Covenant and Immanence

I need to comment on my Poetries of a New Spirituality so any reader will have the “gist” of what I mean. There will be more to be said, for sure, but this, in brief, will orient you. Two key concepts: covenant&immanence.   As  to traditional concepts of covenants with transcendence — this is covenanting with immanence. In other words, humanity covenanting with earthliness and humanness. I’ve called it an ANSWeR — A NEW SPIRITUALITY WE ARE.  Ancient religions/mysteries knew nothing of black holes, the extent of our solar system and the utterly incomprehensible vastness of spacetime and galaxies galaxies galaxies billions of light years away—or of all of this seemingly expanding into ultimate obliteration ….or something else.  We don’t know what’s going on. But we can see the environment as never before. We do know we are on a planet in the midst of all this. We are what we are and as we are and what we are becoming — because of where we are as the one place we’ve always been.  We are Earthlings. Earth is our one and only home. We are formed as we are because of where we are.  The phrase “Poetries of a New Spirituality” — includes maths as well a metaphors — singularities as well as sonnets, galaxies as well as goodnesses, etc.  As such it’s an explore-exigesis-express of the immanences and the covenants of this Earth-Human relationship: how best to live the inherent  existential harmonics of  our planetary creatureliness. Bearing in mind, that our WeR has evolved to a supremely critical concept/feeling of covenant,  which is as old as consciousness: old as all the various cultures and magnetisms of this planet. It’s all about what holds and harmonizes to make a home. Yes, this “new spirituality” embraces the primal attraction/sympathy of human&nature —  like hydrogen and oxygen to make water. ( Water —- baptisms-christenings-COVENANTING-BONDING) Unlike( but inclusive of) sustainability and conservation of ecosystem endeavors, the sense/being/action of covenanting is a spiritual manifestation — as in the sense of being/feeling/ making a home–place/people and one’s own body/mind person in harmony. Yes, there is a Yoga for that—a psychology a philosophy, but not a transcendent theology. — Individuals can believe many things, but the new spirituality gives priority protocol to the immanence as described. — A note here, to be explored more fully later, is that Umberto Eco concluded his massive-work FOUCAULT’S PENDULUM–with all its explorations in secret-faith-conspiracy societies/religions/magics/Diabolicals and the various grasps throughout history of THE PLAN -THE CENTER – THE UMBILICUS MUNDI, the etc. bogged-down by earthbound MALKHUT– with these words:

“…Being was sending us a message of oblivion….It makes no difference whether I write or not. They will look for other meanings, even in my silence. That’s how they are. Blind to revelation. Malkhut is Malkhut, and that’s that. But try telling them. They of little faith.

So I might as well stay here, wait, and look at the hill.       It’s so beautiful.”

So, midst all the concepts/feelings of the mysteries of life — one stops in the flow and covenants with the Earthworld as opposed to some/any Otherworld ——– and lives the beauty, the behold,  of one’s home where one truly belongs. In one’s own moment of belonging, indeed, with the hold of Beauty in the Behold of Belonging…………. there is the Breathing.  And so it is, at the heart/core of the word “spirituality,” is the LifeForce of aspiration-inspiration-respiration —AIR. The Poetries of a New Spirituality grapple gloriously with the grace of that—-such that Understanding advances beyond any/some “OtherWord” version of “In God We Trust” to and EarthWord verity of “In Breath We Trust.”

This ANSWeR seeks to gather all peoples, whatever their personal altarpieces, to covenant as one with the Beauties-Beholds-Belongings of our Common Home. It is because we are from-can see-can stand upon-can see beyond the mountain — that we know beauty has breath and we our —spiri-tual-iza-tion.  The Truth of Beauty-Beauty of Truth is that they’ve covenantal AIR to Breathe&Trust together.