MY VOICES IN PARADISE – [A VIP-RIP Summation Ode by mdok of mdok]

So many have so much to say- Pastors, Guru’s, Shamans of this and that
The Illuminati, Cognoscenti – each a fandom of Cultist this Savant that –
Talking conspiracies and scriptured theories of heavenly kingdoms,
Afterlife RIPs of Reunions In Paradise: Religion’s Immortal Protocol.
Being so creaturely mortal — it’s difficult to believe what they say to believe.
There’s no evidence of a Providence beyond Earth and trillions of galaxies. Increasingly, many don’t believe so. I don’t! So I can’t make the case for me or you. I won’t!
We must transcend the comfy sounds of love’s immortal romps in sunny fields.
I felt free to voice such feelings in Minister Markings (1976),
Proclaim a good-foreverness of forever holds so daily real. So sacred!
And yes! Mortal and Moral rhyme like the “hold” of a couplet’s Mortar.

Then came those Glistenings (2010) of person-magic-love that should not die;
Those shinnings from Dawn’s Daily Balm on the Lawn – twinklings eye-to-eye:
Mom & Dad homemaking — kids laughing — dogs barking – lovers loving!
O! Those Presences still ring my bells with vibrant gongs past the gones;
Like mesmerizing sips of vintage-wine –they “spirit-linger” as “soul-time.” O! Earthen Epiphanies that hold such helds in keeps of the mind:
Ever a breathlessness “rime-time-divine” like “thine” and “mine.” (And wine!)

O! The must of dice pairing random-fare with care-for-the-rare,
Where the played-hand’s shuffled from a dazzling conundrum of quantums.
Yes! Life is studded with earthen jewels of this paradisal throw.
Whatever reality’s reason-season for any-why-of-anything the garden will grow:
Wonders held in providential flows of sunshine thoughts with their daily glow.
O! Craft, so held by crests of The Deep crashing/caressing our bows & brows.
Ahoy! Those daffodils nodding each Spring’s “Hello” and grand casino.
Of this we know we know—and know we know how to know we know.
O! Those feels that hold so – so we feel so held so. O! Romance of the dance!
O! The magic of your hand in mine, eye-to-eye. Clinging with every chance. Like birds chirping the winds, streams singing the stones: rollings of the dice.
O! Paradise! It’s predation/procreation becoming prosperous homey homes.
Heidegger’s “thrownness” into this finitude of “Dasein’s” “die”– ever on a roll.


Altarpieces (2011) to Sympathies (2014) to Auguries (2017) of tomorrow’s holds.
Ah! The three “ie” – “id est” plays of — that is – in essence – in other words!
O! Behold those holds enchoiring true-love-songs of Eternities In Time.
No matter that some dream of death dancing immortally in an infinity.
No matter – midst all such supernatural-belief-gambling cognoscenti —
We’ll hug our never-ever-again-dance — singing rimes past crying times;
How par-a-dise rhymes with this-our-life – breath-to-death and a pair of dice.
See the rainbow colors holding a forever bow — on a roll — beginning to end?
Behold how Earth as lottery’s pair-a-dice rolls a bouncing loaded throw.

Loaded! Prayers as Players – atoms as anatomies – birds that sing — seeds that grow.
Hold it! Shake it! Toss it past loss; bliss beyond voids and dribble-supps of suppose.
With gusto we embrace our “here-now-to-have-and-to-hold” Muse Of Mortality (2020),
Live the love-identity holding patterns of our Poetries On Purpose (2020)–
Ever singing the gambles of dreams as wonders that shake us awake!
So, we get-up another day to saddle-up-our giddy-up!
Singing our Song Of Songs (2020) of Lovers gone but LOVE holds on.
Up Up and Away!!! Forward HOME!!! HOLD-ON!! Feel the Hug of the Held.

O! MOM! & POP! O! SOS!

O! Symmysts of Syzygy singing the HALLEHOLDON CHORUS.
Our belongsong’s “gracenote” Gracing Our Time’s Meaning of Life . . .
As our Earth Angels Stay With Us! GOTMOl !(2021) The Love Goes On and On!
As our belongsongs of home sing full-voiced around the hearth of the heart.

“Till The End Of Time!” — Long as Poets sing of love.
Long as we’ve a dream! – A shining sun above.
Till the end of time – long as Eagles cleave the sky,
We’ll dance our romance to both tunes of Live & Die.

“Strangers in the night!”
“Take my hand, I’m a Stranger in Paradise.
Where you are not I have not been, nor is there such a place.
“Fill my heart with song! And let me sing forever more!
In other words, please be true!”

