures so -– past cleavages of tear-streaked cheeks, eavesdroppings, bleary teachers – they reach-to-beach the pleasant threads&seams that realign and hold their majestic commonweals — just as this is a really neat feat and great read – an easy-peasy glean of corporeals — full of mealtime families of feasty spreads with their ever-ready repeating realizations of! YEAH!!!!!! Don’t forget ordeals of Easter Seals and reassurances of ideal laureate endeavors released as weaves of sheaves and shears of shearlings. – O! The meanderings in reality for the measurable-pleasurable means of meaning.


(Interesting note regarding the word “RE-PEAT” – wherein “peat” unlike “lease” in “release” is not a word relevant to the meaning of repeat — until one finds it comes from the Middle English Old French word “petere” meaning “to seek.” Ahh! To Peek! To re-seek—re-search – is to glean the peak of “repeat.” REPEEK! REPEAK! – DEA, below, was my wife’s middle name to replace my D of Douglas – just for the EAU-SEA-DEA-MEA of it. Gads! I was born in Stealey section of Clarksburg, WV.)

Signed in Ir-I-sH as – Micheal Dea O’Ceallaigh, Poetean, Covenantean, Et Al.

This is an extension of the EA section of Ports O’Call—The Journey Home – wherein this EA exercise in language was to symbolize – make a case for – the rather universal tango-essence-presence of the SYNTANGOION with its OIO ever-aloud as this EA encased in the very essence of our thought, language—sounds of silence. AHOY! The ever-aligned interplay-reciprocity-over-lap-of-polar-opposites: Dark/Light—Particle/Wave–Plus/Minus–Something/Nothing—In/Out -Life/Death, etc., ET AL!

Result: the miraculous reality — represented by an IAM as flaming candle of LIFE gleamingly alive and alive in us. Clearly, English has dearly offered these EA. The internet documents 5428 words – each with EA in it. – Well before the Nicaea’s OO to OIO of “homoiosion”—there was the Greek Titan Deity KOIOS, who was one of the sons of Uranus (Heaven) and GAEA(Earth). A god of prophesy, intelligence, and foresight and polarities of Night&Day. Such is the presence OIO as symbol of polarities in resolutions of standing candles of Existential Afflatus. Point made: this dynamic (dark&light—OIO) of each needing the other to be what they are and can become — is entangled in all we are and do — much like the quantum world of entanglements no matter the reach between realities so superpositioned as Breath&Death: each needing the other to be as they are before any dearth-hearse to rehearse life’s release from its leash.

So, add more to this document’s comprehensions with embodiments of EA in EACH. Such are relevant in the In/Out-Breathings of QUINTETOIONs! Many are in Ports O’Call as –

(say the numbers) — in [1-2]—out [3]—in [4-5-6]-out [7]



Do the 5-6 second exhalation 7th PEACE/OUT- to both sing (tonal resonant vibration) and release nutrient Nitric Oxide. Count how the Quintetoion is a seven-beat breath in four sections – the fifth (thus the name – like the “fifth” ground space beneath, holding-up, a four-sided pyramid) is the holistic-fifth of the whole event itself — just as Life’s the wholistic event of inhalation-exhalation. Such Belongsong-vibes are performed, silent-spoke-sung, by those four instruments in their “Fifth” Holistic Hold event of Everything Allied. Readers will notice how the “sync” of SYNTANGOION’s (OIO image below) polarities fuse into four dimensions of entanglement which release our 5th dancing candle of “I” — Life’s radiant consciousness. (There is a Japanese concept termed SHINR-I-NY0KU (I emphasized the I) – which is FOREST BATHING of all 5 senses midst the trees. There is, however, that 6th holistic-sync-sense, which is FOREST BREATHING—a form of SAHASA [SafeHarborSanctum].) Just learned (8/10/22) of EA —Effective Altruism (11/2012) a charitable organization. (Recalls my theses Destiny of Sharing (Meadville) and Psychodynamics of Reciprocity in Counseling.) Such an EA gives great breadth to feel good/do good – and boosts to OIO’s living flame. In the news 9/9/22 is the IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency’s inspecting the Ukraine nuclear reactor facility for vulnerabilities. Famous Irish-mystic-poet – George William Russell used AE as his pseudonym from word AEON – the Ages. Celtic EA as in Micheal fits. Beannacht! Fits me as easy to see/sea in this MEAndering of EAs to appeal as an ‘Apo’kstropheas’ as in AMOOOOAEA-AbsoluteMostOriginalOmnipotentOriginOfAllEverythingsAltogether: that clarifying term from my ALTARPIECES to “transcend” Gods of Theism-Atheism-Agnosticism. Its sound twin is AUM as vibrant-tonal-hums of Earthean-Aspiration. EARTHISEAN it is! Beacons of EA gleam the ICON-LOGO-SYNC of OIO’s omnipresence in all thought: conspicuous as all mind-body endeavored realms of consciousness.


