Self Publishing

There is general wisdom on the street that paying to have one’s own writings published by a self-publishing company ( iUniverse, Xlibris, etc.) is the option for the less talented and unconnected. That does not bother me at all — though it may be so in some cases. I chose this publishing route (being a complete unknown), so I could get published while still alive. My thought was (no doubt correct ) that traditional publishers would see little cause to take me on. Agents, too, for that matter. — And, having no one else but me to edit my own stuff and printing presses that do their own thing, — there are typos that could be fixed by paying extra money. But, I’ve let them stay since they do not affect the meaning of copy where they are. Please just read over them. If it seems really weird — the printer did it. I’ll no doubt continue using self-publishers–unless I can find an Agent for my children’s stories and other projects underway.