SO&SEW&SOW&SO ( Something of a Hawking’s Memorial)


So it is we see through some third-eye’s batting stare,
Sight-Owl-Solar-Sound to track attack as with all three eyelids
For the sight-feel-hearing of doles&days&dramas rustling in the dark’s
Black-Holes–as if to mock Harpocrates, The God of Silence–
And switching the VACANT-VACUUS-VOID of such vicious V’s
Into a bridged “A” with the primal swish echo-ecotone-sound of AHHH!!!
O the Suchness of flip-side Symphonies of Synchresis imaged as SOS-A-SOS;
As Sound-Owl-Sight–A–Sight-Owl-Sound dancing pirouette’s a deux as Sound&Music/Word&Heard/Being&Doing/Form&Function–
All standing firm-in-place like LifeInDeath&DeathInLife,
All as one, being So&Sew&Sow&So–LIDADIL–DILALID!!
Like rainbow-rain splashing off stones till-blue-in-the-face:
Solidare-On-Solitude-A-Solitude-On-Solidare so not all’s lost in space,
As Breakthrough Listening scans for ETI’s FRB’s–“fast-radio-bursts,”
While we call-out the names of every SO&SOW&SEW&SO we see
While Breakthrough Grasping of dew falling-rising on-off  the tips of tulips
Afflatus Bursts of AfterGlow Echolaliahhhhhhh!! AFBURRAGEA!!
Midst the Sound Of Stones Than Hold The Living Water.

Midst the Twist

Now with Ear-Eyes launched twist cosmic plenum’s hoop-the-loop,
Breakthrough Messaging sees the Oumuamua Silence from the Uttermost
Of Space and it’s ever-sprouting-star-seedlings bloom-burst of palindromions
In Time paralleled midst before-now-after in the So&Sew&Sow&so
Like a twanged-tri-chord’s bold atomic-trefoil “midwifery”
Twixt galactic catapults of Sounds&Silences. In all, collisions of Suchnesses
Walk&Talk’s chalking of any Blackboard’s Romp with Grace in the Park…where
BigMatter Yins its Tooth-A-Truth & BangEnergy Yangs its Tang-A-Sang
So see-sound-sense-of-so-sew-sow-so all so synced midst our solar-sojourn,
As MOM-A-MOM puts our polar Metiers of Memory house in order;
Daily cooks, cleans, irons, sews, and folds the ever-inflating laundry…….

Neatly at the Seams

Midst homey-dream-beats to AHA-AUMs with the OUMUAMUAs from way-out,
So to Muse&Garden “A” CosmicConstant choired twixt gravities of begins&ends;
Midst wash&cry cycles of the next spin-bounce-bang-oscillations of infinity’s
Flat-out sphered so&sow&sew&sos that halo the holes and seam the seems
As this SO&SO Universe careens–paralleling palindromes into its own careens
Like some dirty-dance midst selfie-pics of EarthenEchotoneEntanglements,
As the “spooky” hawkings of children’s voices blend all backyards as one
Midst the Sounds Of Stones That Hold The Living Water.

mdok -5/18 — (aff-ber-rah-geee-ahh—-sos-to-ho-li-wahh—-& o-moo-ahh-moo-ahh)