Information in Process.

For 2019:
  • Three Children’s Stories — The Fifth Pumpkin — Stella’s Hospital Stay&The Golden Ribbon — Indigo’s Umbrella.
  • Audible Book Collection of 100 Smaller Poems– Title —  Poetries of Belonging.
  • Collection of APEs — those APOETESSAYs — which are a combination of Autobiography-Poetry-Essay…and  Aesthetical Presencing Exegeses.
  • A Smaller book of some 50 pages to 70. This is a “poetical form”  that I’ve created and won’t be found in any book of forms.
  • A book of  17 (so far) Songs that are seeking a composer to work with me. Then to publish:&then……….
  • A book composed of website entries of the first year — about mid 2018 to mid 2019.
  • A book of my longer poems — gleaned from what’s done and the yet begun( but thinking&noting).
For the first three mentioned above, I’ve begun a search for agents-illustrators and traditional publishers. If this process stresses and takes too much time, I’ll do as before — and self publish. Being a rather credentialless 85, I’m not very exciting for publishers — and I’m in the slow-down-lane with some off-ramp to  “dead ahead” — somewhere up-the-way. Which reminds me — there’s a stack of notes-books appearing in one corner of my office looking for attention on the subject of The Poetries of Immortality — The Current Status in a Post-Truth Era.  I’ve some writings on this site addressing this subject already.