Notes to begin. How describe the Absolute Logosion Primordial Hold of All Existence’s Tang (ALPHAETION)? The beginning is the absolute entanglement of polarities — Something/Nothing()Nothing/Something — Death/Life()Life/Death — Plus/Minus()Minus/Plus, etc., etc. You can’t have one without the other. They  are embedded-entangled-enchoired: mired/conspired in a feedback/feedforward system I’ve termed “reciprocillation”— and holistically as THE HOLD.(I’m tempted to create the term HOLDISTICAL,  but I can hold-off for now.) Now, when one circle overlaps the other, we get the reciprocal interplay that breaks the symmetry so creativity can occur.(See the new science notes below.) — Think! When a sperm and an egg (whatever the species) grab HOLD of one another the same thing happens. The event holds true, breathes true and rings true. Some kind of birth which goes into some kind of womb-egg (whatever), where it is held until released into the world. All born species must manifest their true hold on the very ground/sea/air — where they find themselves requiring balance and stability. Now, all life forms, whatever the cause, will lose this holding pattern called a life as lived — and die. Death must be in some sense a return to The Hold. When each of us as unique human beings die — the history/memory/events/loves/losses/ etc., carried in our HOLD will dissemble and never be repeated.— So, can we say they are ever-ever-ever  held by THE HOLD of ALPHAET?  — To go that far engages another realm of thought, such as Tillich’s “God Beyond God.” But there is a “take” of this in what follows. [ We should think of this as THE HOLD OF ALPHAETION, because it is a dynamic (“ion”) system. The holistion/dynamic living body (breath-blood-body), as yours and mine, is an existential manifestation of this ontological presencing: tang of tang. Since all living things eventually die — does this mean the same for the ALPHAETION? Probably not: some evidences to follow. My bet is that it has got a forever hold: an eternal TANG.

Now, I don’t break the Hold into three tiers for poetic/spiritual comprehension like Dante: nor the same three as the Inquisitionists for compensation. I have conceived a triune Hold, however, illustrated on my card and site as two circles overlapping to create a third dimension between them, from which inevitable dynamic arises a new being  — as somewhat happens in the two scientific theories below. The circles have each embedded in the other so there is a primal attraction to be reciprocal rather than static. Thus there is LifeInDeath&DeathInLife. It’s not something that can be stopped or denied —  since you can’t have nothing without something — or vice versa. Their oscillating share is the manifest HOLD. So, while it might seem like we die back into some polar-hold — there just may be a difference in that a HOLDING AURA of ANIMATE MEMORY, perhaps, keeps all jumping in place: as on the rim of a black hole, in which all is sucked-in/deleted . . .  except for some exhaled radiation that just keeps on going.

Dark Energy-Dark Matter-Darkness itself are so far beyond comprehension. But the soon to be up and looking Majestic Magellan Telescope will, hopefully, give us some looks we’ve never been able to see so far of the far-of-the-farthest-of-the fars. And the soon available JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) will target exoplanets. Scientists say we comprehend just about 3% of UniversalExistence. So, there’s 97% out there we know nothing about but by our hypotheses and theories. The looks of past theologies and theories are put on the shelf like nice old books — their stories being ever updated. Poetry, however, always sneaks-out through the cobwebs of closed doors — but never quite brushing away all the stickiness of the past. Alas, the urge/urgency to comprehend why we are so Goldilockean all alone in this galloping galactic gobbledygook is flourishing. New data daily.

Einstein’s theory of relativity which showed the essential/existential/quintessential HOLD of matter and energy and space and time — is a theory of THE HOLD just as the ENTANGLEMENT HOLD of all polar opposites like SOMETHING&NOTHING/PLUS&MINUS, each of which has no meaning without the other. Furthermore, the overlapping as expressed by the two circles forming a TERTIUM QUID DIMENSION within them, is how Symmetry as static is — not so much broken — but dynamically evolved.( See the “fittest” below.) So the ALPHAETION, like the web stickiness, is still there — as the HOLD of the HELD. Indeed, what we call LAWS are WHAT HOLDS TRUE. Equations have equal signs even though both sides are different, but are reciprocally embedded polarities that because of the duality action manifest a tertium quid/third reality  of THE HOLD of the whole formulation: almost as if a magnetic field encompassed all participants. E=mc2 — within it’s own aura of THE ALPHAETION, which I simplify as THE HOLD, because it rings true-breathes true in daily living. And is, perhaps, the most existential, essential, quintessential reality of self-conscious beings…who can hold their own midst the flow: hold breath-hold-head above it all: THE HOLD as BEHOLD!  The TANG  of  EN –  TANGLE – MENT.

