[To be read as an Addendum to the APOETESSAY below on BREATH&BEING]

Below these comments are references to some recent science articles, which I feel — howsoever poetically — assist what I’m attempting to say about a universal law of breath sequencing and the mass energy matrix termed “reciprocillation.” They are just excerpts from whole articles which should be read to follow the gist. I will try to show how they play.

To begin, I’ll start with another LiveScience 6/12/19 article about the auction of Einstein’s Letters.

In a 1945 letter, he contradicts his own “God doesn’t play dice with the universe” comment, with: “God tirelessly plays dice under laws which he himself proscribed.” Therefore, “quantum particles must adhere to certain rules that don’t change randomly. . . .” However, “recent experiments have suggested that despite Einstein’s protestations, the behavior of particles at the quantum level is likely influenced by randomness after all.”  The quote from WIRED, below, talks of a coherence in randomness that can be controlled, however. In fact, if quantum jumps can be caught in a superposition state of the cat being both alive&dead ( + & – ) at that same moment — the result can be managed either way…… long as it hasn’t jumped to far one way or the other. The action is “gradual” rather than “instantaneous.” The dice represent the polarities of existence. Randomness is but the freedom of how they roll when, say, thrown against a wall, on a level field, or in a plasmic flow. Whatever the fray the polar dice will play from their coherent mix of — (+ +)(- -)(+ -)(- +) — along with the ever present spooky-entanglement that each is always implied in the other — as life in death/death in life. Can’t have one without the other.   

Therefore, Einstein was wrong regarding a single God as “he.” The polar field of play is a dualism. He was on track with the dice duality and how each is embedded in the other. See the excerpt below from LiveScience 6/5/19 regarding fields of play and how Einstein’s famous formula demonstrates the coherent law of existence which says that energy is mass and mass is energy. This is classic “reciprocillation” at work. Therefore, so it seems, one could “hold one’s breath” (as one would catch a quantum jump in superposition) and then take it to exhalation or inhalation. So there is a coherence in randomness and randomness in coherence. And all is oscillating with reciprocation. And the Smithsonian’s case for the messiness of the origin of sex is simply solved, too. The dual state coherence is the way existence works. It will find its polar way to be more “productive” than asexual reproduction. And, wow! — has it ever. The randomness in that coherence is still powering evolution.

And, because every particle of existence seems to have its anti-particle (Something&Nothing will always have each other) — it is a possibility that there is a mirror/parallel universe to ours. The games of thought have so much to play with these days. Personally, I find it most interesting to reflect  and refine the concept of a breathing existence, which can be found in all aspects of reality. Well, my poetic grasp is advocating this strongly. I hope I live long enough to see how the roll of these dice plays-out with the sciences of such advancing a notch or two every day. Ah, DEEP BREATH! DEEP BREATHING! BREATH OF LIFE! O, the resonating breathless poetries of it all.


Breath of Being notes from current Science news relating to main article and above comments.

New Scientist Mirror —  6/5/19 — Mirror Matter: The Parallel reality that’s hiding in plain sight — “. .  a mirror image universe that is touching our own. . . . If it exists, it would form a bubble of reality nestling within the fabric of space and time alongside our own familiar universe, with some particles capable of switching between the two.”

LiveScience — 6/5/19 — Physicists Search for Monstrous Higgs Particle — [The Shutterstock visual with this article is a good “show” of “reciprocillation” in action.] — “In our best conception of the subatomic world using the Standard Model, what we think of as particles aren’t actually very important. Instead, there are fields. These fields permeate and soak up all of space and time. There is one field for each kind of particle. So, there’s a field for electrons, a field for photons, and so on and so on. What you think of as particles are really local little vibrations in their particular fields. And when particles interact (by, say, bouncing off of each other), it’s really the vibrations in the fields that are doing a very complicated dance.” — “And within those complex interactions ( My summation here: Higgs bosons at work creating bosons of mass and “separating mass from photons that carry the electromagnetic force” and particles get mass by flowing through the Higgs field ) there might be a clue to everything from the mass of the ghostly neutrino particle to the ultimate fate of the universe.” — “(The mass-energy thing goes back to Einstein’s famous E=mc^2 equation, which shows that that energy is mass and mass is energy. The higher a particle’s mass, the more energy it has and the more energy it takes to create that hefty thing.)”

LiveScience 6/10 — Stephen Hawking was Right: Black Holes Can Evavorate….

“Normally, after a pair of virtual particles appears, they immediately annihilate each other. Next to a black hole, however, the extreme forces of gravity instead pull the particles apart, with one particle absorbed by the black hole as the other shoots off into space. The absorbed particle has negative energy, which reduces the black hole’s energy and mass. Swallow enough of these virtual particles, and the black hole eventually evaporates. The escaping particle becomes known as Hawking radiation.”

WIRED: Physicists See a Quantum Leap. Halt it, and Reverse it.   6/10/19

“…revealing that these speedy little jumps are in fact gradual, rather than instantaneous….the researchers could spot when a quantum jump was about to appear, “catch” it halfway through, and reverse it, sending the system back to the state in which it started. In this way, what seemed to the quantum pioneers to be unavoidable randomness in the physical world is now shown to be amenable to control. We can take charge of the quantum. …. The team found that jumps are in fact gradual. That’s because, even though a direct observation could reveal the system only as being in one state or another, during a quantum jump the system is in a superposition, or mixture, of these two end states. As the jump progresses, a direct measurement would be increasingly likely to yield the final rather than the initial state….The experiment shows that quantum jumps “are indeed not instantaneous … but are coherent processes”: “real physical events that unfold over time.”

Science Alert –6/4/19 — Physicists Have Finally Figure Out a Way to Save Schrodinger’s Cat — This article references the above from WIRED.

Smithsonian — 6/10/19 — Defines DEEP TIME . . . “the ongoing flow that goes back to the origins of our universe, the formation of the Earth, and the evolution of all life, up through the present. It’s the backdrop for everything . . . Each part informs the whole. . . Time is not something that life simply passes through. In everything — from the rings of an ancient tree to the very bones of your body — time is part of life.” —-

Smithsonian — 6/10/19– The Evolution of Sex —  “The origin of sex has always been messy —- ‘the  complexity and just messiness of biology is often going to demand what we call pluralistic or multiple explanations. . . don’t think there is going to be a general, elegant, single, simple solution, ever.’”

[Ha! See my solution in the above comment.]