Towards a Breathing Theory



Relate the substance of this to transmutation in Alchemy and the attraction/connection of Dark Matter/Dark Energy — particularly as these relate to breathing. What we breathe is both matter and energy combined as in a fluidity of fusion: the search for gold from base metals is fundamentally the comprehension/control of the key to life’s reciprocation–again breathing. So the driving force of the Big Bang-Big Bounce is a diaphragmatic Big Breath — (Thus Cyclical -expansion/contraction.) Then there are the Bubbles & Strings, which imply multiple universes efflorescing/strumming from exhalations. Alas: Breath-Bounce-Bang-Bubbles-Strings = BEING. With ever kisses of BLARNEY waxing ever more explanatory eloquences from our ROCK-AND-ROLL STONE. — Take a breather!! In and out/out and in! Fills all of ‘em!

So, keep in mind and vision and touch — the mirroring right and left handedness, chirality of polarities, which seem to mirror exactly except for the fact that they are separate dimensional entities, which have a shared-mirroring-action, which I call RECIPROCILLATION of “sameness” held as a “thirdness” between the two, which is different for each, but same as a covenantal holding of both.( Relate to the “magnetosphere” of the Earth as described in Seventh Preface.) Two people can share the same experience, but, but because each occupies a separate dimension — there’s ever a difference. The mirroring, therefore, is dynamic-motion and is the “tertium quid” that breaks the symmetry as in both hands clapping, but the feel in each is a separate feel — even as each needs/shares the joined clapping. I read that the “weak nuclear force” is the only force in nature that can distinguish left from right – right for left. Not knowing how that came to be known, I’m using the dynamic reality of RECIPROCILLATION as that which manifests both the active difference and the hold of sameness. Therefore, this reflects that TOE-GUT — with diaphragmatic synergy to sense something that kicks — as in inhalation&exhalation — existence into what it is as we live it and observe it and think it and feel it….and ultimately die in it as breath leaves us.  — If this seems confusing, just go do some deep breathing, whereby to sense how LIFE is what happens with the RECPROCILLATION of “diaphragmatic breath synergy” in inhalation and exhalation….allowing you to hold-on. Then, as you do this — clap your hands together and do alternate left and right nostril breathing. Just as known and unknown ( light and dark ) share their common need of each other to be as each is in the polarity — so it is that  symmetries and breaks of symmetry are natural buddies in the playground of existence. — Alas, the math for it may already exist — even though no final theory exists that has TOE-GUT-HANDS-and LUNGS firmly connected to Consciousness&Cosmos. (Note: The word “inflation” is used as a balloon or tire is inflated with air. But with the terms of real breathing of air in and out– being inhalation and exhalation, it becomes “exhalation” in the Cyclical/Bounce concept of the universe coming back into its hold phase, which is inhalation. So, go HOLD YOUR BREATH!)

Therefore, for these poetries, all the current findings of science that our universe as we can know it — is expanding ever rapidly — then, we understand that to be a phase of EXHALATION inevitably to be contracted/cyclically/bounced/strummed into a phase of INHALATION that will again Bang&Bubble&Breathe&Bounce into a phase of EXHALATION. Seems that Black Holes do this respiratory in and out.  Just as Chayman(10/30/18) wrote on that “The key to life on earth is to be found in the reciprocity of photosynthesis and cellular respiration….Photosynthesis is a process in which green plants fixes atmospheric carbon dioxide into carbohydrate using solar energy and oxygen is released as by-product in the process. Oxygen is used by all living cells during cellular respiration for breakdown or oxidize carbohydrate to release energy and carbon dioxide.” This shows a natural alignment/oscillation of reciprocity with respiration.

