President F D Roosevelt in 1941 proclaimed the four freedoms  integral to the American experience and concepts of human freedom as — Freedom of Speech — Freedom of Worship — Freedom From Want– Freedom From Fear. Artist, Norman Rockwell published his four painting of them in The Saturday Evening Post in 1943. Today, 75 years later these Four Freedom Paintings are on tour and being raised to contemporaneous representations and discussion. Rockwell has been termed the “Quintessential American Artist,” and I really agree with that. Furthermore, he represented to the world the Fifth Great Freedom — THE FREEDOM TO CREATE. Quintessential, indeed! This Fifth Freedom speaks of many human value-issues not addressed such as Education, Scientific Research, “From War,” and “From Disease,” from “bullying,” “mind-spirit-manipulation,” etc. Alas, any such items of such listing could find a place in either of the four. But Creativity is a human freedom-focus that is the germane action center to all other freedoms, because it is what, for instance, finds the ways–and creates them–to manifest in our living — Freedoms from Want-Fear & For Speech-Worship as living-evolving realities.— Yes, the “quintessential artist” Rockwell was a living reality ( still ) of this “quintessential” Freedom to Create. Today, as much as ever, –if ever perhaps more so — the manifest power of this freedom is needed to perform its “genius” (GEN “i” US) in all these categories. — So, America&World, absorb again these paintings of Rockwell and the current creativities of the same freedoms, and experience how words-concepts-needs can become, via THE FREEDOM TO CREATE, living realities to care for and advance life’s most utter&profound quests for meaning and humanness.   — My veritable “i”– has created, with the power of amalgams, the concept of the WONTSUNODION: that action-realm-dominion of Wonders That Should Not Die. The Roosevelts&Rockwells are, thus, still alive from the power of that realm. Let us see in the slapping handedness of high-fives — a celebrant gesture that the Power of Creativity is doing its — “quintessential” — job successfully.


[Note: — Recall from ancient philosophies the concept of “quintessence,” which was the “quintessential” element of existence pervading-forming all things of the elemental four –earth-air-fire-water. Beyond such physicals, it refers to the “quiddidty” of that special “aura” of thing or person or event that manifests its “whatness” as “essence-epitome-truth.” “Quint,” is/means “5” wherever used. A briefer term for this realm might be QUINTION. So, in the above, The Freedom to Create is a “Quintion.” Somewhat poetically, I guess, I take this Quintion (created today) to be the middle of all Oddions (odd numbers, as 3, 5, 7, etc.) — because of its pervasive forming of things like archways. This “between realm’s” quiddity is always quintessential. It is the “break of symmetry,” which set’s creativity free. Physicists and Cosmologists are currently ( ever-so ) working to find/explain the Quintion manifest in all the ONS & IONS the universal COLLISIONS. Alas, the visual epitome of all from Rockwell’s paintings is the Thanksgiving Dinner’s Freedom from Want. The Complete Turkey Serving for all at the table is that Quintion that tells of life as it is and could be/must be. Scientists the world over, are searching for such a Quintion in the billions of galaxies (universes) with their blackholes, photons, gravitons, fermions, fusions, etc. of dark unknowns. Ahh! — That missing Quintion-Thanksgiving-Turkey pervading the four great forces (and Einstein’s four of matter-energy-space-time) as comprehended and nested with/between our 3-D world and the Quantum world. Oh, the forming, all dinner-dish. power of event-interactions (gravitation-electromagnetion-weak&strong nuclear interation).  Hey!–If not the whole Turkey — at least the “gravywarm of grace.” Such was my “pre-Quintion” conclusion to the poem “Proclamation” (from the 70’s) in ALTARPIECES:

Thanksgiving is heavystuffing,

Bounty consumate comealive

In joygathered laudharvesting’s

Songs full of seasonstaste

With heavystuffings’ givefruits flowed

In the gravywarm of grace.

Physics talks today of Flavour (Flavor) Physics & Symmetries. Species of elementary particles and such as quark-lepton family symmetries — getting the flavor designations to their part. Its math/analyses are beyond me. But, Oh, so interesting. The quest for the Great Turkey-Taste Quintion — to find some flavors of it All. That’s more than just a sniff quest. It’s “quiddity’s” GraceTaste of the WholeDinner. The “gist” of the mind-watering QUINTION.]