For so long we’ve longed
A belonging for a home
That homes a homing
That has a being’s begun
Beyond a being’s begone
Sings a song that songs
A singing aptly sung
That verses a verse
That gives versing a voice
To sound a sound
Of the sounding’s sound
Of the long of a longing
For a homing that homes
And feels with the feeling
That feels the felt in the feel
Of the humming that hums
With the hum of the hum
That hugs the huggings
Of the hug that hugs
With a love that loves
To love with the loving
That homes a homing
With a hold that holds the hold
In the longing of the longing
That longs to belong
In the belong of the belong
Beyond a being’s begone
Where so long we’ve longed
For our long’s longing
To home our belonging home

mdok — 6/8/19