Put the phrase “If You Want More” before each statement below.

Systemic Racism
Ascendency of White Supremacy
Manipulative Fictions and Lying Lying Lying
Isolationism from Global Accomplishments
Conspiracy Alignments
Trumpistas taking over government positions
Science Denial
Climate Denial
Predatory Verbal Attacks from WH
Predatory Attacks from Base Supporters
Guns everywhere
WH benefits from violence
Subservience to the 1%
Power for Power’s Sake
Hypocrisy as a Norm
Continued defeats of decency
Constant Me for Me Advocacy
Breakdowns in social/social media relationships
Weaponization of Religion
Sabotaging of the American Dream of One Nation, Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!
Sabotaging the Separation of Church and State issues
Leadership from a Predator-Pornographic-Perfidious-Tyrant Persona
Impeachable Offences
Truth based on money and tax evasion
Tyrannous woundings of Democracy
Presences of malignancy
Stimulants of a Re-cast Civil War………………  You want more of these — DT45’s your Commander!

Since I’ve worked much of my life against all of these in some way –  a Trumpista vote  is definitely a vote against all I’ve stood for and continue to keep standing for in my life. Alas, I’m a nobody – so there’s no outstanding reason why anybody should care what I think. For most, I’m just an old man chomping away at his last morsels of sentience. I may not have been much, but I’ve seen, been, and felt a lot over the years  — what it’s like to be a human being, an American, and an Eartharian. So it is that I do not like what’s happening in America today. Current leadership-style and today’s quite usable technology to assist as never before – pose a dangerous transition into a more “uncivilized” society at home and also globally and scientifically.  – Humanity and planet Earth are embraced as never before as they pass through a new threshold of existence towards tomorrow’s challenges of climate catastrophe, globalization of nations issues, weaponization of religion, and the best of human wellness for all. Such tough times don’t need a “bully” to act tough – they “require” the best of humanity’s  humanness and heart we can muster for these “scientific-Mother Earth” times which call for an enlightened-sensitive intelligence beyond personal power and political party allegiances.    Thus, I will support as I can and vote for the Biden-Harris team and all the necessary entourage of excellences that comes with them. – Three and a half years ago, I labeled DT45 an “Apex Predator.” He has proved himself to be so over and over. In fact, knowing that ME-ON-TOP persona, one can easily predict his choices/prey from options on the table.  Another tour of Trump and America may never recover — to be One Nation … Indivisible.

Michael D. O’Kelly, 8/28/2020