It’s so simple. So simply that to have life there must be death — and to have death there must be life. Why this is so is not so obvious though. But the mystery seems contained in the entanglement of all opposites conceivable being thus engaged. I’ve used the term “reciprocillation” for this ever-churning engagement of opposites. While the “churn” is obvious and inevitable — it is full of randomness and loosenings of its hold. Yet, THE HOLD is never broken of lost. And that is the hold-code of lifeindeath/deathinlife. — And so it is, that we cannot — not die. Same for everything else birthed into existence howsoever. Bug or human: if born you will die. — Seems much of life is aware of this from its own endowed perspective. Human life, however, has the perspective of self-consciousness, with an endowment of past-present-future awareness. Religions-spiritualities have tried to crack this hold-code via dream/cognizant revelations of transcendent wisdoms — presuming to comprehend the mind-set behind this hold-code — as if to intelligently grasp the Absolute Persona of Consciousness, with the usual name of God, who will eventually save life from death.  Alas, such human dreaming is met daily with its contradiction, falsification, and no affirmation beyond the dreaming hope-code birthed on this planet.

So, are the Hope-Code and the Hold-Code — entangled opposites on the grand all existence scale or just the grand human-planet-Earth scale? Alas, what’s the magic that undoes the tragic as the tragic undoes the magic? How why to what end live a life destined to die? If an afterlife heaven is but a dream — how does hope have meaning and its own verification/confirmation in this context of an unbreakable Hold-Code? — Past the dreamings there is but one answer — one seeming master-key to the breakthrough. It’s called The Covenantal Holding. (COHO!). This is an affirmation, an existential acceptance, of what is reality and our reality within that reality. The real dream and hope if for what unfolds/reveals from this covenantal relationship. Internally, it is a self-covenantal spiriting with one’s bodily existence: mind and body in concert for a once and only never to be repeated performance.  The great Hope midst the random is that one and WE can find our truest instruments and play them well into their fulfillment before the curtain falls.

So, such as I will hold on for all such a one could hope for until my-hold-my grasp-my-covenant is released by death. In all, one hopes one’s magic stay will somehow be a lone voice like Mary’s that called the cattle home — but to be lost in the roar of the tide — yet is still heard “among the stakes on Dee” and “by the boatmen” — calling “across the sands o’ Dee.” — So, Death take a Life, a Life that lived its hope and sang its song of me and we in spite of thee. O to bloom the magic from the tragic –the miracle from the debacle: procreation from predation. Alas, a planet of prospering peoples midst the prospect/promise of to be is to perish. And so it is that Mary’s voice still calls across the sands o’Dee, Horatio is ever telling Hamlet’s story, and structures of poetries and things continue to unfold like presents from Santa’s pack. Bottomline: to accept the challenge of the COHO, sing the song that holds one’s sound across the crashing waves — is to have lived. Oh, yes! To have lived! That’s the key. To grab hold and cherish the held of those moments of paradise wherein we live our “calling” in the throw of the dice. To be so held in The Hold — and ever-so in the now of the HUGS of COHO@HAPE-HOME — Humanity’s Universal Globalization Summons of Covenantal Holding at Home Address Planet Earth/Humanity’s Own Mother Earth. Hear Ye! Cohere Ye! Sing your lay o’er the lea, before Ye disappear o’er “the sands o’ Dee.”     –mdok–9/3/19–

[Note: PROTEUS  – Wise-old Ancient Shepherd of Seas and Flocks, who, when grasped and held tight, gives prophesies and corrals the holds of past-present-future. Recalls Hinduism’s DHARMA as the absolute Hold of Existence. See how these connect with the various hand positions of prayer and graspings of what holds us in place: as in both hands on the wheel, the shovel–arms the hug. — This piece is completed on Marilyn&Michael’s Wedding Anniversary 59 years ago. She’s ten-years gone, but Our Hold is coded into EverHold-NeverDrop! As I still verse our lay o’er the lea! AUMs of AH-HA- sound this Threshold of Passage! Our ARCHE– that Absolute Reciprocal Covenanting Hold of Existence.]