It’s a living document
Of the timeless in time.
Some stories are based on reality
Some realities come from stories.
Some days bring a dream moment
When each flows into each
Causing one to smile,
In the sudden captured
Rapture of aspiration;
Of musing, as now, midst the flowers,
Breathing blue-sky-sun-clouds —
And there you are — up in that sky —
Walking a garden path,
Our two dogs by your side
In the gloryshine of wondertime.
I see this and smile the joy
Of an inspired visitation,
As, all three, smiling, look at me
And we smile together.
And, for a moment, they stay with me
In a storyline of time’s eternal now
With its glowing flow
Of loves that will not die,
Visions that hold like hands —
Thoughts that gentle the mind.
Real tears follow on any such a day,
As joys and loss flow each into each
Conjuring the storyline’s
BreathSong of these magic moments
Of memoried visages new-danced in the sun:
Freshly composing each once upon a time,
Of any such a day’s veryfine storyline —
Into a living document
Of the timeless in time.

mdok- 10/17/19