And so it is, that OIO with its flaming aspirant candle of consciousness is a manifest symbol of Dialectical Incarnation as described by Martin J. Schade’s: “’Hegel’s system begins with BEING as the thesis, NOTHING as the antithesis, and BECOMING AS THE SYNTHESIS.” (Alas! As Predator-Prey leads to Progeny.) “According to our understanding of the dialectic, we must realize that BEING and NOTHING are ONE. This is a new vision,” (–‘which I got way before reading Schade’–) “the new consciousness that is needed to grasp this proposal of a Dialectical Incarnation. BECOMING is the unity of BEING and NOTHING.” – Alas, each is entangled with the other such that a plus becomes a minus and minus a plus because each is implied in the other. The dialectic is one of shared-dialectical reciprocity. One dancing flame of AUM-GOD-TAO, ET AL., becoming all CONSCIOUSNESSES as—SYNTANGOIONS. The Tango of Omnipotent TANG becoming all realities of THE HOLD—THE HELD—THE BEHOLDEN. [See Schade’s essay on internet: “The Aum, The Tao and the One Love – It’s ALL ONE: Introducing Dialectical Incarnation.” He theologizes a bit much — concluding that “God needs humanity to be God”– without Predation-Randomness in the formula.] Incarnation is indeed the flaming candle, which represents Individuality-Intelligence-Illumination-Imagination-Intuition…EtAl! With my term SACRAL the dialectic is both SACRED&SPINAL –Spiritual&Physical. Our backbone-wick aflame with a brainy becomings focused as dancing mind. This SACRAL CANDLE says so much more with its backbone-wick than a flaming chalice with no wick-wax-wane in the dialectic burn–brilliance of LIFE&DEATH. – Oh, Yes! Add FOCUS and SACRAL and BREATHING to the five senses – plus OIO as the realized holism of consciousness. [ Soon, I’ll show more how predation-prey holds focus to HO-I-ST consciousness.] For now, on Cloud Nine with Muses Nine! – O! Trinity of Trinities!!! OIO!

Taking earned-breath-break, now, to go light my SAHASA SACRAL CANDLE: cease meanderings for ideal peace.

Michael D. O'Kelly - The Syntangoion


This SITE’S theme is:

“POETRIES OF A NEW SPIRITUALITY”–POANS-ANSWER — “A NEW SPIRITUALITY  We R.” All entries, poems, etc., are here with this general theme implied, even though other subjects are voiced.  I encourage entries in READER’S COMMENTS to engage this theme. For more direct communication email — mdokelly@msn.com. The GLOSSARY is an on-going clarification of concepts.  I am learning more&more of POANS-ANSWeR everday. Reader assistance is truly welcomed. Thus, updates, editing, and contemporaneous responses are naturals.