Second Preface

RECIPROCILLATION — From an Ordinary Quotidian Breath of Life to an Oscillatory Quantum Breath of Life — Law of the Universe — theorizes the following in the same realm as physicists-cosmologists, etc., where theories of the universe abound with no final determination of fundamental processes of existence and, certainly, no TOE (Theory of Everything) with a toe-hold holding open the door to It All; and, certainly, not as yet the GUT (Grand Unified Theory) that has the gut-feel of certainty of It All.  I, therefore, admit the following to be more a stimulant to breath-full-less poetries of meditation than breath-full-less eloquencies of mathematics. However, I humbly throw the challenge of Reciprocillation (and its chiral-respiratory cognates) to the mathematicians — since it wants to breathe — covenantally — with more elegance than I can give. Just keep in mind&body (& spirit — that covenantal-home-hold), as you proceed, that there is life because of breath. What lives — breathes and can hold its breath. To be is to Breathe. Even for a rock. Death rhymes with Breath and death comes when it stops. Loss of breath is loss of life. We are, as are trees and crustaceans, creations of this universe. Don’t we, somehow, mirror its palindromic-oscillatory-pendulamic (POP) life-in-death/death-in-life force? Don’t we? Seems we are as we are because we are creatures of such a universe.  This action of polarities in entanglement is both awesome and “spooky.”  Let’s journey into its core.

 It was studying philosophers like Feuerbach and Buber, and concepts like “covenant,” at the University of Chicago — where the words “reciprocity” and “betweenness” surfaced. Such became the core dynamic of my Master of Divinity Thesis entitled “A Destiny of Sharing.” In it was an essay on the philosophy of H. N. Weiman (with whom I studied) that won me a graduation with HONOR designation. I was told that I could probably get it published if I minimized the criticism of Weiman’s main concept of “creative interchange.” I said his conceptualization was primarily one of “mutuality,” which did not carry the power of “reciprocity,” a word he ignored. (Weiman and I had discussed this together. He thought my idea too “poetical” and not “philosophic-scientific” enough.) No, I would not remove this distinction, because something was happening biopsychodynamically that “creative interchange” didn’t capture.  CI is great, but it can happen without participants consciously-physically grasping an enabling quid pro quo of give and take–take and give — becoming-presencing as  a HOLD — that became its own  “covenanting field” of shared reality.( Not just and I to I as a “we,”, but an  I to I with a Thou. Elsewhere, I’ve discussed the difference between sympathy and empathy, with the latter “holding” as reciprocally beyond mutual or vicarious sympathies.)

Ten years later, I would receive another Master’s Degree– this time in Clinical Psychology with my thesis “The Psychodynamics of Reciprocity in Counseling.” It’s the working recognition that what is going on between minds can be grasped with a sameness for each.  Most often it is a primal-archetypal-spiritual identification. But with a physical-real-time existence. Counseling starts with that manifestation in place.   Really. We cannot just mutually interchange creatively  —  we can interchange reciprocally to a “covenantal hold” that each can touch&carry as in a “homing” fulfillment. You shared and orange and I an apple, but my apple became your orange and your orange my apple. We knew our sharing became its own “manifest-hold-Ap/Or//Or Ap-hold” between us. It’s more than the discussion that flourishes creative thinking. It is when the counselor and counselee have manifested they hold the same comprehension: the One and the Other share — not just a mutual — but a covenantal relationship. Call it the RC Word — the ReciCove. I always found it essential in counseling that I and the other discover at the outset something that we covenantally share — such that we recognize it “holds-in-us” the same for both of us. Both can be digging together sharing this and that. It’s when gold is found by both that the magic of reciprocity happens. I-Thou/Thou-I. —- This is why, in my books, I put so much emphasis on choral experience as a necessary role in education. Beyond the music of notes-voices-melodies there is united “holding-presencing covenant” reality of voices harmonizing together. (See the poem “The Reformation” in ALTARPIECES and the section “The En-Choiring of the World” in SYMPATHIES.)

