Cakes and Religious Freedom

Hey, Mr. CreativeCakeMaker,  we are Atheists needing a cake for the meeting of the American Humanist Association and the Freedom From Religion Association. Will you make us a cake or will “your” religion not allow it. Please, we would like to know ASAP. Meeting may include the “Spiritual But Not Religious” crowd as well. This would be a three-tiered/three layered cake with rainbow colored icing and candles. The rainbow and such covenanting go together–even in the Bible. So all should be OK. And, if you will, make those three layers — white-chocolate-yellow. How soon can you do this? We’re anxious. Surely, we qualify for such a MASTERPIECE as was denied the Gays. Invites will go to the Supreme Court as well. This should be a really “good-great–piece-of cake.” Surely you can do it. Thanks.