………Oh! Little ant won’t stop
Scurrying on the countertop.
Quickly a finger on it. Squash! It’s gone!
Oh! Worm-Flea-Ant-Bee-Sparrow….
Oh! Burrow-Bite-Crawl-Buzz-Fly…
Oh! To be so small and infinitely smaller
In so vast a star-eating-star universe!
Oh! Spam of panspermia, loosed dust of stars!
Just to be squashed-slapped-stomped-poisoned-felled…
Insignificantly as any bacterium so primed
For the random finger squashes of time.
Oh! Universes of AllofAll that couldn’t care less–
With infinities of stars swallowed by infinities of blackholes.
Behold – Earth’s a zillion googol times smaller than those.
Oh! But see how we heed the call to hold-fast — stand tall –
And we but tiny wicks sputtered in a black mysterium
While the largeness of our thoughts random-roam our imperium;
Astrotelescoping ourselves as smaller by far
Than Earth’s ant squashed midst countertop crawls.
Oh! Such small seed rooted to loud enthralls
From the soil-sun-rain-sprout-bloom
With every burrow-bite-crawl-buzz-fly;
A wavering spark in the firey-night of AllofAll,
Dancing our only-now-hold in the sun,
As we philosophize it on-the-run,
Dream poetries with sciences that hypothesize. . .
Score rustling sounds to love songs and symphonies —
Ever rising to sing our mountain-top reveries
Of planet and mind. . . until annihilated like an ant
On the kitchen countertop. SQUISH! SQUASH!
Oh! Is this feel just from thinking too small?
Oh! The counter. . . the antidote counter
That sums what homes a home with bees and flights of sparrow;
That scrapes the sky – flies to walk the moon into tomorrow —
Howsoever small the dance in so large a room with squints so narrow.
Great Memory’s basso profundo’s croon&swoon,
Holds strong vocalizations as an oak from acorn born,
As ants climb zinnias – ever rising with each dawning morn.
Oh! To ponder such greatness so squashably small.
Oh! How in the Wow of Ever-How-Now of the Ever-Pall-for-All
Have we become so big to think-see galaxies as too so small in the All of IT!
Our large beating heart– just another sputter-splat-pall in the AllofAll of IT?
Where’s the rhyme for. . .Whoops, there’s another ant.
Oh! Little ant won’t stop
Scurrying on the countertop.
Ah! Let it go!…………..OOOOhhhh!……………..