Due to the Ukraine invasion and world vulnerabilites, I just added this epistle to my book

Ports O’Call – The Journey Home – which should be published by an April date. – MDOK


I hope you get this letter of 3/22 with the hope you’ll grasp its augural essence. The current Russian invasion of Ukraine prompts the existentials of this epistle. It occurs at a time some physicists are giving an eye-opening criterion of why we seem to be alone in the universe — at least have been unable so far to detect other planetary life. The thought: they were there but destroyed themselves. . . perhaps million-billions of years ago or somewhere yesterday in the infinities of space.

That underlying thought and the realities of our own world indicate the creaturely dynamic known as predator-prey — which, in some fashion, is built-in to all life such that it must eat-live off of life to have life. The dinosaurs were, seemingly, the epitome of teeth-creatures eating their prey. Something wiped them out and seemingly gave a different specie variation a chance. However so – the predator-prey design stayed in place. Creatures followed their Alpha-Apex-Predator Leaders for sustenance in the ravages of survival of those most fit to grasp their prey and survive to procreate themselves prosperously. Yes, those same physicists-scientists see a similar working midst the oscillating engulfment of stars and galaxies and blackholes and all objects in the cosmos – seemingly ever-coursed on feasts of the ruptured rhythms of the random. Stars are devouring stars. Almost daily there is new data of such suchness, but nothing to explain the whys of the where-from-where-to and for what reason to be the happening as it is with us in it. No Unified Theory of Everything. But HEAT – Humanity’s Earth’s Alone Theory keeps documenting.

The writers of the Bible sought such a Unified Theory within the obvious context of predator-prey/life-death realities. The snake in Genesis, epitome of predator-prey, gave the concrete revelation of human life-death mortality and the need to live with it as this is the way things are for humanity’s procreation – with Eve’s bearing of children and Adam’s grasp of prey for sustenance.  Furthermore, because there had to be powers behind this – best to determine how to covenant with those powers so that predator-prey was under control and — as such testaments continued – death, to, was under control with an afterlife if the covenantal relationship was done properly for that to occur. The point here is not to cover every point from Yahweh to Job to Jesus –Hindu to Islamic to all Afterlifeisms — but to show the dominant reality of predator-prey/life-death as the way the power worked. And the obvious quest, therefore, of how to overcome death under the Great Predator Power that can take you out – as prey — any time in any way. Religion came into play to show us how the game is played and how to save our souls.

Thus, religion became the function of saving humans as prey from annihilation or damnation in hell – or within some holding-purgatory place — waiting for loved-one’s prayers to free them along with moneys paid into “religion” to save them. So, religion became the Priest-Shaman-Pastor of the Prey of the Predatory Power — as all beings were its prey — only to be saved by beliefs and sacraments of salvation from the teeth of death and, thus – only thus — to rise to an eternal heaven.

This existential alignment of predation-prey has been ignored and played-over by much of philosophy, psychology, and theologies. It is a fallacious fault to have done so. The “done so” came about due to the need to emphasize the “goodness” of human creativity, compassion, meaning, prosperity, and family. Beauty and Beast are always in one another’s grasp, with the ever-present Hope of Humanity to achieve a Beautiful Beast — a Covenantally Compassionate Creature with a meaningful-fulfilling-purpose-beyond death’s inevitability.  —- This existential alignment has entered a new dimension of Covenantal Compassion with the realization that we are in charge of what happens on this planet – climate, culture, and promise as a species of species. (Some have called it a Universal Algorithm that balances life with death/goodness with grief).

Alas, we are often the Beast of Life’s natural Beauty. We are trying to correct that. The charge in the charge is charging. The correction is difficult for many reasons – the most obvious one at present is the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is pure predation of prey in its most catastrophic field-play of death – namely, humans as prey to predator humans. The history of so much of our planet-human resume is of this reality.  Many thousands of years of agricultural civilization mixed with cooked creature diet smoothed out our teeth (Beast to
Beauty to Bread) and domesticated our eating of the herds into slaughterhouse enterprises of meat preparation for consumption. Homo Predator-Preyiens – not only preceded Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens – it has maintained its dynamic in the mental/existential persona – even to Homo Sapiens Sapiens and forward to Homo Covenantiens. . . . even Homo Covenantiens Aestheticus.

