Well, in terms of being “flushed”– that is. Nobody is buying my books–but one person I know of. My seminary (I sent it all four books) and retired minister’s organization ( has my data ) have seemingly ignored me&my writings. Back in 2013, I sent copies of my first two books to the UU World magazine. The editor mentioned Altarpieces, but apparently thought Glistenings wasn’t even worth mentioning. I’m sure both ended in some wastebasket. (I wrote Glistenings, knowing its genre of literature somewhat, and I believe it to be one of the most “spiritual” documents ever expressed about love, love’s death — and love’s memory. So much for my “opinion.”) Well, no body taught me how to write,  or write a book, design it, and sell it, too. (All four are my own creations…typos included.)For most of 2018 ( year of site’s creation with much help from son, Sean), my website has had a readers “response” category — and as yet no one has given a response to my — almost weekly — writings posted there. It encourages other views upon my general theme of Poetries of a New Spirituality. Alas, the site is already book length. Of course, I’ve sent my books to many friends and have “reported” the existence of my website on Facebook and other means. Even the local library (gave all my books and background) has ignored me and my books. Where did they go?.— Alas-Alack!! It is already 2019! Will I continue to be “flushed” — only to be footnoted by some student involved with the subject some years after my absorption into the atmosphere? — Alas-Alack-Alarm!!!— Well, the alarm is about making it to 2019 and by 2/18/19 — a vibrantly young 85, until I look in the mirror, try to step-lively up stairs, and review the up-coming schedule of doctor appointments. ALARM!! Time to get busy and worry not that no one wants to respond to my — so far — excrementations of a nobody, no prizes won (well, no attempts), no sharing collegium, no doctor’s degree, no other poet contacts, no forum for presentations, no studies under a known anybody poet-philosopher,  no agent for next writings, no publisher interested( will try), —— no 18 more productive years to get our existence partially-solved by some of my  poetics of breath formulations. — Alas-Alack-Alarm—-Alright!! I’m still writing as 2019 launches forth into an era of “trials” to avoid “tribulations” and advance human consciousness to a global sharing that takes care of the human family and its planetary home –ever knowingly seen each recurring day — as alone and adrift in an incomprehensible infinity of exploding collisions and their aftermath. — ALAS ALAC ALARM ALRIGHT——- THE ALEATORIC ALEMBIC’S OWN ALACRITY advances. The Excreta poses not as formed Ex Cathedra, but seeks continuation as an Exordial Expedition of Expositional Exegisis of Existence’s Eartharion Essence. Ahh! How calming. A magical 7 As with 7 Es.  O, if this Augural Poet could just find that “wand” that lights another candle (glowingly) in the dark… flame steady even in the wildest winds of change. Some Alright beyond Almost. Some flush Ex Creatora beyond Excreta. — Ahoy! 2019! I’m loose again and the waves are lapping. All Aboard!

Let this our passage guide us to glory;

Flag and sail caressed with full hug of wind;

Our keels, through the raging storms, holding fast

Our course in the cradle-swell of the deep. . .

As we, new born, glide buoyant in the sun . . .

……..Tall masts steepling some new shore of the world.


[Fourth stanza, last line from VOYAGE BLESSING(1976) in Glistenings]