The NYU Medical School has just announced that qualified students will have their tuition waved — meaning no financial worries and no major-major debts to pay after graduation. It recalls the time of a student who spent his Freshman year, 1952-53, at a small college having won a hospital work study program: learned how to do most lab tests/analyses and even assisted in autopsies. He left to go to the State University, which had more educational offerings and was less expensive — since he had to work to cover all expenses. There, along with his other major, he took all pre-med course requirements. Upon graduation, he discovered that he qualified, but the med school required $5,000 to enter. He tried many sources for a loan and was turned down. His parents had no extra monies or collateral for such a venture. As he was looking for funding, he was drafted into the Army. The medical career option disappeared. There was never any money available. No loans for education back then. ┬áPlenty sources today, however. Yeah, that was me. Hopefully, NYU will set an example to be followed. Great qualifications the key — rather than the money of the well-to-do.