I could make thus analysis much more wordy and complex, but the Law of Simplicity over rides for the moment. However, all of this surfaces the ever-present polarity of ANIMATE AND INANIMATE: that which has life and that which does not. As I ponder THE HOLD in this polarity — ( the ultimate dynamic of which is how our classical 3-D world emerges from the Quantum world of particles) —  I’m aware that even the most iron-plastic-metallic-stonecast of whatever Earth or Humans fabricate — will eventually rust, dissolve, dissemble, deteriorate in whatever fashion back into THE HOLD of existence. Therefore, I’m moved to sense THE HOLD as quintessentially and dynamically ANIMATE — and that it is pervasively so throughout all existence. (The ANIMATE wins in the same way our 3-D world manifests from the Quantum. See notes on “albiogenesis” below.)) Somewhere, I came across the term “residual stardust” to identify our remains, which implies a “primal stardust” to begin with. I’ve used the concept of “stardust” in many ways over the years — and, most lately, as a term for our cremains known as dust to dust ashes to ashes. Stardust is animate. Thus I prefer cremation to ground/casket burial — as the more immediate loosing of the dust to fly into the ALPHAETION BREATH-HOLD OF THE PLANET EARTH. Stardust in Starlight.

I make no apologies for the poetries involved in this sense of an ANIMATE ALPHAETION. Whatever hold is holding and we wouldn’t be here if ANIMATE’S TANG didn’t translate to ANIMA . Surely there is a theory of consciousness as inherent in THE HOLD and its essential ANIMA SPIRITUS AXIS MUNDI right in the middle of the ALPHAETION. Presently, it doesn’t conceive as traditional concepts of a Divine Consciousness that’s somehow concerned about the animate/humanoid forms of planet Earth. There will be many ways to conceive how “it holds true” as the sciences advance in sync. I tend to think of THE HOLD somewhat as S. Hawking’s concept of the radiation that fumes from black holes, which have consumed everything: something continues its hold.  I don’t know if this is like THE HOLD as an animate aura emanation or not. Neither do the scientists, who are still confused by inflation/expansion of the universe. ( The Hubble Constant seems ever in question to measure this.) But one thing for sure we know is that all of life’s holding patterns — like me, my garden, my car, and my dog — are somehow all held together until they fall apart within THE HOLD. The citation/notes below are to be interwoven in all these sayings.

Poetries, indeed! But being held and able to hold are good things. To hold one’s own for as long as one can is good. The hold of consciousness and memory are good. Home is where we are held as one in a world of pluralities and randoms on the loose. The great quest is to find someone to hold, and to be held by someone, as we try to hold/enhance our own “tang.”.  Homesickness is Holdsickness. Meaninglessness is Holdinglessness. Enough Said! THE HOLD is real enough for any to take it from here into their own howsoever of whosoevers for whatever. Alas, if it doesn’t hold water — it leaks.For me, THE HOLD has no resonance of divine personage or grand puppeteer who answers prayers and patterns our lives. It does have a resonance TANG, however. As human minds progress — we’ll find modes of comprehension that will resonate more holistically with all we hold dear and true. The more we hug and covenant with life and continue to translate its phantasmagorias into phantasmaglorias — the more THE HOLD — THE ALPHAETION — is our daily companion.

–mdok—7/22/19 —

Here are the citations/notes referred to above. I will have comments that summarize and highlight issues relevant to this thesis of THE ALPHAETION — as THE HOLD. I’ll begin with two new theories of existence out of scientist’s findings that put String and Big Bang Theories on the shelf for a while. Here ae some newcomers to the search for GUT & TOE. They are: THE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE THEORY and THE QUANTUM DARWIN THEORY. To get the fuller story — go to the sources cited. I’m known to give “poetical play” to this ever-evolving-vision of what’s happening out there and in here.

(1) TEUT — Source: Ancient Origins article, 7/24/19, by Nathan Falde, who concludes his writings of electromagnetic fields and neutrino pole-oscillation discoveries which are revealing that a changing magnetic field produces an electric field and vice versa, with this comment: “From subatomic particles to human beings to far-off galaxies, everything that exists is interconnected in some way, and our study of the nature of that interconnection may someday yield some amazing discoveries.”

