On Knowing

Did not know

When the womb-lights came on

Don’t remember the breath-pain

When I came out gasping

And cried into the room-lights.

I know they happened

I know life means waking-up

From the night into the light of day

I know too that someday/night

I’ll not wake-up–lights out-air-out:

I’ll be off&gone — gasping done  —


Poetries dream of ends in beginnings

And beginnings in ends

All I know is a life that sleeps and wakes

Between two unknowns of Before&After;

For such as me&we our joy-cry

Knows no other beginnings past gone.

Lights On to Lights Out! Dream On! Wake Not!

There must be a power-switch somewhere.

But I don’t know about it!

It sure seems a Switch with a Glitch,

Or a Glitch with a Switch —

With a “who knows which is which.”

The spin in existence and galaxies

May bounce their EB-A-BE back-and-forth

Like the see-saw-A-saw-see in the playground:

GwS-A-SwG : going-in&going-out&round-a-bout:

With  us All a-middling till both ends are tied.

Strange–all this knowing about not knowing.

I mean, someday/night I’ll not wake-up

And not even know it. YIKES!

No ever-after-after-lifer-lights-back-on!

No more dreams to know — maybe that’s a good thing.

Surely its forever. Sure seems so.

I don’t know!

Born Again: Homo Sapiens——-Stupidiens!

A night-flown firefly chasing another dawn;

Trying to “glow” a nice life twixt Before&After

While the switch is still on:

And “learning” daily —

To not fall asleep at the switch!


mdok — 4/18 —