ALTARPIECES — Structures of Poetry and Spiritual Thinking  —  Basically a  collection of poems over my life span to that point.(Not all: some lost.) A theory of poetry ( inclusive of the poet’s personal world) and evidences of structured ( as in built-crafted) spirituality are interwoven as essays. Surviving a heart attack after its first writing, I added “Origins of an Opus,” because I was sure I could now pursue the other two books I saw up ahead in the clearing.  This book established AFIRADAPO and found ‘APO’KSTROPHES’. It’s spirit-skeleton-structure is the sevenness of the everyday/week stepping stones of Sunday through Saturday. Alas, neither Plato-Aristotle-Heideggar-Whitehead, etc. fussed-with our normal seven-day week grasp of reality. Talk about “structured spirituality.” Ahh! Life’s most literal and daily liturgy. A structure not primal to the universe, but creaturely created so from evolution on this planet: plays of nature’s ways combined with awareness’ need to build what holds. Poems are such spiritual structurings.

Each age sounds a call to cadence balance;

Line rhythmic meanings with which souls can bind.

We barely compose our brilliance to cope,

If memory’s voice fades from crafted hope.