My “footnote” as a “long-pastured” minister. Just documenting my writings-activity in the world of spirituality/poetry. I’m not looking for anything from the UU World. Being the  me I am where I am, doing my “due” as I do — I’m a  write-off. But I was-still a UU Minister. I do write and publish. No “in-house” attempts or traditional publishers: probably take too long and require more “connections” than I’ve got for acceptance. I designed all covers and interiors of my books: a wrestling match to get them — “mostly” as designed. (Being the only Editor — there are my typos, plus those created by the printer.) Began UU Ministry in 1966; formally retired after 50 years since Ordination in Columbus, 2016. I was applauded for the 50, but few knew me or wanted too. (Note: I recently found–for free–over the internet, an Ordination in the Universal Life Church Ministries with full “Credentials of Ministry” and the title of Chaplain. For some money, I can get an Honorary Doctorate. Oh, my!) My website MDOKELLY.COM documents MYWorld. (Site began 2018–and growing.) At age 84 (& counting & yet to make a difference — If ever), with no active collegium, artistic-agents, recognitions, or doctorate — I‘ve found I’m easy to ignore.  I just do what I do!  Dotting my own “i” all the way home. So, still alive and still at work. In the parlance of the day, I can be somewhat “disruptive.” I caused a Meadville stir with my “The Ascent of Woman” in 1965; performed Bonding Ceremonies in 1971; again in 1975 with stirring reactions in Toledo. I strongly disagreed with the UUA’s removal of the GA from Phoenix — causing a GA Women’s uprising in Long Beach. (Still have that Martin L. King Address somewhere.) This being ME,TOO of 2018 – I wrote ME, ALSO, describing sexual/gender harassments in my ministry: including one that put a church under “sanctions” for its breaking of my contract: the real cause/curse being one powerful woman’s “lies.” Such ME, ALSO you will not find in Lester Mondale’s Ministers in Purgatory, Beacon Press, 1966: nor a “defrocking while fellowshipped” as mine by DM in 1996.] — My ANSWeRA New Spirituality We Are — is my quest in an age of science like no other. An age calling for a new GENIUS Generation — as in GEN-i-US.  Often, I think the UUA could be recharged reinvigorated again as the UUAdvance: recast to something like Spiritually United Universal Ministries (SUUMS). (UU can be so-other-time theological.)  Surely the creative GEN-i-US folks in this MOVEMENT can inspire such MOMENTUUMS. When I joined, Humanism was awakening in “religious liberalism.”(One reason I went to U of Chicago.) UU Ministers are not “Gospel” clones: many atheists, deists, agnostics, humanists, etc. Some may believe in a “God,” but “universal salvation” is meaningful only in immortality contexts of Jesus-heaven-and-hell. One has to “squint&squirm deeply” to see that in UU Principles&Ministries. And why the title Reverend? Needed: a more Aspirant Intentionality in the world of AI. Something more than a comfort retrofitting into various “robes” of Liberal Christianity’s nostalgia. [The Episcopalians, Methodists, et al., are into that program.] Imagine a collegium-covenantal-convention on why we are still “Reverends” along with the hard-right “God Fearing” Evangelicals and the “the risen Jesus” Pastoring just down the street. We–ministers of the same Gospel!? State Licenses to do weddings say I’m an OMOG–Ordained Minister of the Gospel. Fake News!?  If the REV is retrofitted, then a BIG PR campaign should proclaim WHY SO to the world — or the case for an otherwise. Won’t happen. The UUAdvance should form a Covenantal World Freedom Choir to sing the new choruses of spiritual re-nascence. [Come on Composers!!!] Our “cosmic casino world” is changing in spades. Humanity needs to comprehend how “spirituality” still erupts from the random in probabilities and finality of death. Behold the “spiritual but not religious,” the data-flooding internet, the We Are AI Eartharians.  SOBEUS-SUUMS. My SUUMS-IT-UP reads as POET–Passage Owl of Epiphanic Tang &…mdok…Manifest Destiny’s Odyssean Kairos.  I’ve had some thirty jobs in my “blue collar” life: ministry was one.  POET- ESSAY is my “retired” career now. Collar’s still blue as the Planet. POET’s Epiphantic “E” is as ETC. Eartharian Truth Covenantion.] – Poetries of a New Spirituality. OiO Octogenarian Inspired Obbligato: the “i” dotting IOTA in proper place. I prefer the title Covenend to Reverend. I’ve a whole COVENEND essay on my site to explain that. Hey! No worries!  Cove O’Kelly has no time for revolution. Nothing disruptive from Clarksburg. Just murmurs of Kairosion Poetries. [UUFellowship here has ignored me (whiteoldmale-WOM — as in non-black-non-female-non-LGBTQ) for 8 years.] OBIT’s not done.  Documents available!   Thus, my footnote for the record. —  Blessings! –mdok-10/2018