About Michael D. O’Kelly

Welcome to my World. The above symbol represents dotting one’s own  — i—-midst the contraries & resonances of existence. The dotting becomes one’s FLAMING AFFLATUS and under one’s own care an ASPIRANT AFFLATUS ARIA– as in hitting a Pavarotti high C and holding it. So, Putting your toe in my open door is not to “buy,” but to “engage” a quest as old as when consciousness first envisioned  Odyssean style a future and its self-active-operatic role in the outcome. So, come to gobble or nibble, this site serves my thoughts-experiences about being free, breathing deep, holding hands, and singing-hollering at the top of y(our) voice as we strive for speakings of living’s most throbbing lucidity: SHOALS —Shining Holds of Angelic Legacies. At the end of this Dot-Com is a designated space for comments: particularly about  ANSWeR — A New Spirituality We Are.  A new FLAMING AFFLATUS.  Indeed, some blazes of new inspiration. (If you need to cross T’s as dot I’s — then Afflatus Wave Yoga is for you page 203 of AUGURIES.)

As you grasp the gist of this directive as it unfolds, I trust it will generate “your” new insights to the quest, which you will share on this site. As such responses accrue, I’ll periodically summarize and take the discussion forward. After all, this voyage is on the sea of language and we must maintain control or AI will just take over. Who knows?! We might just cause some trustful disruptive ripples on the Pond, veritas vibrations in the Stone, and classy chorales in the Wind: momentums that steady-steer our craft to home on some “sounder” ground-of-being that rarifies the meaning of our existence and clarifies our future.  ICYMI: many things about people, ideas and this Earth aren’t like they used to be.( Just look at what’s displayed in 9 out of 10 movies on Netflix or Presidential tweetings.) And still, we know not why we are here; even as we add day by day to our knowledge and utterances from/of the uttermost strangeness of this place we call the Universe.  Some old things we must learn to live without. Some new things we must comprehend to live with — to insure/inspire our future. –. I’m not a bot or about to drop-out because the bots are coming. However, it’s amazing I’m still around to continue being a my-me-mine (as you’re your you) as an Earthling Suchness that will never happen again. EVER! FOREVER A DONE DEAL.  So, we sing our   ASPIRANT AFFLATUS ARIA ……now as we march forward.



I call myself a Poet, since the poetic voice best holds and incants my “AUM- afflatus spirituality.”  I used to be a corporate speech writer, UU Minister, Family Therapist., Thespian ( acting in many plays), seller of “stuff.” At age 70, those behind me, I decided to get my writings in order on my word-processor.  So, I began ALTARPIECES — as the significant “pieces” collected from the altar of my life.  I soon realized I was into something more than a collection of poems and a theory of poetry. I began to envision other books — offspring, as it were.   Thus, early one morning, Spring 2004, coffee in hand on my front porch — and Lo & Behold as the dawn was breaking a group of fireflies were flying in front of me towards the dawn. AFIRADAPO — A Fireflies At Dawn Poiesis— was born and here’s  the soon composed poem’s conclusion:

Fireflies at dawn Bellow their night poems through nag-heat day, Pulse codes like lovers tangled on the reel — Casting flashy lures at suns that must sink: Winged essences, charred bodies still on fire.

A few years later, my wife, Marilyn, was diagnosed with leukemia. ALTARPIECES went on hold as there were two-and-a-half years ahead of intensive pursuit of procedures to prolong her life. The ordeal was constant from local hospital clinics to Cleveland to Baltimore: transfusions, surgeries, chemotherapies. Marilyn, my lovely artist wife-mother-of-three, died, age 74, May 25, 2009.  Soon, I began a memorial book dedicated to her. I’m now on a computer. GLISTENINGS–“Till Death Do Us Part,” was published April 2010. ALTARPIECES- “Structures of Poetry and Spiritual Thinking” was published 2011: two years later I added a preface  — “Origins of an Opus.” I was now conceiving a trilogy –OPUS TIPARTIUM TOTUS TUUS/Utterances from/or the Uttermost.” And a trilogy (APE) had formed within a trilogy. This was APE–Autobiography-Poetry-Essay. Think of poetry&essays beating on the chest of autobiography to sound a unison tasked to make sense of a life expressed in words — and a few pictures here and there. Book II — SYMPATHIES –“The Aoide Protocol” — was published June 2014. Book III — AUGURIES — “Augural Recrescendoes of Covenantal Kairos” was published October 2017.

