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The intent is for comments here to expand/reflect/enhance the Site’s theme of  “Poetries of a New Spirituality.” [POANSWeR] Such comments will be important to the continued development  of this theme.

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  • Micheal you have done it again. I find much content in reading After the Rainbow Rain. So romantic and I can picture my Tom and I walking and singing through the woods after the rainbow rain .Keep the books coming, Ginny/

  • My question is very specific. I note you use the term “brutino,” and I have read some of Dr. Brown’s writing. My question is this: given the accuracy of the Kinetic Theory of Everything, a la Dr. Brown, how is it possible for the pushes and bounces of brutinos to give rise to any attractive force, such as electromagnetism and gravity and the strong nuclear force? It does not seem possible to arrive at “grab, pull” from any combination of “push, bounce.” If Dr. Brown gave an explanation, I was unable to find it. Thanks!

  • I enjoy your site Uncle….Very interesting writings on O’Kelly’s Ireland, I’m so glad you were able to visit Ireland. My husband Ed has been reading about Ireland recently and I have passed your link on to him also. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  • I feel inclined to let you know that yes someone is still reading your work,I have just begun to unravel the beauty of your writings,as I just found this website an hour ago ! So far I can see and say that Marilyn was such a blessed woman to have a love like you! Also at this time in my life , depression,loneliness and an unstructured life are all I know. It helped me so much to read your wisdom in planning your “5 year plan” and I thank you for being so authentic!!! I can not wait to dive into all your website ,YOU, have to offer ! Thank you for being you!

  • My apologies. I left off their last name. Bud and Sandy Tetrick.

  • I was given your name by Joanne Simpson Tetrick, a classmate of your late wife, and my late father. I am trying to reach relatives of your wife, Willis G. (Bud) and Sandra C. (Sandy) regarding a water project at Tygart Lake where they own property. Any help in locating them or surviving relatives would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Don’t think I will watch bird box.

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