The above, representative stack of books, is to remind any reader of MDOK that I am not a scholar of such and admittedly can’t muster the facility to comprehend all the math and science they represent. I’ve read them and felt THE HOLD in them, but I’ve decided at my age and time that I’m not going to spend months referencing quotes that touch my summation of all of them – namely, THE HOLD. Also, I can’t begin to document all the daily revelations from the sciences, which, to me, show how THE HOLD HOLDS AND REMAINS HELD SO THAT FORMS OF MASS AND LIFE EVOLVE AND SUSTAIN. The data flood is overwhelming and will be more so once the new James Webb telescope begins its ever-deeper probe of the universe as planned in 2021. What, follows, here is a sampling of what I read almost daily – and which adds to this over-riding/underpinning/ever-nuancing summation I simplify as THE HOLD. And, need I say it, none of these authors, or others it seems, make this, rather poetically simple, identification of the essence in existence and the existence of this essence. But it’s everywhere from my fingers to this computer.

Not being a MAPS – (Mathematician AstroPhysicist Scientist) – I am, on this World Poetry Day (any day for me), simply a POET (Passage Owl of Epiphanic Tang). But, I must admit that much of today’s TANG (Time’s Augural Nonstop Gong) comes from the, almost daily, findings/theories of quarks in the quantum, blackholes in the blackness, and constant catastrophe in the cosmos. From ever-fancied telescopes to ever-efficient collisions of particles in colliders – we are ever-defining anew the MAPS TANG world – with “new” cracks for the POET to sneak-in and seek to corral the wildnesses. Oh, My!!  It’s still a MAP TANG POET world. In the following “bits” from science – try to keep a keen grasp on THE HOLD.

For instance: “…time cannot be separated from 3-D because the observed rate at which time passes for an object depends on the object’s velocity relative to the observer. — General relativity also provides an explanation of how gravitational fields can slow the passage of time for an object as seen by an observer outside the field.” Therefore, Space-time is a manifold (HOLDING) of four dimensions (from Wikipedia). Another quaternity is the “tetraquark.” This from

“…it took more than five decades for physicists to confirm the existence of an exotic particle they’ve been hunting since the beginning of quark science: the massive (at least in subatomic particle terms), elusive tetraquark. . . .Physicists  . . . have confirmed that the . . . tetraquark can exist in its purest, truest form: four particles, all interacting with one another inside a single, larger particle, with no barriers keeping them apart. It’s stable. . . . everything with mass is made up of atoms. Diving a little deeper into particle physics would reveal those atoms are made of subatomic particles — protons, neutrons, and electrons. An even deeper look would reveal quarks. . . . Quarks have mass, which physicists measure in terms of energy: megaelectron volts, or MeV. When they bind together, some of the mass converts into the binding energy holding them together. . . .” — O, the binding & holding of it all.

I’M NO PHYSICIST OR MATHEMATICIAN — BUT IT SEEMS EVERY WAY I LOOK AT WHAT THEY DO – IT TELLS ME AGAIN THAT  WE HUMANS HAVE CREATED THE MEASUREMENTS AND FORMULAS AS OUR WAY OF MAPPING EXISTENCE AS WE EXPIENCE IT AND TRY TO DETERMINE HOW IT WORKS – THAT IS THE LAWS UNDERGIRDING WHAT HAPPENS. – Seems to me that we are not finding so much the absolute code/core/calculation of the universe, but our way of comprehending it based on our “creature/conscious” experience and what actually binds and  holds together so that there is this reality with mass and life. And what we are comprehending and measuring is THE HOLD. The hold of this planet’s dynamic structures—were functioning their relationships long before we – finding what holds of humanness as homo sapiens sapiens covenantiens – arrived to be held in place. THE HOLD is not a measurement. It is a primal manifestation in all existence. Take, for instance, the concept/math of Pi, with is the ratio of the diameter of a circle to its circumference. It’s an irrational number (extending to infinity) abbreviated as 3.14. This is the result of human measurement not a proof that the universe is based on our measurement. But what is obvious ( to me you and universe ) is the holding pattern of a circle/sphere with its radii and diameters – all of which hold within, and are a thing, regardless of measurements.