I am currently “working” three children-family stories to publish soon. Also, a collection of poems in a volume slightly larger than a cellphone. Those of us — “A vanishing species?”– who have lived long in the hold of books filled with “markings” from one’s own hand, find it less than satisfying to read from electronic screens. I’ve tried to structure my books so that the “hand” of the human-creator is graspable — even unavoidable.  I stamp all my books To Have And To Hold!  Not just a cell-phone, please! Hands on the Helm! A little book of poetries for purse and pocket. Or as one friend says — “under the pillow.” And an audible version — perhaps.

I’m not really a “Numerologist,” though I’ve studied the “magicals of sympathies” enough to have seen interesting navigations of coordinates. So it is that, I became aware of some personal coordinates taking shape in 2018. I was born 02/18/1934. Therefore, the date 02/18/2018 caught my attention along with the fact I’d begin my 85th year at that pivotal moment in the timings of existence. Howsoever it plays out, that date and year will be my coming-out party (Hello World!) and this site should be up by then. (There will be many invitations to many who can’t come. The sacred valuations of 18, from the Hebrew tradition, I expect to activate with Irish resolve. I’ll take up golf when I retire.) I intend a productive year of some “flyable” undones waiting in the wings — the major  “wing-span” is this “going public.” Raising my own Flag. I don’t expect popularity — just a “solid” seat on the bus that’s taking us to where we must go as Eartharians. In the burgeoning AI world with it’s “identity theft-fake-news” multitudes, robotic-take-overs, and machine-to-machine weaponings of destiny — we are being-taken-for-a-ride. Like the poets of all ages and challenges, I’ll actively join my contemporaries with this constant call — Let’s Not Forget To Hold Hands & Each Dot One’s Own “i” by hand. Sound aloud the chorus! Sense the feel of fingers turning pages in the mind. Find a quatrain to grasp between your teeth.

ARISE! –Plead your moonshine to pace the rabid tide,

Rhyme clockings between give and take of face;

Breakfasts stirred with hummings deep in the choir:

Your bared teats grasped by the mouths of rainbows.


Below, I briefly document my writings and future intentions as the year 2017 closes and I’m still ONE WHO LIVES. One of the reasons I’ve adopted the OWL as signature creature along with the FIREFLY and my little dog DAISYDEW.  When I say POET– (one who tinctures-time-breathes-deep-hunts-the-night-protects-the-vine-hailer-of-the-dawn, etc.), I’m saying PASSAGE OWL OF EPIPHANTIC TANG: a working-concept that holds the umbrella of my OPUS-OEUVRE, namely A FIREFLIES AT DAWN POIESIS — AFIRADAPO. I am an ‘APO’KSTROPHES’ of AFIRADAPO.  Since most I’ve to say is “tanged” by this “origin,” I best introduce my “opus-oeuvre” with this “nom de poiesis.”– Take your seat on the Bus! Mount our Galloping Gaia. Fire-the-Hearth. Join hands. The Passage of tang spins with bite, clang, and bark! Epochal Epiphanies need Livable Litanies. Poetries keep trying!  Sciences keeps spying. Dogmas keep dying. Knowledge keeps growing! And, my OPUS WONTSUNODION LIFE keeps on hooting and hailing the hunt of the dawn. Mozart’s music keeps playing. My eager PERSISTORY ( as yours ) persists to be ever-freed from The Tree of Life so OUR WISEST LEGACIES keep awakening & winging & singing & coming home.


