M E — An April Meditation from “My Existence”
As A Most WElcoME-AWEsoME-Me-ta-we-ical Love Song

Ahoy, Odysseans!

If you can live with me you can die with me.
If you can hope with me you can love with me.
If you can sing with me you can scream with me.
If you can create with me you can mate with me.
If you can laugh with me you can cry with me.
If you can win with me you can lose with me.
If you can live with me you can die with me.

Welcome Aboard! —

Our Life’s Craft of earth-blown destiny,
That sips the dew and breathes the sun;
Tills the garden to harvest the mind,
That ventures the view till the vision’s done —
So our existence is our persistence in time,
Where we, holding hands, on this voyage to gone,
Will know what to take and how to take it on:
ME with You/You with ME — on a random rolled sea.
“Let this, our passage, guide us to glory!”
“Our course in the cradle-swell of the deep!”
“Tall masts steepling some new shore of the world!”
Loving our existence so — WE’ll plume&plunge all breakers to come”. . .
“Holding us true to our living’s compass.”
And, reaching home, we’ll rhyme we with me to a MEME
So — our most Welcome WEME-Time is Awesome Rung —
Crafting Life’s Blessings of Welcomes&Awesomes Sung!

Odysseans, HO!
Come Home with ME before WE’re done!

Now, back to my MEtaWEical MEditation
Of how “to be” me(s)sages “not to be”… so that…
Illumined being is meing&meing is being illumined…so that…
If you can hope with me you can love with me.
If you can breathe with me you can fume the air with me.
“Come Home My Lovely Spring —
My Summer Soul Has Too Long Been Wintering. “
“May our anchors always drop at home” — “and those
Some days I think I’ll fall in love again — With Life! —
And each dawn of Everysomeday.”

mdokAn April-Voyage Love Song — 2019  

As we are challenged to empower an Odyssean Melioration Metier of GEN-I- US in this ONCE (Our Now Crucial Era)! [Note. Quotes in M E are from three of my poems in GLISTENINGS Dates: 1/60-5/76-10/09: and 2/17 at conclusion of AUGURIES. Also, this M E, and children, Karen&Sean, will “fly” to Ireland, May 3-13, 2019. — So, again, a poem becomes a “passage” APE — APOETESSAY…

By an ‘Apo’kstrophes’.] — Essences of this journey will show-up soon. —