ODDIONS are Prime Numbers, meaning only divisible by 1 and themselves. I’ve called them ODDIONS to give emphasis to their “structure-order,” which I’ve displayed in every instance as a middle 1 with equal numerical sides: eg. – 5 has a 1 with two one’s on each side. Note, that I have extended this structure where the middle 1 is likened to the “A” mid-function in palindromes (as demonstrated and defined), like the pendulum of a clock (variously referred to and researching still), the Prosperoion (twixt Predation and Procreation), the Keystone in the arch, and the Presentation of the Quintetion. I have also conceived this middling 1 as the “symbolization” (again, as always an “ion” action) of the breaking of symmetry — as even numbers are always “primed” by this 1(not itself prime, because only divisible by itself). But it “primes” (makes ready, activates) in my sense of the “primal” and “ontologically ordered oddions,” which, essentially/existentially, give structure/measure/number to reality. — So, therefore, this “1” also represents the “singularity,” which “primed” the Big Bang. And, to answer, how matter prevailed after the BB, when anti-matter and matter (as minus&plus) collided in a blast of energy that should have been an annihilation of both, but, somehow, matter prevailed and evolved to us and the universe we experience. So, alas, there came into being that “1” formed by the collision/attraction, which gave “dynamic structure” to explosive/existence. In similar fashion, everything that exists, from colors to self-consciousness, has a structure — because symmetry has been broken, but the parts held-in-harmony to build what can be built. —– Surely, someday the mathematicians / scientists will elegantly derive the formulae which shows/knows how matter took cosmic structure and formed existence out of a singularity rather than being annihilated into a dissipating-inflating energy. And what was the foundation of the big bang? I’ve called the Presencing/Presentation: meaning nothing presences as something and vice versa, but the “PRESENCE” predominates as a “presencing-presentatION,”— which survives as “something” and is the “structuring-hold-dynamic” between Being&NonBeing//something&nothing — thus becoming that reality that breaks matter out of  the collision of opposites. — Surely, someday, the formulas will become news and humanity will be off to the next level of human existence. — But, for now, I will employ this structural concept in much of my “take” on why things are as they are. ( See, in this context, the comment on Hesse below.)


{ For instance. In the news this 9/26/18 is the suicide of a 17 year old girl, who was a brilliant student and lively participant in all things. Most significantly, she kept an extensive journal which documented her most negative other side, which nobody knew about. This was a classic case of matter&anti-matter collision of opposites into annihilation. Her mind collided the contraries of her existence in such manner that ends in self-annihilation. Granted, this is a very brief analysis from the news item, but from my experience it is a classic case — because she documented the collision so completely and unusually: for most suicides the turmoil is totally internal…as it is for most “normal” people, who succeed to find themselves surfaced above the balancing of contraries. This is why Camus wrestled with the basic question of suicide in the living reality of the “absurd.” Caught in the vice — why live? Most people innately/circumstantially/ environmentally, etc., find joy in “rebelling” against the absurd-contrariness of life: living their potential.  As I have said often, in various ways, the “A” the “1” the structural-hold-keystone reality that persists/presences between life-in-death-A-death-in-life is Rebel-Soul that embraces with both arms the contrariness of life and moves on. This is becoming more difficult as Big Data takes over our lives with mountains of data, impressions, and challenges: indeed, increasing daily awareness of the failings and frailties and falsehoods so prevalent in our lives. Computers, TV, Cell-phones, and the Netflixes of today program our minds as well as inform and entertain.  All this makes, in the Age of Trump, perhaps more than ever, us constantly in the vice-hold of polarity collisions. The messages are confused, conflictual, and unclear: add the adjoining Ages of “disruptive innovation” and “disruptive climate” scenarios— and the boiling cauldron serves in a leaky grail.}


[I’ve given my poetics on Pre-BigBang “presencings”: poetics not physics. Well, scientists haven’t figured it out. But Dark Matter and Dark Energy are surely partners in a cosmic reciprocity: meaning each is in each as a separate, tertium quid, power that’s more than the polarities but using both — and all the gravity-radiation-gases in primordial perturbations cyclical-holographic-bouncing into whatever cosmic patterns and structures of possible.   While some realities just “interact” and go their own way or blow-up — other interactions become “reciprocal” whereby each is changed to include the other and thus, as a new “togethered-covenanted-structure,” become something new.  This is, for me, a “comprehension” of entanglement and the existence of matter– though, admittedly, a poetic one.   — But not just poetic. I’ve done two master theses with reciprocity at the core — spiritually-philosophically-psychologically. As the dynamic of cosmic structure, I can only creatively interpret it so. I wish I could do the math and science. I can but put on my Augur’s hat and say — SOMEDAY! — [ As I was finishing this, I read the Newsweek article 10/1/18 by Aristos Georgiou on the Fifth Force of Nature. OH MY! A Dark Photon “messenger” to connect our matter and the universe’s dark matter. My concepts of reciprocity, the Presentation, and so much more of the “quintessence” now has a real time scenario of Magical Thinking. I wonder if I can do justice to this coupling. I will. Have to!]

[Now, I need to give a note on Hesse’s “magical thinking.” I’ll quote from Theodore Ziolkowski’s Introduction to “Herman Hesse — My Belief,” Triad/Panther Books, 1974/1979, p. xiii: “Magical thinking” is Hesse’s somewhat romantic term for the act of mental projection that permits us to escape from the sphere of seeming polarities: it is a spiritual revaluation of life, proceeding from an uncompromising examination of the chaos in our own souls. The very antithesis of anarchy, “magical thinking” implies the acknowledgement of a meaningful totality beyond chaos, for chaos is “chaotic” only from the standpoint of conventional concepts or order.”

As stated above, I’ve decided to do a separate Blog/Commentary piece inclusive of “magical thinking” and a bit more from Hesse. It will be incorporated in my blog THE FIFTH FORCE OF NATURE — DIMENSIONS OF THE QUINTETION.  This will connect much of my poetical surmise with this new hypothesize of physics. Alas, intuition with cognition turns the key to ignition. And the Big Bang is “solved” both “fore & aft.” ( Maybe & Most Possibly — both have oars in the water.) Forward Ho!!!]

—-mdok 10/1/18—