…Loves Gone Friends Gone…

Toned-Tinctures Tuning the Blue of the Sky

Many Family and Folks-On-The-Fly

Missing Passed-On in the Great-Bye&Bye

Obits Say Their Sage on Many-A-Page

What’s not Gone from Passage

Is lots of Time Now — Alone —

That Rhymes not yet with Gone

So…Pacing new Tones of Bone

Stomping Footnotes Past Irrelevancy

Through It — Improv Around It–

Everywhere Go-Get-A-Leg-Up-On-It…

You can See It in their Faces

Feel the Spaces in their Graces

Even a Lessening in the Blessening

So…You Know Something’s Going-On

That’s figured Life’s Going-On

Without You in the Somewhere Soon

So…Living past Irrelevancy with some Boon

Increasing Resiliency midst Irrelevancy

Means Reaching Deep in the Hat

For one more Wiggly Rabbit or Cat

Colorful Scarf or two — maybe Doggie

Maybe some Applause before the Curtain

Relevantly drops for Certain

But not before Rapturous Beauty

Kisses that Frog again to Wake-It-Up

And the Old Croaker Jumps Its Pucker-Up

Romancing Rainbows in the Giddy-Up

Till Time Gongs Some Timely Croak-It-Up

Where — Through–Rhymes with — Dew

Old with Ode — OneAloneGone — Hi with Bye…

Toned-Tinctures Tuning the Blue of the Sky…