Third Preface

“Palindromic-Oscillatory-Pendulamic” (POP) are other actions for “reciprocity.” All of which manifest a “covenant”( a singing together), which is Thouness/Covenanatal in its most definitive manifestation. So, I’ve created the word-concept “Reciproscillation.” Indeed, in the back&forth/forth&back we see a primal-energy at work. The word “quantum” is herein sensed by its first definition, namely — “a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of radiation it represents . . . that energy exists in discrete units.” The scientists have termed the following accounting as Lorentz Reciprocity: “It follows that the mutual impedance of a first circuit due to a second is the same as the mutual impedance of the second circuit to the first.” From this there are many electromagnetic application such as — “an antenna’s radiation and receiving patterns are identical.” So, such dynamic symmetries can be proved to happen in electro-magnetic systems.(See Wikipedia for this analysis.) What is a mutuality becomes a reciprocity…if it oscillates to manifest a Hold…a Wholeness…a Harmonizing…a  COVENANT!! And this brings to mind the Earth’s magnetic poles of North&South. They create a magnetic field all over the planet which orients, helps, and sustains all species of life on Earth. It seems the North is shifting its position somewhat and this will cause some living, clock, and GPS adjustments–they say. But what HOLDS the whole planet (with its quaternities of plus/minus as shown below) is the shield the poles create called the MAGNETOSPHERE, which protects the planet from too much sun. — [ Behold! A quintessential manifestation if there ever was one.]

Note this! Scientist David Bohm theorized three major dynamic realms of existence: the EXPLICATE — Unfolded Order —- the IMPLICATE — Enfolded Order…………….. and the source/ground of power beyond them both that  pulse-powered continuously between the enfolding and unfolding of structural-order. I add, for this APoetEssay, the inhalation-exhalation powered diaphagmatically as breathing and the pulse of life — terming it Reciprocillation. Also, as each is  entangled/embedded in each as every opposite in its opposite creates a quaternity — (+/-)  ( -/+) ( +/+)  ( -/-) — which due to the pulsing(breathing) manifests this reciprocillation as the quintessential power  — beyond attractions and repulsions as inclusive of their dynamical orderings. The randomness herein breaks symmetries and reorders new HOLDS of affinities. — Recalling that reciprocillation is the dynamic power that continuously “holds”( unfolds&enfolds) all together. Thus a Work! Symphonic movements. Even as new symmetries and forms and structures are coming into existence. Sound a harmony. Add a new voice tonality. WOW! The next level!

Fourth Preface

True, I am poet-leap-frogging-out of physics to conceive&croak these discrete energies of sending and receiving — as “inhalation-diaphragmation-exhalation-air-song.” IDEAS! These words augur the natural play I’m giving them.  An Idea, like a song, in our human world can have definite oscillatory power; as in a duet or any choral voices harmonizing. These four physicalities in existence, as herein comprehended as  ontological reciprocity, manifest, it seems so, a quintessential fifth power fused with the combo of dark energy&dark matter. Each of which, implies the other as light&dark. That oscillating 5th power of “reciprocillation” is what manifests the “hold-song,” and the “holding” of the “hold”: the magic of the gold. The magic of love, too, one would think. Mow, think of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony with its classic-memorable 4-tone combo, which as a whole manifests a “fifth” tonality.  Consider also, the four forces of the universe and the quintessential search for a GUT grand unified theory that holds them as a whole. Jung was ecstatic — being devoted to quaternities — when the Virgin Mother Mary was added to the Trinity. As above, the quintessential power of reciprocillation holds their meaning.  An example of this power at work in meaning as well as matter. )  Thus, the current accelerated inflation of the universe is an exhalation phase that will again inhale and return home–as it were: and to blast-off again like a reformed-replrogrammed Prodigal. Poetries join sciences in trying to comprehend this. In Physics verbiage the word “oscillation” is often used for reciprocal regularity. In fact, just now reading a Newsweek article (4/8/19) by Dr. Xingang Chen — ‘What Happened Before the Big Bang?” He and I should talk! Here’s a quote:

“In fact, each of these theories (he’s referring to “alternative theories” plus Big Bang and Inflation) has a very clear defining property–the evolution of the size of the primordial universe. For example, during inflation, the size of the universe grows exponentially; while for Big Bounce, the size contracts before the bounce. The conventional observable attributes people have proposed so far — although valuable for distinguishing various models within a theory — have trouble distinguishing the different theories because they are not directly related to this defining property.  ——— How can we retrieve the direct information about the evolution of the size of the primordial universe? We propose to use the signals generated by the ‘primordial standard clocks.’ These clocks are any types of heavy elementary particles present in the energetic environment of the primordial universe. They exist in any theory because they are building blocks of the unification theory, whatever it is; and they oscillated at some regular frequency, much like the ticking of a clock’s pendulum. —————If a pattern of signals representing a contracting universe were found, it would falsify the entire inflation theory, regardless of what detailed models one constructs; and vice versa for alternative theories.”

