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The intent is for comments here to expand/reflect/enhance the Site’s theme of  “Poetries of a New Spirituality.” [POANSWeR] Such comments will be important to the continued development  of this theme.

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  • I enjoy your site Uncle….Very interesting writings on O’Kelly’s Ireland, I’m so glad you were able to visit Ireland. My husband Ed has been reading about Ireland recently and I have passed your link on to him also. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  • I feel inclined to let you know that yes someone is still reading your work,I have just begun to unravel the beauty of your writings,as I just found this website an hour ago ! So far I can see and say that Marilyn was such a blessed woman to have a love like you! Also at this time in my life , depression,loneliness and an unstructured life are all I know. It helped me so much to read your wisdom in planning your “5 year plan” and I thank you for being so authentic!!! I can not wait to dive into all your website ,YOU, have to offer ! Thank you for being you!

  • My apologies. I left off their last name. Bud and Sandy Tetrick.

  • I was given your name by Joanne Simpson Tetrick, a classmate of your late wife, and my late father. I am trying to reach relatives of your wife, Willis G. (Bud) and Sandra C. (Sandy) regarding a water project at Tygart Lake where they own property. Any help in locating them or surviving relatives would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Don’t think I will watch bird box.

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