This is APOETESSAY by mdok — 2/27/19 —

IT’S TIME WE QUIT FOOLING OURSELVES —To be read aloud with gusto and various oratorical displays

COME ON– THIS IS NO UNI…VERSE — And the Doomsday Clock’s minute-hand is wiggling!
Nothing UNI about this tumble-jumble-rumble
Of clueless rock&fire shooters randomed as spaced-out runaways.
Nothing holistic, unified, or of balanced signature
In this violent-bang-banger Un-Verse blown to smithereenity
In an absolute blackness of infinitely dark abyssity.
It sure doesn’t Look-Sound-or-Feel (or telescope) like Verse.

[Home, home on the strange — where the stars collide and blackholes play…]

It’s a WHACKOHEARSE full of dead, dying and frying-flying rocks
Exploding away like sparks sputtered into total-dark-nothingness.
We’ve plenty of data-blasts to give cognitive dissonance a wake-up call!
It’s a WHACKOBURST that’s an ANTI-VERSE– “A Mess,” scientists confess! —
Spewing like an unruly volcano with no care for the neighborhood.
We can only see an edge as far as 46 billion light years away.
Beyond that we’ve no idea if there’s more or no more.

[Home, home on the strange — where asteroids fly and galaxies gallop away…]

But, tiny quantums, big 3-D world, home alone or not– this dynamic holds:
Positive&Negative attract, likes repel: all spins around up&down.
Each is imbedded in the other –polarized forces like light&Dark:
You can’t have one without the other. No life without death!!!
Every SOME-THING&NO-THING — reciprocally imbed eachineach.
Minus(Plus)-O-Plus(Minus)-[-1… 0… +1]-Plus(Minus)-O-Minus(Plus), joined
As an oscillate-shuffle-deck of “some” ever-add-ever-subtract dice-roll.
To avoid the Endgame of ZERO they constantly zip around
That “un-thing” Ever-Naught-of-Zilch-Nullity —
That epitome of empty as in DONE&GONE — known as ZERO,
That mathematicians need, it seems, as if symbolic of infinity.

[Home, home on the strange — where flickering light years in star-bursts flay …]

Well, each is ever the Both in the play…as Something says
So, subtract stuff to Nothing — Nothing says I’ll add-up stuff to Something
So each engages their embedded reciprocal supersymmetry power-play
SOMETHING agrees to be a PLUS imbedded with MINUS,
NOTHING agrees to be MINUS imbedded with a PLUS
So both are never the GOODBYE ALL of ZERO. —- But a ZERO
Dimension must be to define-bind both to destined existence
Which, it seems, is a working in tandem-random
Across ZERO’s infinite abyss to maintain reality’s spin of Belong&Begone,
Where every fermion-neutron-positron-graviton-muon-photon and on&on&on&on
Such that every-each is ON as FUSION to every-each with no OFF in sight
Where all become FUSIOFFS into ZERO with ZERO chance to ever play again.

[Home, home on the strange — where finitude/infinity rhyme like night and day… ]

Perhaps that keeps this WHAKOHEARSE ANTIVERSE, ever terse&adverse, gamed
In gamble-gambol– avoiding The NADA-VOID-FINAL DEATH GASP of ZERO,
While unigraphic-mirrographic-holographic, etc. are all cryptographic.
And the great NEVA ( Nirvana-Elysium-Valhalla-Afterlife ) are tantrums of finitude.
Alas, all this cosmic dancing, like Lord Shiva, around the Abyss, seems to know the take.
With all feet and arms flying&flailing in mortal-immortal spinnings of lifeindeathdeatinlife,
Midst Creation and Destruction flip-flops, pirouettes, and pas de deuxs,
Avoiding the Ever-Naught-No-Thing-Danceless -Zilch-of-Nullity;
Falling not into some UltimateBlackHole or ripped-apart by some BIG RIP,
But keeps-on banging Being&NonBeing — up&down&allaround confusion,
While, we Earthings, for-now, safe within the infernal-eternal combustion,
Can covenant with Earth&Earthlings lovingly as our OWN  — H O M E!!