Fifth Preface

Without getting into the technicalities (my qualifications lacking), I think this quotation captures his thesis and is generally comprehensible. (But do read the whole document.) Bottom line — there must be some sort of “energetic” … “contraction” prior to the energized Bounce. And the building blocks (in elementary particles) will show a pattern with some regular frequency, much like the ticking of a clock’s pendulum.” These phrases and concepts are to me the same workings as the IDEAS above with that integral Reciproscillation. In much of my writings, I have entangled these. The connection between palindrome-oscillation-pendulum (POP) reads the same to me as the theorizing of contraction and bounce/bounce and contraction///inhalation/exhalation/exhalation/inhalation. — (See note below this document for how this IDEAS POP connects to previous writings in this context. But note here the recent findings that potassium molecules can be both solid&fluid at the same time. Reminds us of Schrodinger’s cat in the box being both dead&alive until an observation saw one or the other. I often call-out the entanglement reality that opposites imply their opposite as heat&cold//life&death and how they POP with Reciproscillation. This is how symmetries are broken, as a “holding” continues, while the continuum shakes a new vibration of structure. This is how, to me, all this can be theorized as IDEA(S) where the “S” is physical “structure” in existence and psychical “spirituality” in human existence. This “breath of being” in both “S” worlds is not to postulate a Absolute Heavy Breather behind it all. But it does indicate that existence works on the cyclical Contract and Bounce scenario. So, current inflation-exhalation will at some point begin its contracting-inhalation into some state such a black hole out of which it will bounce anew. Such a theory has existence/universes going on forever. So far existence has given no conclusive clues as to why it is in all the quests to track “how” it is.  —On this take, I just read an article in NewScientist(5/20/19) by Leah Crane (“Mini Universes Could Be Constantly Exploding At Every Point In Space”), that begins as follows:

“The expansion of the universe is accelerating and we’re not sure why. It may have to do with quantum fluctuations that make every point in space constantly grow and shrink, producing a roiling foam, that out of the whole, is always expanding.” With the article is an illustration of this roiling “quantum foam” filled

with bubbles of universes — that, presumably, “grow and shrink.” — So, the beat goes on!

Later in life, I learned that we are in a ReciCove creature-relationship with the process of being alive and staying alive. All depends on our breathing, which is our most dynamic ( never stopping ) covenanting with our reality — selfness-others-planet. If we or any life form didn’t have this give and take with existence — life could not live. Every inhalation becomes an exhalation and every exhalation becomes an inhalation. Fortunately we have a diaphragm (a gravity machine if there ever was such) to muscle this reality. ( Which may be Dark Energy muscling Dark Matter.) I’ve done some heavy breathing with this subject in my book AUGURIES and more so, currently, on my web site. (See “The Quintetion.”) The dynamic is the same as conscious reciprocity and existential ReciCove. (Alas-Alack! If I were to go for a PhD (laughter allowed) it would be to further study this dynamic and how it works in various therapies, counseling situations, and mirrors the universe itself, which we in turn mirror. It proved itself often in my “reciprocillation” approach to counseling as well as many areas of life.)

I am now looking at the RC-Word for its insight into the way the universe works. MAYBE!  I began knowing that reciprocity is a physical as well as psychological dynamic —  and that covenant is fundamentally an existentially “manifest”  hold-awareness in lived time. (Think I-Thou/Thou I.) When we say “We covenant with the Earth,” — or that “We covenant with One Another,” we are in a ReciCoveManifest with a “spiritual” sense of “covenant.” We consciously-physically breathe together. The structure is one of reciprocity and the resultant covenant (when it happens) is one of spirituality.  While much of memory’s highlights are from ReciCove, I add the Manifest to highlight its happening presence as a lived, presencing — holding/homing — reality. I can recall being with an old friend some time ago — but to meet&be again — with a hug-shake-hands now — is a Manifest. I “recall” working in my garden last Spring, (a RECICOVEMEMO) but getting it started again, now, is a RECICOVEMANI.  Hands in the dirt/dirt in the hands. Some would term it, as Buber, an “I-Thou” manifestation. So it is. And its dynamic action is Reciprocillation. Reciprocity continues its covenantal hold even as symmetries break to structure new symmetries. An immanence that’s transcendental only as it mirrors the nature of the universe. [Note my conclusion regarding Earth’s magnetism in the Seventh Preface.]