THEREFORE, THE HOLD IS PRIMAL ABSOLUTE IN THIS WAY —- AND ALSO AS THE OPPOSITES OF + AND – OR OF SOMETHING/NOTHING – OR OF MATTER/ANTIMATTER —– EACH, INEVERY INSTANCE, HAS THE EXISTENCE OF THE OTHER IN TANDEM IN ORDER TO BE AT ALL.THEREFORE EACH IS HELD IN THE OTHER AND DYNAMICALLY THEY MANIFEST THE HOLD THAT THEY ARE – which manifests as THE HOLD between and encompassing them: entanglement guaranteed. Like the circle and its diameter and the diameter its circle.  There is no dark without light. They share a primal hold so each can exist as one – and each can exist as both. They become as hemispheres as in the brain the bodies lungs and heart. Seems there must be a third dynamic to get existence to form and set conditions for such as us.What is that.—but the manifestation of THE HOLD itself ever-constantly manifesting its mani(hold)fold – as, say, a HOLDISTION . 

Obviously the Hold is not static or symmetrically frozen or existence and US wouldn’t have happened. The breaking of symmetry creates new symmetries because THE HOLD pattern is already established. A hybrid seed grows a new flower’s hold for the hold. As the scientists say antimatter and matter would have annihilated each other. Bang and Nothing. So instead of annihilation there must be oscillation, which I’ve called reciprocillation. Scientists have surmised what is called the LAMB SHIFT — which is quantum jumps of electrons between orbits. Seems this varies the CPT – Charge-Parity-Time – symmetry enough to have mass take-off.  I don’t really grasp this, nor does it seem to be a favorite solution. What I do grasp, poetically/possibly, is this sense-science of creation from nothing – from this site: The Physics ar Xiv Blog-Medium (1/28/17). It presents a mathematical proof ( theory ) of how the universe could have formed spontaneously from nothing. Here’s a substantive quotation from scientists’ findings:

“At the heart of their thinking is Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. This allows a small empty space to come into existence probalistically due to fluctuations  in what physicists call the metastable false vacuum. – When this happens, there are two possibilities. If this bubble of space does not expand rapidly, it disappears again almost instantly. But if the bubble can expand to a large enough size, then a universe is created in a way that is irreversible. – The question is: does the Wheeler-DeWitt equation allow this? ‘We prove that once a small true vacuum bubble is created, it has the chance to expand exponentially’ . . . Their approach is to consider a spherical bubble that is entirely described by its radius. They then derive the equation that describes the rate at which this radius can expand. They then consider three scenarios for the geometry of the bubble – whether closed, open or flat. – In each of these cases, they find a solution in which the bubble can expand exponentially and thereby reach a size in which a universe can form –a Big Bang.”

Recalling the Pi in THE HOLD above and the radii fluctuations in the above vacuum bubble, there is this, I guess, this precursor from ( 4/24/13): “The essence of the Lamb shift can be stated like this: it is the energy of interaction between hydrogen and empty space . . .The Lamb shift comes from the way this balanced state (which math describes) between electron and proton is influenced by the slight, random buffetings from the vacuum itself.”  Also, goes the theory: the high energy of protons spontaneously create new electrons in the vacuum. The above talks of CHANCE and this of RANDOM.   HELLO HYDROGEN! HELLO ELECTRON AND PROTON!! HELLO BALANCED STATE!! HELLO RANDOM BUFFETINGS!! BUBBLE BUBBLE!! Here manifests a representative of something interacting(H) with nothing (Vacuum) — which buffets it randomly. HELLO BIG BANG!  — Alas, it sings of probability getting hold of itself in the something direction over that of nothing. Fluctuations & buffetings of a vacuum’s “potential.” I’m liking my pendulumion dynamic of reciprocillation with its random fluctuations much better.

