THE {probably} LOST POEM (B&B tale recycled with a recall of “O For A Woman Of Fire” )

O how it keeps disrupting my sleep.
O how it disrupts, invades my days.
So, this prevalence increases with aging age
Ah! So-beastly-so, I age day by day night by night.
O this sagging animus sans his salubrious anima;
No transmutation animate-soul-hold for 10 years:
O, covenantal-kiss of love’s caress — caged-so in seals of memory.

O, I’m quite alone, now– no lips to kiss hands to hold:
No body to clasp and be clasped by, as one;
No true-felt ecstasy of being alive together —
So gifted with one another, hugged at home’s hearth,
Sharing a lastingness in the face of death,
Which too early came to her: our love’s hold … our-time-sealed.
O memory’s weakening touch — o’er-come with takes of “then.”

Ah! Memory has its own beauty– and will not die in me.
But I wander, now — grounded/loosed– adrift in wonderstill.
The magic, loved so daily as breath and touch–is gone.
Now a growling longing laired in loneliness.
O, for that clawing poem… lost … that celebrates with Beauty
Some semblance of that feel’s come to life again.
Ah! Many utterances of “O” gasp at wisps of such probability.

Time’s etchings rust the armor of age‘s quest for such amor:
That manifest kiss-hold epiphany of bonded soul-mates.
O lost poem, to sing so of the Beast finding Beauty again,
Midst songs “For Someone to Love” and perfect ending movies.
O Beauty finding me again as did she of poems done.
O to find that inspiration with syncopated couplet resonance:
Time’s Existential Kiss — rekindled triumphant before all loss of it.

Such joy revels past galactic collisions and random star bursts,
Through earthquake tsunamis, homes torched — the daily terrors.
O Beauty! Can you find me again to so-share life again?
O  Beast! So-ready to”O”- pen Our Poem fresh! — Can’t now. I’m so-lost.
Don’t know how to seek&find&be-found by your presence, again.
Aging alone, sans such lovely anima, is a beastly loneliness…. having known Beauty so.
Such reality to be called old! Yet, still that All-Braving-Crave — “O for a Muse of Fire!”

O for that combustion of illumines of radiance — o’er-taking perhaps.
O firefly-showering-sparking of Heaven-On-Earth for real.
O relentless chase of Beauty&Beast/Beast&Beauty — each tracked to find the other.
O to live-alive life’s glory/quest — midst seals of loss and dark unknowns.
O glory/quest, magically sealed with that kiss! O covenant-couplet-compass … found alive.

.         mdok-xmas-2018 [the “recall” above is in “Glistenings”– from Shakespeare]