Sixth Preface

Now we come the “poetries” or as the scientists say the “theories.” Poetries are structures as formulae, and laws of the universe are structures.  Structures are homes-temples-concepts — so data will have rooms and altars. . . and plumbing, I must add, in a foundation that holds. Well, let me not confuse. I am no applauded expert of any collegium.  I’m an unknown writer in Clarksburg WV. Last I looked — nobody was “following” me or even “reading” me. But, I’ve done and been many things in my 85 years. My “living” resume keeps growing. Now, I’m going to add a “theory” of the Universe to my accomplishments.  However, you will have to abide my total lack of “any” credentials to make this claim valid. Just recall that most of what scientists are saying-formulating to comprehend the universe — is in the realm of theory&hypothesis. And today, they have a lot more data and actual surveillance of the universe as never before. Every day the news has something new they’ve observed and theorized.  Even Einstein’s theory of relativity is under scrutiny.   And Astronomers have just “ruled-out” Hawking’s theory of the primordial nature of “dark matter.” But his “radiation” from Black Holes theory is holding. String theory seems back in favor — to some extent. And gravitational waves are being witnessed as never before. I’m just adding my own footnote from my own RCM scrutiny of self&existence. In a world of many books/findings on this subject, I admit, without apology, that I’m just a self-designated and self-formed — Poet — having his final say on his own existence.

Now to a listing of some of the essentials of these existentials. — And, keep in mind — that all of my “essay” is conceived in a universe where the concept of Cyclical-Bounce-Contraction (CBC) — Inhalation-Diaphragmatic-Exhalation (IDE)  is more operative than Big Bang Singularity’s Universe that’s seen as an accelerating expansion leading to ultimate dissipation-annihilation. In short: the Universe works like “diaphragmatic Breathing.” Taking humanity as essentially planet-born-of-stardust — we could grant “consciousness” as the “tertium quid” of the Universe as well. — This I have to do because the concept of unconsciousness implies consciousness and vice versa.  Indeed, from human experience — the physical entails the psychical and their reciprocalilty. Creaturely breathing evolves “consciousness” as a fact we comprehend. As mentioned above we are creatures of just such a universe. This “by-product” of these physicalities does not seem to imply an Absolute Breathing Consciously Divine Eternal Father God— in whose body we are jostled, aroused, labeled and randomly roiled —- that answers prayers. In fact, that rigidity of concept must be cancelled, because the polar realities of existence necessitate a MOM&POP store. Father Force and Mother Nature are ever entangled as male&female. The ancient spiritualists, were naturally confounded by polarities and opposites, but had nothing close to the history of our species and technology we share today. But they were on truth’s track with concepts of “covenant.”

Seventh Preface

In AUGURIES, I surmised the core polarity to be Predation&Procreation ( planetary US and Universe ) and their quid pro quo totus tuus. This created a tertium quid — the Prosperorion,  which is the manifest result of their dynamic reciprocillation. (Thus the subtitle of my trilogy —Opus Tripartium Totus Tuus). Existence is a plenum of such polarities in attraction — inclusive of male/female, light/darkness, being/nonbeing, matter/antimatter, conscious/unconscious, life/death, etc.  —  Added to this list are inhalation/exhalation as, perhaps, dark matter/dark energy. This connection of Breathing and Bounce has, I trust, been made. This IDEAS OF RECICOVEMANI. Another phrase for it might be “thermodynamic release of energy” or “systemic synergy.” So, everything, it seems, could be classified under “field-theory-reciprocity.” “Field-theory” is where mathematicians play. However, I’m mostly in the normal mind of “fields of play.” Like any playing field, it’s where the game goes back and forth/forth and back. Play it again Sam: the deep/deep design is entangled in the reality that every negative implies a positive and its vice versa oscillation. Existence is a pulsating plenum of such active polarities. — Recall the (+/-) quaternity in the Third Preface with its quintessential aura of entangled oneness.