[Home, home on the strange — where being and non-being daily have their say …]

That O in HOME is no zero —  it’s Humanity’s OUR-OWN-ONLY Mother Earth(MinE);
Living to the fullest our own binary oscillating pendulamion palindromic metronomion home-tic measures
Of Minus/Plus0Plus/Minus–LifeinDeathODeathinLife…matter-antimatter…here a brane there a string;
As those polar reciprocals of tic&tock&yin&yang — become the lived tertiary magnetism of HOME,
Where our magnetosphere poles shield us from the sun’s Earth-fry radiation,
And our homey Magical-Goldilockical-Spherion is “on a roll.” We’re learning, to quit fooling ourselves;
The rules of the dice-roll-table are clearing …. while the FlatEarthers-BibleCreationists-ScienceDeniers
Recite ancient verses to deny the “new poetries’ verses” coming out of today’s Earth&Galaxies.
We are “newly-scientifically” ON…TO  OUR-OWN-ONLY HOME ON THE STRANGE.
To turn-OFF this destiny with flawed-fables of isolation — will maim globalization with extinctions…to ZERO.
Oh, to set right the DoomsdayClock-Earth’sMetronomionMeasures-with the oscillating see-saw swings
Of time’s Pendulamion through the Palindromion– as we HONOR-HOLD our HOME’s magic of the Prosperoion.
Rock Stars We, singing our strange, lovely song; playing our chips in a wild, galactic casino of random violence.

[HOME, home ON the Earth — where We — with the fireflies and butterflies play …
Where often is heard a discouraging word — But winds keep blowing clouds away.
Alas, our campfires still burn in our caves of so much yet to learn.
Oh, such are we on our sunny rock — our blue skies the vast-dark-spaces roam. . .(alone???). . .
It’s ours to rhyme Roam with Home, sooth to truth, and the ever-try for an everyone’s Uni-Verse POEM.]

[PS–Mirror-verses-holographic-multi-cyclic verses are much in play. Alas, theorists are multi-hyped on various hypotheses. Over all — it’s a “mess-confess.” The above scenario is a good as any given current bounties of data. Granted, comprehension, viewing it all, is beyond me. I’ll keep trying to put more squeeze in my grasp. The scientists sure are. Someday, I should make a drawing of the play of this. AUGURIES said it. Mathematicians (times I wish I were so) can do the formulas. Whatever, it’s what holds on to the held of the BEHOLD of the BELONG that makes anyone’s day. (Oh, yes, add the BEHAVE and the BEHOOVE.) Thanks for play from the song “Home On The Range” and thoughts from the National Geographic series “One Strange Rock and those ever-rhymes of “roam&home&poem”&“range-strange-change.” Takes a keen sense of rhythm to add new steps&swings to Shiva’s dance. Alas, before I knew of the NG series, I was well into AROCKAKCORA in Auguries. — mdok]

[Note: I knew when I mentioned Lord Shiva’s Cosmic Dance in this, that I’d be referred back to Fritjof Capra’s “The Tao of Physics,” revised 1983 edition, where I first glimpsed this Cosmic Dancer with three heads — the two polarities of male/female, and as an androgyne of fused polarities, and cosmic creation/destruction, etc. all in constant interplay  — creating&balancing into a third head as the sublime union of opposites. That magnificent tertiary head of Shiva Mahesvara “radiates serene tranquility and transcendental aloofness.”(p,160-161, UPress, Oxford) — Surely this, as other sources, led me to the major polarities of Predation and Procreation (on this planet):manifesting the tertiary Prosperoion, as I so termed it and explained it in AUGURIES. — Capra, slightly younger than me, is still writing and in his later years stressing the subject of spirituality. I’m but a local groundling to his Shakespearian eminence in the theaters of physics, eastern thought, and spirituality. His books have drawings and pictures. I’ll be checking his recent work. The difference I see — is that he and his co-authors are surmising a spirituality embedded in the universe, while I’m keeping ( so far ) my explorations Earthbound. The Eartharian Covenant is the truest source of spirituality I’ve experienced. I do not find a covenantal hold with the Whakoverse. Most of what I’m reading these days, new theories and all, is that it’s a confused, random, rogue, and violent mess out there. It’s like the rain — you can’t ignore it. But in a real storm it’s good to have a slicker and an umbrella. Boots, too. Real stuff that works. — My next sloshing around in this subject comes soon  — with my own stirring hypothesis of the Big Bang as the Big Breath. During which, I might just AIR the (not so secret) Spirit Oscillating Universal Life (SOUL).. – mdok]