I’ve Been to Heaven


I’ve been to Heaven, been to Paradise–
Strolled Elysian Fields holding Love’s hands.
That Eternal Now of All still alive —-
Family Fluxions of Angel Wings,
Chalice-stirred Overflows of Communion,
Alchemic Elixirs of commonest things.
Oh, timely presencing of Presences!
Oh, such a Now, so held in magic’s hold–
The musics of Wonders That Should Not Die,
That action-realm of WONTSUNODION–
Choired as hug-hold-hearts in festal union,
Shared tones of Foreverness unfolding,
For this once in this mirror of ourselves
If just for this once flexing our pinions,
Dancing nearnesses of this closest-once —
Midst the Flying  Dawns and the Stares of Stars
Joined in Trust with the Farest of the Fars.


mdok–8/4/18 ( recalls of a family reunion 20 years ago)