This will be brief and not cover all issues pulse-pounding my brainion’s deep breathing. In climate issues it seems this is the pivotal year historians will look back to when the alarm really sounded loud and it was either shut down and humanity fell back asleep or it became the wake-up call that waked us up to universal GEN-i-US and the necessary follow through with the Paris Accords of three years ago. Time will really tell this tale. –This year is not yet over. — Currently, I’m embarrassed by USA leadership at this critical time.  At this back to school-time, I give the Trump Administration a triple minus C  – – –  Corruption-Cronyism-Collusion. It augurs to slip soon into “D” territory of various degrees of Donald-Declension-Debacle. It could go really bad or perhaps find a path to sanity….with a small “s” at least. — And behold another triple C: Catholic Church Contagion. Otherwise known as the Parade of Predator Priests. Or Child Cheating Concupiscence. Such Palpability unto Papalbility. Add it to all the sexual-bordello-cheating seductions of the internet, Netflix movies of rough-often sex– add this year of Me, Too victims of sexual predation, plus all the celeb’s sex lives and doings.  Oh My!! The Facebook-Google world is finally cracking-down on hackers, bullying, and harassers. FireEye Cybersecurity to the rescue. Success yet to be a reality. We are so increasingly vulnerable to the constant-unrelenting-unedited barrage of stufstuffstuffstuff. Children are growing-up with a SmartPhone Transmitted Dependence. They eat a meal, pet a dog, pick a flower with one hand and the STD in the other.  The art of conversation, holding a book, and the feel of the earth with both hands “free” is on the decline. This, too, is becoming a Character Concupiscence Contagion…morphing to a Creation Captured Conformity. Alas, for those fondly STD addicted, this is just so much gibberish. Granted, at 84, I’m from the long-gone past: hung-up with a hangover. A couple months ago, I decided to give Facebook a try. Oh My!  Oh My! So much stuffstuffstuffstuff. Such bountiful creativities.  It all seems so competitive and commanding. And time consuming. I couldn’t handle it. I was beginning to feel it “draining” me into other worlds: forcing me to take my place on the never-ending train and start rolling with the polling –jousting with the postings — that just keep going on and on. Well, I do take a peek now and then — then put it down and off!! It tasks of conformity. It’s changing the mind. Careful!— And the news is full of killings and bad things happening.  Every day is full of terrible events mixed with celeb lives and fashions. STD–Seriously Transmitted Disruption. (Oh, yes. I hear echoes of the original STD concept.) So, spell it out howsoever…so it solidly whacks the ball and hits home.  —   And a lot of new finds and development in the sciences are tasking traditional religions to imaginatively – embrace the “facts of existence” into “new faith initiatives,” or decline into Congregational Cult Clubs. — I’ll conclude this deep breathing exercise with another CCC grouping that will involve human genius and resolve for some time to come as more data goes into formulas and speculations of human existence in this CLANG CLANG CLANG UNIVERSE. Roger Penrose, and company, have conjured a CONFORMAL CYCLIC COSMOLOGY that says creation is always renewing itself by the way black holes grow and die — and this all happens without time or space. So now, Charlie “Cosmos” Brown will get to kick the ball again and again and BlackHole Lucy will “spin” the placements steady. Well, anyway, all the science news on Phone and Internet takes me away from CCC politics, porno & horror stories, and my grimacing on and at Facebook. And, I’ve writings yet to do. Oh My! Catch as Catch Can! Ball in both hands!!  Oh, the Carings of Covenantal Comradery!!! —mdok