First a touch from my first Earth Day in 1970 when I was the UU Minister in Muncie, Indiana. A ceramic potting family connected with the church – The Bethel Potters – created two bowl/vessels for my ceremony. Both same size – one for water and the other for soil. There were passed through the congregation with first a touch of water, then a touch of soil, then rubbing them together with one’s fingertips – this last, usually, with hands in a classic prayer position. On subsequent Earth Days, these vessels were placed in the entry hall for persons to do this on the way into the sanctuary. About four years later, I left that church and left the Earth Day Vessels for whatever continued use they served. Every Earth Day, I do this little ceremony, wherever, in my back yard, usually.  —  One major function not to miss — is the rubbing of the water and soil with one’s hands: that human element in the mix, the spiritual/physical rub, being so critical.  Yes, I call it our HAPE HOME of HOPE —  Humanity’s Address Planet Earth – Humanity’s Own Mother-Tongue Exaltation – Humanity’s Odyssean Passage Enlightenment.

I am working to publish at least two books of poetry collections, my three children stories, and a “major” treatise on “THE HOLD: How the Structure of the Universe Stimulates the Structure of Human Meaning and the Planetary Future of Humanity.” THE HOLD is significantly expressed on my website, but needs the organization of a book to connect the various dots. [ The PPE of current usage is here known as Preface-Presentation-Epilogue.] I could use a secretary/typist, but will plod along on my own, I suspect. My children may help a bit. Howsoever, I plan to live long enough to get these done.

This site was labeled Poetries of a New Spirituality. That core concept continues — even more so as COVID-19 and its follow-through contagions and social/economic disruptions promise to reset issues of our human promise and survival skills on our PPE – Personal Planet Earth. [Personal Protection Equipment, indeed.] I have termed COVID to acronym as COVENANTALLY INSPIRED DESTINY. This speaks with my ever-discussed concepts of COVENANT & THE HOLD on this site as the key-reality-duet that opens the door to this New Spirituality. Needlesstosay, I didn’t create the concept of COVENANT. It is a forever reality in our species and history on this planet. All religions and spiritualities imply and implore it to some major extent. Because of this so well documented history, I have placed it in the context/concept of THE HOLD, which I’m more and more inclined to call our SEVENTH SENSE: the usual five with the sixth being the big “i” of inspiration/intuition/intelligence. The 7th Sense perceives  — by virtue of the holistic interplay of these six – an existential reality of being held, holding-on, and being the creators of holding patterns like cathedrals and cars: just as the Earth has created creatures like tigers and growths like trees. [ All of the viruses on this planet are endemic to holding patterns of all that exists (I mean ALL) as a result of evolution’s random alignments into configurations that hold in place and propagate. Alas-Alack! My zinnia seeds grow zinnias!! And! Oh, My!! Viruses grow viruses and GM keeps producing cars. The vast domains of our sciences and creativities are all because we have this 7th Sense of following/framing the patterns that hold things together. – And, yes, you are right if you guessed it – THE HOLD is the KEY TO OUR SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS and THE HOLD OF MEMORY. This recalls Matisse’s phrase of  creation’s “harmonie d’ensemble.”

Here’s how it happens: OTCITBYBELTER – Of Things Coming Into Themselves By Belonging Together. This, of course, applies not only sperm and egg, but to viruses, violets, and virtues. All existences are as they are due to a found belongingness and its holding on to be what they become. I’ve discussed this variously in my book AUGURIES (p.123….). In all things human, it connects with the SHOALS OF WONTSUNODI – Shining Holds of Angelic Legacies – Wonders That Should Not Die. But . . . many wonders die and many we sustain, hold, and nourish to keep alive – our belongings — in our midst and journeys onward.

While I didn’t create the concept of COVENANT, I seem to be only one who emphasizes and explores the concept of THE HOLD as I do. So far, I’ve found no other writer – poetically or scientifically or philosophically – to so designate and term THE HOLD as an archetypal/ontological/universal dynamic – integral/constant to all existence. Along with this is the breathing – inhalation/exhalation – of all living creatures: a manifestation that seems to be a physical in&out dynamic integral to the universe. It seems connected to the antimatter/matter duet of reciprocillation (my term), which the physicists say would/should lead to annihilation, but that some manifest of THE HOLD of matter keeps matter in place to eventually produce galaxies and  US.  While the scientists are still in search of The Theory of Everything, which will explain how mass dominates to become existence, I explore/express my poetic sense of the 7th Sense of this. Poetically speaking, the duet of something & nothing is in essence a “something” – so something seems to necessarily have the upper-hand over nothing. Therefore, THE HOLD. – My 7th Sense/Poetic conception of how this works is by the reciprocillating swing of the pendulum through a palindrome such as this: DeathInLife/LifeInDeath, where the pendulum swings Life/Life with a concentration denied Death&Death, which are at the extremes. Therefore, LifeInDeath exists, but eventually so does DeathInLife. The pendulum eventually takes life to death. – I’ve no proof or data that confirms this sense of how existence comes into being and acts as it does – but it seems, intuitively I suppose, to possess an insightful peek into what’s going on.

Does the universes and galaxies of existence – breathe?  I can’t say so. But the inhalation/exhalation seems to be an explanation – physically — of what’s going on. Like the reciprocillating pendulum, it provides a clue to the breathing dynamic that makes life and consciousness possible. So, in some sense of these senses, we are what we are (and the planet is as it is ) because we (life) are echoes of such. Echoes is a meaningful concept, because it brings sound and tonality to mind – and it is the ability to HOLD our sound and tonality that gives us self-consciousness and memory….and harmonies. In the breathing sequence I call the QUINTETION – with its five instruments AH/HA—CHI—A/U/M—JAH( hear the seven sounds) and the fifth instrument being THE HOLD, as a conscious holding, between each sound. This is easy to demonstrate – even to yourself. Hold your breath!

This breathing sequence is a STRUCTURE as THE HOLD is a structuring that beholds THE HELD. Poetries are harmonic structures – be they poems or meaningful constructs that manifest from existence as we exist. . . such as family, love, mind, companionship—the making of things. The primitives who made tools – like stone arrows – had to hold the focus of their vision to make a tool. My Poetries of a New spirituality are based on the hold of our mortality — namely that death is a total release from THE HOLD. With the dire reality of death in COVID-19 – this reality is an unerasable fact no matter the fables to transcend it. We are MORTALION MORTALIANS: ION and active state —- IAN an active meaning. The New Spirituality is structured to form a resonate harmonization (holding pattern) of ION & IAN. Science and soundings must sing a song of meaning.

Death is the ultimate contagion of existence and conscious life should be the ultimate glorification of existence. To me it means, howsoever anyone wants their own belief, that we are first and foremost humanitarians on a planet of life for which we are responsible to nourish and sustain as it nourishes and sustains us. This is now an undeniable fact of life. So, let this be my summation of my site at this point in time . . . this contagion in time. COVID – as Covenantally Inspired Destiny (recall GEN-i-US) becomes an undeniable concept in the meaningful/inevitable quest for the structures-holds-songs of a New Spirituality. The planet and the species are changing in massive ways. With our new telescope technology, we may know in the next decade if we are alone – or not – in the universe as far as we can see it. I’ve called it the POANSWER – Poetries of a New Spirituality We Are ! SOBEUS! —– mdok —-.4/24/2020