Ahoy! EARTHISEANS! Behold! Beware! Antagonisms activate the predator-prey instinct to various manifestations in human experience: war, hate crimes, suicide, domestic violence, etc. This manifests on large scale when leadership is empowered by its Apex Predator role which lives for prey and motivates “herd mentality” to follow their predation of that prey. Such leaders have power because the need for power to seize prey is ever-present instinctively and existentially. Thus, we again have leaders like Putin sending Russia’s invasion of its/his prey Ukraine. And, again, predator-mates like Trump who call Putin’s Invasion “Genius!” Well, in terms of the predator-power-over-prey matrix – it is a form of Genius – as in taking a possibility of such magnitude to such fulness of precision. Now watching North Korea’s precisioning escalation of ballistic missiles. Predator Peer Pressure is a reality.

This phrase “fulness of precision” has never had greater meaning for humanity. We now have such technologies, (IT-AI – Information Technologies-Alternative Intelligences) — medias-internets-drones-guns-rockets-mass productions-climate sciences-augural capabilities, space telescopes, etc., etc.  Products, presences, and possibilities of connectives/manipulatives that can be precisioned as never before in human history. Those in power have power for beauty or beast or bread as never before. All of this is on display with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – and the on-going aftermath of total worldwide sanction issues of human connectivity, covenant, economics, compassion – and a newly informed/stimulated Earth Awareness-Earth Angel-Existential Angst (EA) as the “Called” spiritual consciousness of purpose, focus, and meaning — right now! We are hearing for the first time why we may be alone in the universe(s) of existence. It is so glaringly possible for creatures – innately programmed with predator-prey cognitions — to self-annihilate or be terminated by cosmic devouring catastrophe. The emergent FOCUS from predator-prey creaturehood survivals is still the cognitive “call” for Earthisean Advance.

Ahh! My Dear Beloved Humanity!!! This is such a message of destiny. Such a deep hurt in it that connects us with the nature of existence with its ineradicable dynamic of beings and becomings tethered to ruptures of randomness in the darkest dark’s unanswerable silence as to WHY?!! What saves us is something of a miracle. Out of predator-prey-Putin existences, with war, death and catastrophe ever evident, we have evolved a project-focused resume of prosperity-purpose-peace-palaces. Out of life consuming life to live, we have nurtured thrivings to become civilization with communities of compassionate consummation and promise — even with death’s ineradicable presence as factual as sunlight and rain. To live is to die. How we die is the tale told of how we grasp our destiny to thrive howsoever tethered by the dictates of nature’s powers beyond our control – but with which we have learned how to turn predator-prey-random into purposeful-production: healing wounds we have learned how to manage and lessen the wounding and Focus through the tears.

 Our human project is ever-charmed by the beauties of nature and its species, which have blossomed to thrive and become the beautiful beings they are. Such lovelinesses cause us to ponder-wonder how such should not die and somehow continue as if endowed with taints of immortality. You, Humanity, have conjured various belief systems to manifest that hope – no matter how undocumented by real-life experience. So often such systems have morphed into power shops of control and conspiracy with predator-prey as the abiding testament of faith. Shape-up for afterlife-renewal or get shipped-out to annihilation – is the call. So much is in the works now to revise and recast that belief to this life’s rewards of renewal. O! the CARE (Covenantal Aligned Regenerative Evolution)!

As this book has shown – the growing tension between religion and science has a long history, but is now with science in the forefront of destiny and survival.From territorial wars to territorial heavens – we now know, for sure, that our common territory is Earth – as our common home, haven, harbor of Human hope and happiness. We are prey to much more than ourselves, of course. Natural disasters, diseases, and currently the global coronavirus pandemic, which continues daily in the midst of this war and a whole plethora of humanitarian crises.

Yet, here we are, once again in this wonderful life, Substantive, people-prey to predatory power-personage – as manifest in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — with its terrors for none other than territorial expansion of dominant domain. All this at a time in history when so much is in place to save the Earth and sanctify the sharing of human welfare and beneficence on a global scale. The sciences in conjunction with economies and human creativity have created an era where the common good has the wherewithal to become global. Substantive, sacred, sustainability of species and planet is the task in our care. Wars can be avoided only, it seems, when there are no predators in power with the need for prey. This is so very problematic when there exist the social media, internet, and various technological advances in communication and human ideological-quotidian connections – such that they increase manipulation by predatory powers doing the data-talk of conspiracies and of their prey as news items — is a fact as we have seen and that’s happening now.

