Go study vocally&locally the world’s scriptures&stones,
The alchemies, dualities, the shaman bones,
The orchestrations, oracles&orisons,
The ritual kneelings&prayings, magics of gestures&gracings,
The holy-writs, homilies, and horoscopings,
The ritual celebrations, psalms, and bondings,
The dogmas-the duties-the daily dictations………
Of tradition, orthodoxy, and visitations,
And all revelations of redeeming doctrinal allies
Still revealing rulings&ritualings for all believings,
And you’ll find the Divine Word to be one through all the gusts,
The day-the-night-the-dawn-the dusk-the-modes-of-musts:
All connects of spirit-mind-body’s breathless-sacrality,
Life&Death, Luck&Chaos, Boon&Bust – from the beginning –
One word — SURVIVAL! God Or Not!! In Survival We trust!
Survive-Surviving-Survivalist — Our Trust in the Thrust!
The Art of “To Be Continued.” Revival! SURVIVAL!
These SurSurSur words ring from every tongue and time,
So derived so that all that lives has the rime  —
Survive-Alive-Thrive (SAT), Salvation’s Alive Today (SAT)-
Spirituality’s Alive Today (SAT)….Alas,
If there be Sacrally an Ally God or not–we’re SAT SAT SAT
Upon Planet-People-Promise and the Plot’s allure
Where we’re the role&cast that plays the allies sure of the
Past&Present&Future  — the to-been-to-be&to-be-saved! YAY!!!
Hey! That LOGOS Word “graces” the “S” in Destiny! S’Day! S’Day!
SURVIVAL…fittest to finest, but OH the finesse for the finest!
Ahhh! FINESSE — shepherded  as Grace In Finitude’s Time .
The GIFT The GIFT The GIFT — The GRACE in the rime, with flocks
Flowing “finely” (“sacrally”) all through it — SURGI-SURGI-GRRRRRACE!
Sometimes so hard to hear-see-find and reveal anew. But there,
Like the shine of the sun midst the heat and the glare,
Where we revere&revive how with death we survive
And can talk about all things…sacrally-survivally-alive…without
Gasping & Growling (GAGed) at any Almighty’s IDEALLY
Divined Immortally Eternally Afterlife Rally-Our-Tally Corral…
Thus, to free our Better-Earth-Angel-Allies to tillage the land we’ve got;
Ever so FINESSEALLY to village, past pillage, and shepherd our lot —
Singing, with Molly&LogoSally –“Cockles and Mussels, Alive — Alive Oh!”
Ever being our own OUGHT&WROUGHT– [SpirituALLY speaking] —
Twixt the Sought & the Naught. — “Alive — ALIVE  Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” 

[This, an APE /APOETESSAY by mdok -2/19. Finesseally, I created the words Sacral/Sacrally. Anthropologists&Sacralists use such for sacrum/sacred/sacrifice Shaman rites:Bones of Bounty.]