THE BIRTH OF ‘APO’KSTROPHES’—  It took some unexpected resolve to commit  to this birthing. It was almost (use your imagination) like the spiritually impregnating Angel that visited Mary. Out of nowhere this universal poet’s identity was suddenly a conception. Like Mary, I was a natural carrier from whom such was deliverable. Here’s how it happened. Start with the “apostrophe” best known as ONE’S  own possession.( No Joseph contractions “should’st” be required.)  As in O’K, it was mine as a natural carrier. I was, of course, well versed by the poetical-address concept of “Apostrophe” — namely, a “turning away” (the Greek meaning) from some normal audience-theme-pursuit — to “address” some personage-idea-reality as if it were present and newly alive. Wordsworth’s “Milton! thou should’st be living at this hour” is a classic line. The “Apostrophe” is a call-exposition of something that should be lively-considered –addressed!– at this now of one’s own time. I call it the releasing (See the Ariel-Prospero story in my work.) of a legacy ( a WONTSUNDION — wonder that should not die ) from the Tree of Life for a new flight.  Old wings in w sunlight. In brief, an address to some somethings which should be alive and poignant at this hour. I put many of my poems/addresses in this category.  “Fireflies At Dawn” is an Apostrophe. Alas, an Apostrophe can become an Ode (an extended song to squeeze the juice of complexity) and an Ode become an Apostrophe.  There is no song without structured memory or structures of memory without song. AHA! An Apostrophode!!

Also, from the Greek Chorus we have the trills of this threesome— strophe-antistrophe-epode: the progenitors of my — CRESCENDO–DECRESCENDO–RECRESCENDO. With these, and many many sources, we have the origin of the three apostrophes in ‘APO’KSTROPHES’. (Don’t forget past-present-future or subject-predicate-object midst the multitudes of triunities: especially the major “ions” explored in AUGURIES– Predation —  The Prosperoion — Procreation. ) Alas, there is a lot of “antistrophe-decrescendo-apostrophode” in The Prosperoion. ( See Glossary )

If the above wasn’t enough, research of echoes in my mind took me to these Greek words/concepts, which solidified-confirmed ‘Apo’kstrophes’, and which I detailed in ALTARPIECES. Here they are: APOKATASTASIS–being on track with “refreshed resiliency-resolve” firm in the groove of one’s destiny –APOKALUPTEIN — becomes “apocalypse,” which means to uncover-reveal-disclose major things  ——-  APOKRYPHOS —  becomes “apocrypha,” which refers to what is hidden, secret, unknown.  So, the OK preceded me in many ways. All three are functions of the poet-augur-scientist, etc. Ahhh! The exposing of realities to be cast actively in our resolve. Realities to not be missed, to be comprehended as possible, and expressed with authenticity. (History of OK: Greek to Gaelic to A-OK.– with care to not run AMOK.)

So it is, I refer to myself as AN ‘APO’KSTROPHES’. Proud to take it so as my “Nom de Poiesis.” It says what POET means to me and universally since we humans have such a voice. This is explored in SYMPATHIES as the Aoide Protocol. That most primal triunity seeded the Muses Nine: AOIDE-MELETE-MNEME –the voice of songs to be sung, the performance crafted as natural as flowing water, and the magical hold of memory to keep it all in repetitive place. Thus: The Song-The Craft-The Legacy. So, on stage — the voice-presence of the singer as iAM — Inspiration Afflatus Mundi. So, let’s give such performance the name  iASIGASAM —- AFFFLATUS-SPIRITUS-IMAGO-GLORIA-ANIMA-SALVATOR-AXIS-MUNDI. —This ‘Apo’kstrophes’ from AFIRADAPO performs the iASIGASAM. Briefly: The World’s Song Sung! True as can be as so one hopes. Thus, to Craft Legacies. — Structure! Incantation! Lucidity! Memory! iAM! WeR! GENiUS! Dotting one’s own i — with FLAMING AFFLATUS!

It’s not easy . . .Living with catastrophe each morning,

Forever rethinking with new data,

Being morphed in swirls from glasses darkly:

Steamy mirror wiped to show but this face.


In AUGURIES I created the composite word APOCROAPTIC as the epitome accomplishment of language to have it truest connect to reality–both internally and externally to holistic. These were the three terms: ACRONYM ( as apt abbreviation  as ASAP) — APTRONYM ( as a word the was truly most APT such as Nose or Hope) — APOTROPIC ( total sense and sound connect to reality such as Crescendo or Rain).

