Anon is Quackery Annointed

Today anybody can  create something and put it on the internet and devices.

Gather some folks in a room with a goal in mind – and just do it. And when you’ve got a President like Trump, who’s God’s chosen warrior ( of White Supremacy, build a Wall, and defacing Obama mostly) and you have a quotation, that some call a poem, like this by Anonymous, to join forces with the chaos of the day —  you are on your way to a great conspiracy theory:


This Quotation by Anonymous – becomes QAnon. Seems this warrior statement appeared on Tom Brady’s website a few years back. Seems some think Q is a secretive person behind it all. Seems some refer to it’s “I am the Storm,” as a poem with no connection to QAnon. They try, furthermore, to give it Biblical roots in the thunder of Psalm 29 and the Armageddon of Revelations. Then, to add to the DEEP STATE Trump refers to – you get this additive: that there is a deep satanic state that has breached high levels of government, media and entertainment and is a cabal of the satanic worship of pedophiles and child-sex-trafficking.

Oh, then let them sing Amazing Grace at their meetings. Oh, let them refuse masks. Oh, let them carry signs that say “Save The Children” and that call for The Restoration of America (MAGA). Thus, they will gain sympathies against the sexual exploitation of children and the increase of the left’s satanic cabal. Alas, THE STORM will gather its powers to stop all from getting in its way And, like all conspiracies QAnon will absorb anything that increases its manipulative power and Cultic Mania. One suspects science denials and other stangenesses.

Oh, the base baseness of it all. Storms, after all, can be very destructive. But the great I AM THE STORM leader says “These are good people. They love America.” Alas, they are now a Quackery Annointed by the Un-Anonymous Storm Warrior – Trump, who is currently receiving instructions from his Our Tax Dollar Religious Advisor who visits the Thone of God perodically.

Yes, there are deeply conservative religious underpinnings at work here. I’ve barely researched QAnon, but I sense its potential to make The Storm more destructive and the weaponizing of religion more a growing phenomenon of hurt. I don’t like the show, but I’ll be watching. ——————mdok