All doctors, nutritionists, Gurus of Gut, and body-folk entire — stress exercise. Different stretches for  different folks for sure. A personalized plan is the key. But it seems few really stress the exercise dimension of breathing all on its own. Sure, any exercise regimen with task breathing. Yet, breathing is an exercise regimen all its own — just standing, sitting, in bed, or waiting for the stoplight to change.  Now, I’ve implied so in the writings below on The Quintetion, Chormudansion, and Reciprocillation. But I felt the need to raise the flag a bit higher as an all-during-the-day activity. Your breathing apparatus, your blood&blood pressure, waist-line, nasal performance, and your general composure/self-control will all benefit. The diaphragm-lungs are a magnificent team. The diaphragm is the muscle of all muscles to be exercised with great regularity. So easy to take our breathing for granted. Indeed, the body does the breathing all by itself as a living organism. It’s built in. But to take personal charge of it with structured regularity is the key. Soon, like me, you’ll be doing it as if all on its own. But not totally. It is a disciplined exercise. Being in the older category with multiple issues, I’ve found these two muscles — diaphragm and bladder — work together as well. In The Quintetion, I’ve described my regimen, but individuals can create their own.  Mouth closed and/or lips pursed in the inhalation/exhalation. Wide open mouth inhalation/exhalation is generally discouraged. Practice the difference and it should show the difference. So just don’t breathe deeply — breathe strongly with that diaphragm.