Putting all three together — APOCROAPTIC emerges as the holistic term describing that which an ‘Apo’kstrophes’ strives to spell-sound-sense-out of awareness to enhance-advance Awareness.

Now, these two sets of Three Word Sets are not my creation. Recall as well the AOIDE PROTOCOL triunity ( Aoide-Melete-Mneme–as Aoidoi -Agonisti-Actori).However these, and other triunes referred to, are the foundations of the APOCROAPTIC – ‘APO’KSTROPHES’( and its three apostrophes) –  ALPHA-AXIAL “A” IN PALINDROMES such as MOMAMOM.  The primal primacy of such pervasive groupings of “threes” in reality and our consciousness processes is central to my Trilogy. Later, on this site, I’ll discuss this secret to the universe when I contrast it with Tesla’s Nine (9) as primal. Alas, 9 is just three sets of threes. The Muses sing!! Aspirant Afflatus Arias!! Acapella Fortissimo!


Poetries of a New Spirituality

I need to comment on my Poetries of a New Spirituality so any reader will have the “gist” of what I mean. There will be more to be said, for sure, but this, in brief, will orient you. Two key concepts: covenant&immanence.   As  to traditional concepts of covenants with transcendence — this is covenanting with immanence. In other words, humanity covenanting with earthliness and humanness. I’ve called it an ANSWeR — A NEW SPIRITUALITY WE ARE.  Ancient religions/mysteries knew nothing of black holes, the extent of our solar system and the utterly incomprehensible vastness of spacetime and galaxies galaxies galaxies billions of light years away—or of all of this seemingly expanding into ultimate obliteration ….or something else.  We don’t know what’s going on. But we can see the environment as never before. We do know we are on a planet in the midst of all this. We are what we are and as we are and what we are becoming — because of where we are as the one place we’ve always been.  We are Earthlings. Earth is our one and only home. We are formed as we are because of where we are.  The phrase “Poetries of a New Spirituality” — includes maths as well a metaphors — singularities as well as sonnets, galaxies as well as goodnesses, etc.  As such it’s an explore-exigesis-express of the immanences and the covenants of this Earth-Human relationship: how best to live the inherent  existential harmonics of  our planetary creatureliness. Bearing in mind, that our WeR has evolved to a supremely critical concept/feeling of covenant,  which is as old as consciousness: old as all the various cultures and magnetisms of this planet. It’s all about what holds and harmonizes to make a home. Yes, this “new spirituality” embraces the primal attraction/sympathy of human&nature —  like hydrogen and oxygen to make water. ( Water —- baptisms-christenings-COVENANTING-BONDING) Unlike( but inclusive of) sustainability and conservation of ecosystem endeavors, the sense/being/action of covenanting is a spiritual manifestation — as in the sense of being/feeling/ making a home–place/people and one’s own body/mind person in harmony. Yes, there is a Yoga for that—a psychology a philosophy, but not a transcendent theology. — Individuals can believe many things, but the new spirituality gives priority protocol to the immanence as described. — A note here, to be explored more fully later, is that Umberto Eco concluded his massive-work FOUCAULT’S PENDULUM–with all its explorations in secret-faith-conspiracy societies/religions/magics/Diabolicals and the various grasps throughout history of THE PLAN -THE CENTER – THE UMBILICUS MUNDI, the etc. bogged-down by earthbound MALKHUT– with these words:

“…Being was sending us a message of oblivion….It makes no difference whether I write or not. They will look for other meanings, even in my silence. That’s how they are. Blind to revelation. Malkhut is Malkhut, and that’s that. But try telling them. They of little faith.

So I might as well stay here, wait, and look at the hill.       It’s so beautiful.”

So, midst all the concepts/feelings of the mysteries of life — one stops in the flow and covenants with the Earthworld as opposed to some/any Otherworld ——– and lives the beauty, the behold,  of one’s home where one truly belongs. In one’s own moment of belonging, indeed, with the hold of Beauty in the Behold of Belonging…………. there is the Breathing.  And so it is, at the heart/core of the word “spirituality,” is the LifeForce of aspiration-inspiration-respiration —AIR. The Poetries of a New Spirituality grapple gloriously with the grace of that—-such that Understanding advances beyond any/some “OtherWord” version of “In God We Trust” to and EarthWord verity of “In Breath We Trust.”

