ONE STRANGE ROCK — Is a Series well worth watching.

This is a ten episode (about 10 hours TV time), ten out of ten stars production, by National Geographic, hosted by Will Smith and 8 Astronauts. Beautifully done. It is basically the same message/presentation as in my Trilogy and especially the third volume, AUGURIES (just look at the cover). That’s why I was drawn to watching the entire episodes; and with a critical-eye, I must add.  Indeed, one could watch this series, as I just did this weekend-to-Monday, and have the table well-laid-out with all the essential reasons my website is entitled Poetries of a New Spirituality. I almost expected Will Smith to quote my HAPE HOME — Home Address Planet Earth/Humanity’s Own Mother Earth.  — Of course my books and website entries cover some areas of thought, literature, and relationships not in this series. But, WOW, is it a visual/story-time treat. Also, made very understandable. It should be shown in every school — beginning about 7th Grade, I’d say for starters. It begins with AIR/BREATH and ends with HOME/EARTH — and a lot of great visuals and visitations in between. I can easily imagine the classroom discussions and assignments. — Yes, I endorse and recommend it strongly — not just because it’s the heart/pulse of my writings — but it’s the New Version of the Human Story that must be told . . . and comprehended. And it is told very well. I must say that it’s much easier to absorb than my writings. That’s good! For now, the new story can be shown to everybody and the whole world.  But I will keep writing. The nuances, revelations, and poetries are just beginning to grasp the storyline. — mdok – 2/11/19


[Noticed that the Astronauts, older now, but still did not wear glasses. This caused a memory flare-up. Back in 1952, during Spring Break of my Senior Year in Dunbar High School, a local friend and I, in his family car, went to Cincinnati OH to be interviewed and inquire in to the work-study program of an institution, whose name I’ve forgotten. Both of us came from blue-collar families — thus on our own to to go to college — so the work-study idea attracted us. I forget his interest and what he did, but mine was the Aeronautical Engineering Program. I was interviewed with “flying-colors,” except for one thing: my eye-sight and needing to wear glasses…since grade 9. This disqualified me from flying and therefore from their program. An Astronaut or Pilot — Never! So, I had to rethink my destiny. But my vision of the future was truly on track — ready for lift-off in 1952. I finally got “up there” on the cover of AUGURIES.]