Now, I’ll summarize some of this article. It is proposed as a viable alternative to the Big Bang theory. It conceives suns and stars not as nuclear fusion, but as electrical conductors. Study involves “solar neutrinos, which are revealing the oscillation of electric currents creating electromagnetic fields with poles that carry Direct or Alternating currents in either direction. The article states that every constituent of nature, that holds here, has an electric charge. It seems that both poles travel as waves of electromagnetic radiation that are ever-changing fields but they mutually sustain each other. Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory merged both fields and all of matter’s velocity is limited to the velocity of electromagnetic radiation. Charged entities are called IONS, which is why I often add this suffixion to indicate dynamic movement — as in the cases of RECIPROCILLATION and ALPHAETION — both of which I find in TEUT.

(2) QDT–From FUTRURISM’s 7/24/19 summary of QUANTA magazine’s article on this. The article is entitled –MIND BLOWING ‘QUANTUM DARWINISM” THEORY PASSES EXPERIMENTAL TESTS –“meaning we may be on the road to reconciling the physics of the large with the physics of the very small.” — “When a particle interacts with its environment, all the superpositions of those characteristics  — DECOHERE!”  (superositions as the ability of quantum systems to exist in more than one state at a time– and quantum to classical –l  when we observe it —  including alternate locations and speeds. Alas, DECOHERE, as in the “breaking of symmetry” I surmise.) What manifests is called “the pointer state, which many can observe because it ‘imprints’ replicas of itself on the environment . . . only the  ‘fittest’ state — the one best suited for  its particular environment — survives the process of decoherence.”  This is evolution. This is the classical 3-D world manifesting out of the quantum world of tiny particles in a way to merge GUT & TOE. Of course, it’s easy to grasp THE HOLD in this QDT. It’s “stuff” having the fittest hold in its environment. It propagates, persists, and imprints patterns that hold.

(3) Reference the Smithsonian Magazine, 7/20/19, article by David W. Brown, who writes: “According to primordial soup theory molecules and salty water react and eventually originate life. . . .Sparking of life from lifelessness–known as abiogenesis- is a process scientists are only beginning to understand.” A prebiotic environment needs liquid surface water and Ultra Violet light to create what’s called an ABIOGENESIS ZONE — “where precursor molecules important to life can be produced by photochemical reactions.” So something is happening here that no doubt holds with TEUT and QDT — and, of course, the ALPHAETION.

(4) To conclude this exegesis of THE HOLD, I refer any reader to pages  38-39 of my SYMPATHIES. There, I first discussed the SYMMYSTS OF SYZYGY — SOS. Symmysts are those who are on the inside track (insider gnosis) of  the sympathies and magicals of existence as manifested in realities “yoked”(held) together, be they polar opposites or more. This whole analysis of THE HOLD is a SYMMYSTS OF SYZYGY exploration. Thus, we have an alchemic amalgam of poetry-science-philosophy-psychology and our everyday feel of and for what holds life and living together. The concept/reality of COVENANT holds true here. I suspect the great telescopes of the near future will discover much more data about what holds existence together and gives it that spark of the animate out of and over the inanimate. Our SOS resume is expanding.  The above theories don’t give an adequate accounting of Respiration/Breath. I think future theories will integrate it because, as mentioned, if we could not/did not (knowingly) hold our breath, our sounding of sustained sounds and their repetition — it’s doubtful we would have achieved self-consciousness.

(5) The question of the relation of THE HOLD to concepts of GOD is inevitable. As mentioned, the scientific conundrum of why existence doesn’t self-annihilate is for now overcome by the very fact that the animate persists as the fittest to survive. The age old question of what holds us in place is, for me, is not a transcendent answer but, primarily, an Eartharian existential question and quotidian quest  — in THE HOLD of our planetary immanence.  We need to hold on to what we’ve got. TIME (7/31/19) magazine’s Jeffrey Kluger reports the TESS spacecraft finding of three planets orbiting a star that’s just 73 light years from Earth. “One town over on the scale of the universe,” he writes. And a light year is only 5.88 trillion miles.  Astrophysicists have already found such 2345 exoplanets (2420 more waiting confirmation). And, look, with 250 billion stars in our Milky Way and some 100 billion galaxies in the universe — the search is endless for other animate societies out there.  And the newest Earth-like planet just discovered is just 31 light years away.  Whatever, we’d best hold on to what holds us together on this planet. It is that HOLD, which is THE HOLD: our Earth-Tanged (ET) manifestation of the ALPHAETION.  THE HOLD one could say is WHOLLY. — [Have Alphie tell ‘em — it’s all about the ALPHAETION…..whatever the planet wherever.]

—mdok— 8/3/19 — manifest-destiny’s-odyssean-kairos —