Consider: optical radiometric terms that say “if I can see you you can see me.” Then. Recall from above,in the Third Preface, the Lorentz Reciprocity, which states –“it follows that mutual impedance of a first circuit due to a second is the same as the mutual impedance of the second circuit to the first.” From this there are many electromagnetic applications such as — “an antenna’s radiation and receiving patterns are identical.” So, such dynamic symmetries can be proved in electro-magnetic systems. It’s much like what I’ve termed the covenantal-hold within the reciprocillation of polarities, clocks, and mirroring such as our hands and their very “hold” as like a magnetosphere aura. (I’ve also termed it the Pentameroion. See clarifying note below.)

Finally, all that lives&breathes functions on AIR — Aspiration-Inspiration-Respiration. From algae, to bees, to flowers, to beans, and giraffes — this is so as each breathes its becoming on a shared sunlit field of play. I add an S for Spiritualization to make it AIRS in our play. Or as AIIIIIRS–Intuition-Inspiration-Imagination-Invention-Individualtion — and all I’s inflate much in that order. So, IDEAS with AIRS or AIRS with IDEAS : the RECICOVEMANION  Betweenness that Holds Its Magnetosphere like a Thou as Breath&Life holds each other like the holds of water, photosynthesis, and all Earth’s polar reciprocities. I’m done with this.  Just Prefaces. Anyone can take it from here. Please forward!!! Just clap-hold your hands, breathe deeply and feel covenanted with this Earth, its creatures, the little brook’s waterfall, and maybe . . . the roiling grow&shrink of this quantum-foaming Bang of a Bubble/Bounce/Strung and Breathing Universe. — Alas, even gibberish can exhale specks of stardust that radiate a gleaming in the sunshines of Ah-Ha!! –mdok-


[Clarifying note! In AUGURIES, I found the Prosperorion from the entanglement of Predation&Procreation. From that creature-prospering, I found arising the Showonakarion —  an amalgam of the shining holds of angelic legacies (SHOALS)– wonders that should not die (WONTSUNODI); with tonal references to AROCKAKCORA, the palindromion of Augural Recrescendoes of Covenantal Kairos with ARION and IONs in full gallop of the spiritual ride of life in process.

From this quaternity — of Predation/Procreation/Prosperoion/Showonakarion — I found the quintessential fifth dimension of the PENTAMEROION as a concept like MAGNETOSPHERE, which holds all and is the breathing of all together — BREATH’S RECIPROCILLATION. Going now inside the body, scientists have discovered THE INTERSTITIUM as an entire space-system between the organs of the body: interfacing between Lymphatic and Vascular systems. This I — is a fluid filled 3-D lattice-work of “collagen and elastin,” which ebbs-and-flows all through the human anatomy. Some are calling this system a “new organ” all on its own. I call it LIVE (the I between L&V, with an E for “Embodied.”) — AUGURIES was not an easy book. I had to stop, move-on, knowing the difficulties for readership (plus printer miscues here and there).  Hopefully, this writing makes the issues fall more neatly into place. Even if nobody ever reads it or my Trilogy. WORKS FOR ME…as they say. — Alas, I began my Trilogy with ALTARPIECES, wherein I “intuited” with T.S. Eliot that ends are in beginnings and beginnings are in ends: the ultimate entanglement of MOM&POP polarity. Computers fill with new data daily. We are still in Plato’s cave wondering of presences beyond and in the shadows. And breathing ever more deeply than ever before against consequences of no breath at all. The beautiful LIVE WEB of We Embody Breath is still being spun. And the MOM&POP store, silkened by many threads, thrives its quintessence from ever current interplay of the quotidian and the quantum. Alas, interplays of MAGNETOSPHERE-INTERSTITIUM/LIVE-QUANTUUM FOAM, etc., seem to breathe with BREATH’S RECIPROCILLATION  as a force-law of existence. Somehow!!]

