Another School Shooting

Again a school slaughtering in Santa Fe Texas — and, again, I go to sing my song again –WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO SAY GOODBYE?. The high tenor C’s of cries getting ever-sharper with each gun/vehicle/bomb massacre of innocents. So far in 2018 22 school shooting incidents and 35 killed. And the news media and legal systems play with these killers–SUICIDE WATCH–to stretch the legalities and monies from the system to be made to the fullest. The more the media exposure of the killers the more the copy-cats see their publicity — and being part of a “club” in the history books and living famously in prisons at the expense of the families whose children they killed. None of them are insane. They know — even plan it detail — what they did…or in some cases plan to do. And the religious undercurrent — that their souls may yet be saved — is a total manipulative fantasy.  These killers should die as soon as possible and with a little media coverage as possible. And, please, don’t play the command “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” That’s fake news.  There are forces in the world–from time immemorial it seems — killing the terrorists and bad guys. When the proof is 100% they did it — then they should die. Quickly. The more exposure they get — the more the cancer they are is spread and nourished. Time to Wake-Up to what is really “Justice.” The pervasive media coverage/promotions of today are giving a tacit legitimacy to what all these killers are watching in 29 out of 30 movies on Netflix.  Stop It!!!