So, my dear Humanity, I must write this epistle. It has made its point and yelled its call. Some sources report over 18 million worldwide, and counting still, have died from Covid-Variants (now a new one Delta-Cron appears). In all, school related gun shootings continue to accelerate, domestic violence and hate violence continue to increasingly fill the news. All of this and the MORE of PUTIN WAR on Ukraine — killing civilians, children, and sending over 2 million refugees, and counting, escaping into neighboring European countries. For those turned-on to their predatory instinct’s need for prey – the world is full of assistances that are weapon physical, psyche media manipulatives, and political autocratic seats of power.  

All of this as the planet is exploding with climate traumas of land-specie deterioration, storm-fire turbulences as never before, and humanitarian crises from many sources. We must get our existence under control — OR — eliminate ourselves from existence before we become all our Common Good can become in this unfathomable universe.

Our grandest Port O’Call is to survive-prosper — be fully a purpose for Beauty and Bread in charge of the Beast to the fullest extent possible. Populace-prosperity must abide over power-profiteering, which increases predator-preying, particularly in a technologically connected world we now have. Civilization has shown we can be civil over evil: a healing over the wounding – wholeness over brokenness.

 Once again, with the Ukraine invasion we are shown how easy Apex Predators can still come into power and embolden followers to feast on other peoples as prey; thus to conquer and expand their territorial power. That is how life began on this planet and evolved survival of the fittest to civilizations of territorial power, which became civilizations of common good prosperity. It is one of life’s greatest mysteries how predator-prey beginnings have led to prosperity-promise. Seems the conscious-awareness function in various survival scenarios evolved over time to the human intelligence we have that can achieve magnificent focus and put things together for specie beneficence as a power in control of predator-prey for a civilized world. Now, we’re losing control — again. Who know where we will be a few months from this writing? Can we prevent WWIII? Can we save children’s lives – Ukrainian families? How far/long/terrible this war will go we don’t know – only to expect the worst as Apex Predators don’t expect to be losers and will resist howsoever that result.

Once again, we a called to take charge of the predator-prey – eat and beware the other — instinct/motivation and use it to manage/eliminate the existential realities that can take any person on a daily walk or humanity at large into the prey position in so many ways. Climate catastrophes, contagions, weapons everywhere, authoritarian plutocrats, murderers, shooters, road-rages, supremacists, and who knows what other randoms from universe, nature, or human nature are in your future, Dear Humanity – as already your daily news cries-out.  O! We must go HOME!

This letter to You, Dear Humanity, concludes this Ports O’Call book, which I summarize with the following 9-Muse breathalization QUINTETOIONS for their emphatic focus of breath-control, life-alerts, calmness, and the “true” EARTHISEAN feel of “sacred” dockings — safe harbor sanctums/safe haven sanctuaries — that give You the courage to venture strong Your Song of Songs through the stormy seas of specie sentience — ever grasping that reach of wind of sensibility to answer Our Calling’s Dearest Destiny – our Journey Home.  Give those last word-exhalations at least a five-second HUMMMMM!

Ports O’— Call — Fill-The-Sails – Breathe!

Ports O’— Call — HO HE BE – HO!

Ports O’— Call – Syn-Tan-Go – ION!

Ports O’-– Call – KA NOS KOS — Home!

Ports O’– Call – SA HA SA – Peace!

Ports O’– Call – Beau-ty-Truth – Hope!

Ports O’—Call – Heart-Health-Hearth – Earth!

Ports O’ – Call – Stay-The-Course — Trust

Ports O’–- Call – Jour – ney Home – Safe!

Arise Humanity! Take your BEWARE to CARE (Covenantal Alliance’s Regenerative Evolution). The predatory-prey dynamic gave You the power of focus for life preservation with a promise-array of awarenesses  and cognitives for defense and prosperity. (O! POET – Passage Owl’s Epiphanic Tang.!) All Your peoples of all colors are equal species of this Earth. We are One! Earth is our common home, our common good, our common destiny. OUR COMMOM FOCUS! We are obviously a project of the possible: civilization midst chaos, reason midst randomness: LOVE-OF-LIFE midst its loss. So, let’s make the most of all that we have and start again to stop warring against ourselves and our planet – and keep Apex Predators from power. Otherwise, we, in the Great Possible, could be just another creation of life that destroyed itself before it reached its potential or linked with other “creature-creations” in this Universe. O! Wise Owl of our Otherwise! Behold Our Covenant – Dearest Humanity! Stay the course to Your Calling!

  Sincerely Yours with Being’s Best of Beneficence Beyond Ukraine’s Agony, 

                 ‘Apo’kstrophes’ — Launching Anew THE MADEOSEKA