[Passing thought! — String theory must be played by air-breath-brushings across the strings as the true bowing and plucking. And, then again, if you add bang-bounce-bubbles-breath … anything might happen. Such as melody and music holding its repetition –while in transformation — as does the reciprocillation – — brings “ritornello” to mind, which Britannica begins its definition as follows:

“Ritornello. . . .a recurrent musical section that alternates with different episodes of contrasting material. The repetition can be exact or varied to a greater or lesser extent. In the concerto grosso the full orchestra (tutti) has ritornello; the solo group (concertino) has the contrasting episodes. . . .In the late 18th-and early 19th-century rondo (Italianized form), the ritornello often featured a catchy tune as a sort of refrain alternating with more elaborate instrumental excursions.”—  Now that’s breaking of symmetry and the HOLD persists. New tonality but in the tonic schema. And a further quotation from this online Britannica article that relates to the POP–Palindromion-Oscillation-Pendulamic. This recalls, as well, the power-manifest of the palindromion, in particular, as I’ve discussed it before as it holds, dynamically/structurally, ends and beginnings in reciprocillation.

“Analysing the structure of the Prologue of Orfeo we can find something similar to the structure of  Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Labelling the ritornello, R, and the verse: V, we come up with the structure:

Formal Structure: Prologue, Orfeo


In both Monteverdi and the Beatles a stable, relatively unchanging musical idea played by a group, (the ritornello), alternates with material performed by a soloist. In both instances, the composer has set up an expectation for the return of the stable material and its alteration with the soloist.

In the Baroque Concerto Grosso: a concerto for multiple soloists (Soli) and ensemble (tutti), this operatic notion of the ritornello was adapted and combined with the newfound interest in the tonal system. Again there is a group playing a relatively stable musical idea, the ritornello, that alternates with flights of fancy, known as episodes, by the soloists.  — To this simple structural alteration in added a tonal dimension…a stable tonal center, while the soloist is more dynamic: changing pitch centers and modulating (moving) to more complicated and distant tonal areas.”– Alas, the pulse carries as the beat goes on. So, carry this “homing” thought to the next article about the CHORMUDANSIANS.]


{ But wait just a minute. It seems I should show a relationship of the Natural Law of Breath to thenatural laws of the Conservation of Energy and Entropy. Something wants to garner this from my postulations above of diaphragmatic breathing states. These laws are both difficult and easy. I will proceed with my grasp of the easy road.  From this I glean that the total amount of energy in a closed system never changes — even in the internal conversion of different energies into others such as –chemical to thermal—kinetic to mechanical. Thus, the total energy is unchanged — not created or destroyed. I term this law COEL. In COEL differences of energy exist in association with different amounts of Entropy, which is a measure of microscopic disorder amongst energy’s constituents. COEL is therefore in a state of equilibrium and balance. Entropy manifests that most systems in nature are in some phase of non-thermodynamic equilibrium: they are changing over time due to flux/flow of matter&energy in to&from relationships with other systems. Because of this disordering within a system the prognosis is eventual collapse. In other words — exhalation with no inhalation ( as homing recapitalization ) that continues the balance of energies. Entropy can also be conceived as a breaking of symmetry, which must happen for creativity to have a place in systems. And because creations do have sustaining form — there must be a give and take with COEL and Entropy Law such that balances pertain with imbalances: symmetries with asymmetries. Therefore COEL-EL is a compatible system much like exhalation/inhalation in synergistic (diaphragmatic) reciprocillation. Again, there must be a math for this. But the poetries are there. Inflation homes a bounce-bang-bubble-breath and foaming strings return home Prodigal sure to break loose again.  It’s clearly  both a hold your breath securely and let it go boldly. So it seems — if Being is to prevail.  Ever in mind, of course, the reality that Being ends if Breath ends. My sense of it is that Community will prevail over Collapse. And, all things considered, we’ve an existence where matter persists a bit beyond its balanced play of reciprocal annhilation with anti-matter. Alas, each is implied in each for each to be — and this dynamic has hold and homing spots where matter dominates. This cause for joyful celebration. And the great manifest dance of– choreography-music-dance — the CHORMUDANSIANS. They’ll show COEL and EL to Exist coherently.}