Then there’s what’s called the FINE STRUCTURE CONSTANT WHICH DETERMINES THE STRENGTH OF ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERACTIONS. It is a fundamental constant of nature. Same on earth as around black hole at center of our galaxy. Five such stars circling the blackhole same as on Earth.  –1/137 – ScienceNews 22/24/2020 –“According to standard physics, the fine-structure constant, which governs interactions of electrically charged particles, is the same everywhere in the universe….It determines the strength with which electrically charged particles pull on one another. Scientists don’t know why it has the value it does — about 1/137. But its size seems crucial: if that number were much different, atoms wouldn’t form.”

ScienceNews (2/24/2020) “The Lamb shift results from flighty particles that, according to quantum electrodynamics, appear and disappear constantly, even in empty space.”(SN:12/9/16) Also, there was “revealed a tweak known as fine-structure splitting. That effect occurs in hydrogen, too, and results from spin-orbit coupling, an interaction between the electron’s movement within the atom and a quantum property called spin.” – Aha! Flight particles on a tweaking splitting spin. Sounds rather poetic.]

IFLSCIENCE 2/20/2020—Regarding the new found ability to measure strong interacting magnetic fields  “These measurements wouldn’t have been possible without pulsars. These peculiar stars are precise clocks, pulsating at a constant rhythm….The light of pulsars is also highly polarized, meaning its electromagnetic oscillation is happening in a specific direction.. Magnetic fields can change this property and the effect quantified by the rotation measure. Combining this with the dispersion measure gives researchers a way to use the pulsar to measure the magnetic field along the line of sight. . . .’The pulsars in this cluster give us a unique and unprecedented insight into the large-scare geometry of the magnetic field in the Galactic halo….’”

A New Physics is developing beyond the Standard Model as it deals with the creation of matter/excess of matter on a cosmic scale, the measurements of which show deviations from Standard Model. In Popular Mechanics (2/23/2020) Caroline Delbert writes about a “new electronic layer” – a new lattice-work – as a new state of matter. Here are quotes from that article:

“Here we provide the first experimental indications of a real-space, non-atomic lattice formed by interlayer coupling induced charge redistribution in vertically stacked . . . 2-D heterostructures.” – “The two sides of this electronic Oreo made it so the electrons, experiencing ‘induced charge redistribution,’ moved into the middle and became the filling.” — “Where subatomic particles are proverbially ‘held in place’ by something.”

I’ve called that “something” – THE HOLD. It’s not just the Oreo “filling” – it is THE HOLD forming  the WHOLE COOKIE and keeping it intact to be what it is: the whole star, the whole galaxy, the oak tree, the bird, the blossom, the planet, etc., etc. Everything exists and lives because of the holding holding such together. Granted the mystery of how and why this is so – is not thus solved. But it sure is obvious. Things come into being by the fact that certain things find a belongingness that holds and becomes factories full of things being made from things that hold together as conceived/beheld. Evolution is this reality of things belonging together to be what they become. Stones are stones. Puppies are puppies. You You & Me Me & Us Us!!!  — THE HOLD – a stone, a hand, a flower, a breath, a focus – an idea. We are of the same forming dust as the stars. They hold and we hold. Hopefully, these notes from science give clarity to what I’m addressing. It’s all part of the POANSWER – Poetries of a New Spirituality We Are.

Alas, if I live long enough there will be a book – ON THE BEHOLD OF THE HOLD — to gather these thoughts to a more complete summation. Till then – poetries must suffice. Time will come, howsoever by whosoever, when these notes become symphonic. How this era of the coronavirus plays out will determine if the soundings clash or harmonize so we can make it to the new rehearsals of the CORE OF THE HOLD – that COvenantal REciprocity of our hold as homo sapiens sapiens covenantiens of HAPE HOME – Home Address Planet Earth – Humanity’s Own Mother Earth. Oh, that covenantal hold – US & EARTH.


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