I’ve set forth rather graphically-ontologically on this site, and in AUGURIES, the breathing synergy called the Quintetion with its five dimensions and seven expressive/spiritual sounds. Also, on this site’s APoetEssay (5/2019) on Breath as a Law of the Universe, I aligned/entangled the theoretical conceptions of the breathlessfull-dancesongsters of the universe, namely — The Big Bang — The Big Bounce — The Quantum Bubbles — The Bunches of Strings — The Reciproscillations of Breath — with a touching-poetical kiss of the Earth as The Blarney Stone of Eloquence  with all the following expositions of Eartharian elegancies, functioning ( like the Magnetosphere) as the quintessential Pentameroion Quintessence of Quantum/Usual interplays that HOLD reality so together and ever FORWARD.  So, therefore, functioning, too, like the two ventricles of the heart balancing oxygenated blood flow to both body and lungs: O how the body moves gracefully when they are in reciprocic tension of balanced pressures.–    While I plan to instruct and advise the CHORDANS that come forward to create this organic/philosophic artisan artistry — they will have a very broad encompassing range of creativity from themselves and their combined reciprocities. — While I can visualize this unfolding, I can’t do it. So, I await the response of those, if any, who visualize/conceive as do I — and vigorously want to perform it for a viral audience. It will be wonderful. It will enhance our covenanting with creation and ourselves.  And behold, a major performance chance for creative musicians to play this Quintetion ( as the Sonata five below) and these five, so far, theoretical cosmic-imaginings of existence. Call them all as the elegant/exegetic performing CHORMUDANSIANS. — Come forward Artists. There are dimensions of creativity here yet to comprehended. Come on! Let’s do it! I want to live long enough to attend the performance. The augured-drum-beaters of Now’s Tympanum are gathering.  

mdok– [Of course, I expect some Poets to choreograph on this playing field as  well.]

[ Enhancing Note: Recall the footnote discussion of the ritornello in The Theory of Breathing…just before this. Add to that the general concept of the Sonata (that, somewhat, seems to have evolved from ritornello),  with these five sections: Introduction-Exposition-Development-Recapitulation-Coda. Often, when there is a Coda, there releases a “progressive tonality” that ends with a different key than what recapitulates. Again, the “homing tonality” (my phrase) releases a “new episode key” (my phrase) that hails a journey. It’s like the Prodigal leaving home, but always coming back to begin again. — So, my point is that, musically-cosmically-breathfully, there are many tonal-dimensions in the alliance of recapitulation&progressive that hold to structurally share the stage for the performing —– CHORMUDANSIANS.

So with my QUINTETION and the addition of these five dimensions of the Sonata, we find amongst other five-star realities the Japanese secret to a longer better life called IKIGAI. (See article by Ken Mogi for CNBC-5/28/19). There are five core piillars to find and awaken ones “inner IKIGAI.” These: Starting Small

(step with care)-Releasing Yourself (letting-go of obstacles)-Harmony/Sustainability (community support) -The Joy of Small Things (normal life things)-Being In the Here and Now (mindfully present for optimum performance). — All of these are “breath-full” and easily incorporated in the performance, which, as stated in the previous essay, implies the fundamental laws of breathing in performances of sound-song, and dance. Math can only hope for beauty’s elegancies by such bodily manifestations of life’s presencing.]