GLISTENINGS — Till Death Do Us Part — A book of poems about and for Marilyn and some events of our shared life.  The concluding REQUIEM ELYSIUM (the only AFLAME in the book written after her death) is an existential cry/laud such as I’ve not seen elsewhere. Yet so utterly real!  GLISTENINGS became a prelude to the Trilogy as it wrestled with issues/songs midst the love affair of life and death. Following a major surgery and another day on the road home again — and all too soon her last day. This briefly sums GLISTENINGS from first poem of 1959 to the last in 2009

Come home my lovely Spring,

My Summer Soul has too long been wintering.

Come home my daffodil,

My buttercup, my greening hill.

Come, come again!


I’ll find you again.

I must!

Wild thing presence

Undying in my mind.


So, my love, we hold yet another day;

Ours the caress of the universes,

Where nothing there is that is not this day.

Even should these words shrivel in the sun,

Our kiss lives now and forever this day.



Poetry sounds and sings Poetries

And death’s heavy curtains don’t end the play.

As our dead live to script another day:

Walking beside us, talking inside us,

Holding us true to our living’s compass.


Jubilate! Oh, My Marilyn!