ORIGIN OF AFIRADAPO — A Fireflies At Dawn Poiesis

It was a summer day in 2006. I didn’t mark the calendar. Early July, maybe. Decided to take my coffee on the front porch that faced East. About 7. Early dawn. Suddenly a small group ( at least three ) of fireflies fluttered around the corner of the porch. As they few upwards from the porch they were briefly silhoueted in the face of the sun.   Immediately it came to mind&voice — Fireflies At Dawn. This was a moment in time when I was gathering the poems and thoughts for publications I had in mind. Then we moved to a home where my wife, Marilyn, would have a bigger studio for her paintings. But she died of leukemia in 2009. My first book, then, had to be about her. The title was GLISTENINGS — Till Death Do Us Part. It became the first of my publications to be under the general heading of — A Fireflies At Dawn Poiesis. Thus, AFIRADAPO will be work-genre signature of everything I publish. The Trilogy has the work-genre-signature subtitle of Opus Tripartium Totu Tuus — Utterances From/Of The Uttermost. But that was for the Trilogy only. And it, too, is from AFIRADAPO. — Yes, those fireflies really happened. Shortly thereafter, I wrote the poem “Fireflies At Dawn” — first appearing on page xxxi of ALTARPIECES: the last line of which in on my card — “Winged essences, charred bodies still on fire.”