This ANSWeR seeks to gather all peoples, whatever their personal altarpieces, to covenant as one with the Beauties-Beholds-Belongings of our Common Home. It is because we are from-can see-can stand upon-can see beyond the mountain — that we know beauty has breath and we our —spiri-tual-iza-tion.  The Truth of Beauty-Beauty of Truth is that they’ve covenantal AIR to Breathe&Trust together.

The Good Life...

The Good Life


In this 1996 photo, I’m between my mom and wife.
Both were raised in Clarksburg WV and went to same schools.
Genevieve Helen married Jabez Hanford and
Marilyn Dea married Michael Douglas……..
and both married an O’Kelly. These two were very close.
Home Close, I call it. And they were so. With them – I was so.


On this site, I will have my occasional-current “say” on issues from the perspective of a homing instinct: the quest for home, finding home and being at home. If this were a pulpit, I’d holler that “I don’t do Sermons & Homilies — I do Addresses.” Our address is where we live: any spoken-written-pictured-sung or danced performance substantive to our life takes place in our living room and our backyard and addresses where we live: the place-environ we call HOME. [ As in Planet Earth, Home Plate and Home on the Range] Sermonic Pulpitings come from and are a history of dealing, often as “Reverends,” with an imagined home beyond this one: address unknown. That’s not the character of the spirituality that I address and strive “to bring home.” And so it is, any can “address” me as “Poet,” because that’s the “homing domain” where I’m most “at home” spiritually/poetically. My OBIT will not be “he’s going home.” It will be – “he’s lived at home.” — I have decided to encase– in the crossing between the upward-thrusts of the A —  my initials-signature in the medallion-type Logo designed for this site. I’ll affix-print it on about everything else I do from this point on. I’ve decided to do so, because my initials mdok are an acronym of tremendous address and power pervasive throughout all my writings:


HAPE-HOME [Home Address Planet Earth-Humanity’s Own Mother Earth] is a covenanting, hold, holding, beholding, being beheld — very mortal bond like stones that hold the water. Homer’s Odysseus is the classic Hero’s journey to home requiring victories over many obstacles and life-threatening scenarios. Most conclusive are the grasps of Calypso and Circe: both Goddesses-Witches capable of granting Odysseus an immortal life. No attempt to tell all this 7th Century BC tale here — but to give emphasis to Odysseus’s reject of any immortality in favor of his very mortal journey to a very mortal home.  [ Virgil, towards end of 1st Century BC, has Aeneas reject the Immortal love of Dido, with a similar  mortal journey to a mortal home the goal of his Manifest Destiny — creation of Rome.]

So, the MANIFEST DESTINY is the MORTAL JOURNEY HOME crafted with the right timing in the most promising portents of passage. The Manifest Destiny is not a passage/journey to an “immortality.” Odysseus’s Penelope is no Dante’s Beatrice. She is a real mortal at-home-wife waiting for his return. He does — and cleans house — his world — of the attacks upon it. — [Home Address Penelope’s Earth – Humanity’s Odyssean Mortal Epiphany] –This, then, is the under-current of the rocks that hold the water: the precipitous cascade-plunges of waterfalls into holding pools of peace, prosperity — and those inevitable kairosion portents of passage.

In 2016, National Geographic and Leonardo DiCaprio produced BEFORE THE FLOOD and created it’s website. (All just Before TheTrump pulled the USA out of the Paris Accords.) The site is active and well-refutes denying Trumpistas. I strongly recommend all to view this documentary on climate change and its mdok  of  “Our Common Home.” — My Manifest Destiny’s OK took me to the Paris Accords in December 2015. I reviewed that visit in AUGURIES. —- I look forward to comments.    mdok……………………