Softly. . .
I held You with my mind
As I sat in the sun today,
Gentle breeze blowing my hair;
Breathing calm and easy there —
As, sudden-soft, butterflies fluttered-in,
Held-on, in my zinnias, to lovely blooms:
Flutterflybies from the Utterlies of it all,
As summer’s flowers were dancing
Into the Fall — into memories of us —
As your voice, softly,
Whispered my name from the chorus.
I felt hugged by the Hold,
Held tight by the clasping visitation:
Breathing with your breath in the wind,
Your presence beside me again,
As the leaves began to fall.
Softly, I called your name
As I sat in the sun today,
Sensing the flutterflyby Hold of it all . . .
The utter unboundedness of it all;
As I held You with my mind
As butterflies Hold with a flower so.
Softly, You.

–mdok — 10/2/19