Of course.  I’m an expert on this subject. My Master’s Thesis in Divinity (A Destiny of Sharing) was about QPQ. My Master’s Thesis in Clinical Psychology (The Use of Reciprocity in Counseling) was a continuance of QPQ comprehension and use. It’s simply the reciprocity of my giving you an apple for your orange and you giving me your orange for my apple.  Do your chores and you get an allowance – as agreed. Economics is built on QPQ, It’s the genius of the human race. Families, cultures, civilizations, human relations generally – are based on it. It is the seed-bed of trust and justice the sharing of the common good  and we’ll protect each other. You don’t we won’t. Eye for an Eye. A life for a life. There’s the very good side of reciprocity and the very bad side. The bad side is my bad for your bad an vice versa. It’s the equation of existence: QUID = QUO. A = B – therefore B = A. Existence is based on the polarity of Plus/Minus: Matter/AntiMatter: Something/Nothing. Each opposite is implied in the other: attraction( +/-)/repulsion(-/- . . . +/+). Characteristic of existence in every instance of which we are aware — in this reciprocal interplay of reciprocillation that gives the dynamic energy for stuff to happen. Scientists haven’t as yet found the Theory of Everything/the Grand Unified Theory, but this quintessential QPQ will be The Hold at its core. The same hold that makes everything possible from birds to brains to forests to Ferraris — and on and on to everything in our world – both unmade be us and made by us – that constitutes our home and all it holds that holds us together.

Because of this reciprocillation – existence comes into being and has the dynamic to hold itself together. I can say this, but the scientists cannot . . . as yet. Though some sense/seek a fifth power at work midst these four: -/+…. +/- …+/+… -/- . The fifth! Ah! Quintessence. For the Ancients – Aether was the Fifth element. Other options abide now, but the same presencing hold abides. Alas, the quotidian queries are on-going of quantum, qualia, and their various hypothetical particles as in Higgs and Gluons encased somehow in Dark Matter/Dark Energy.  I examined all this in the Fifth Force of Nature (The FIFORNAT ) in this site’s Blog — THEATRUM MUNDI. The FIFORNAT there was the “messenger particle” – Dark Photons. And soon it was recognized that there had to be this QPQ “pairing” of Dark Photons/Light Photons. The “message” created/carried was — CREATIVE EXISTENCE OF ALL STUFF. — Along the way, scientists created the term AXION for a hypothetical NEUTRAL elementary particle(boson) that had no charge and no spin – but somehow a bit of mass – such that it allows explanation for certain symmetries and strong interactions of the strong nuclear force and further explains some forms of chromodynamics. And, somehow, AXIONS hold the power of that FIFORNAT.

This is immeasurably important – because the primal paired symmetry had to be broken for existence to come forth as we know it and can see it in space. Every QPQ of true reciprocal consequence has a holding aura of the third thing created by the engagement. If we shake hands, there is a sense of bonding (aura of holding) that transcends just a HandA in HandB. I’ve referred to this as the TERTIUM QUIDION in other writings. (It is that state of prospering – The Prosperoion — between predation and procreation as a species.) These works developed this to the FIFORNAT of the Pentameroion. Easy to see by this brief say – why I prefer the term AXION for that FIFORNAT that breaks the symmetry to manifest The Hold of something to “hold.” They created it before I did. That’s good. —- So, if no QPQ (as explained) – no existence and no US. Scientists are constantly working to seize this into a formulary law that H O L D S. Alas, they/we know it’s there — because existence is held together. This “transcendent hold (that holds the holds that the holding creates) is naturally immanent. I write of this FIFORNAT as IT “Immanent-Transcendental” on this site. But this explanation of QPQ should be clear.  —- mdok/11/18/19—