O little flower
stroking life’s lyre
I pluck thee
to hold the hope of a dream —
the harmonies just as you seem –
a tiny truth
a consummation thing —-
grasp of Glory in time
whiff of an eternal rhyme.

“And more, much more than this. – I did it My Way!”
Perhaps it’s just a whim’s new weaving of why.
But to feel the point – is to cry . . . MOMZEIKA

[The ending quotes above are from famous songs. The unquoted are from my work. MOM ZEI KAI is from my poem “Perhaps It’s Just A Whim Poem” (in Auguries and as Prologue in POP : Le Moment-Zeitgeist-Kairos. In both books I misspelled Zeitgeist as Zietgeist. Still don’t know how I did that. Perhaps too much into the “ie” of my trilogy titles. Anyway, this corrects it. All of my books have “typos.” Such is the curse when one is one’s only Editor – with a certain rush to publish at my age – and no amanuenses, not one! My thought has progressed is still progressing. . .says I. None of the typos and changed spellings of my terminologies have messed the substance of the meaning. – as I’ve witnessed so far. Alas, I progressively correct. The cargo shifts, but no unruly farragoes, I trust, in the hold. – In addition to the above, I’ve three children’s stories, a philosophical essay, and perhaps another book of poetry. Add to these, website articles and – soon – an entry with clear definitions of the major neologisms/concepts unique to me.]

[POANSWER – Poetries Of A New Spirituality We R — from mdok’s (as in OUR) Manifest Destiny’s Odyssean Kairos: our Earthbound journey home to seize the best fruit at its best in our own best time. This Summation Ode – MY VOICES IN PARADISE — is done in my style of APE – Autobiography Poetry Essay – with full chest thumps, swinging my lines on the very vines, voices, and veins of life — as I — SOULSOUND my songs out of the mix of garden and jungle. Alas, Michael’s – Destined Odyssean Kairos. Thus, this Summation refers to my nine books – VOICES – (Very Important Performances of Voices In Paradise (2VIPs). Belongsongs of Resilience In Paradise (boRIPs) as published, so far, by this May of 2021. Must add this! India opened all demonstrations and religious festivities and now the coronavirus is on a massive surge of deaths. Africa is recording thousands of deaths daily. The variants-surge is picking-up in USA, where the state of Alabama is in focus as the most religious State off the Union – Praying to the Lord and saying no to vaccines. A Prophet Pastor in Louisiana says all is a scam and a scam against religion. People are rejoicing without masks. In God We Trust in in full White Nationalist chorus. This Epoch is full of conspiracy theory tales to show how liberals are attacking religion with science and evil. Alas! Behold! The fear is that our time will expose the Christian Belief-Story as life’s biggest conspiracy theory. Behold how evangelicals are saving their religious communities for money and power, by placing the conspiracy sham on the face of science and progressive liberalism. Alas! This, with over 3 million dead and thousands dying daily on Planet Earth. For some — it’s all in God’s plan: believers will make it to Paradise. The war of religion and its allied conspiracies are at war with the surge of science’s power midst life/planet frailty. Active-shooters proliferate with their AK’s (Always Kill) predatory directives activated by Apex Predator-NRA leadership. Self-powering conspiracies proliferate – thanks to the Trump Era (ERROR!). Oh, yes. The connection is very real. At this date, shooter incidents everywhere and many police shootings. Historians will show the connects. Religion, conspiracies, and gun power against science’s truths. It’s a terrible time. It will boil-over! Science and religion at war again. How, we will see in next few years. The Biden Era, now underway, is on a level-humanitarian-scientific course to do things right. But the Trump Train of Terrors To Come is now puffing-out of station with its Big Lie Conspiracies empowered by greed over people and progressives as prey. The paradisal dimensions of democracy have never been so vulnerable and so under attack. — I’ve spent most of my life – ministry/counseling/poetry(family) — matching human destiny, potential, and happiness with the realities of life on this planet. Politics has not been my muse, mate, or methodology. Until Trump the bipartisan muse of democracy had an often squeaky, but steady voice. Not so as I write – 5/2021. Our American – We The People — Dream Paradise is under attack. As is the Earth’s! More of this later. Not politically: but poetically, culturally, and philosophically . . . with a bit of sacral-sensing built in. I doubt I’ll have many readers, if much of any. I will keep going to make my case in any case. I don’t do prophesies, usually! Earth & Humanity are evolving into a Science & Religion &Technology rumble that will again, but newly define our Destiny & Meaning. The Deep Learning ahead must be not just for the machines of Alternative Intelligence.
If we can get this Magnificent Seven to ride together –
Beauty-Truth-Love-Compassion-Justice-Family-Prosperity –
we will manifest a mastery of our existence.
Ride! Destiny! Ride!
That distance in you is never too far.]

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