I’ve decided to be simple today
And say only what I can say today.
Today’s my day to be myself all day
As if I simply-really know the way
To breathe and keep the death sentence at bay.
Oh, my ship’s at home in the bay today.
Loading much for-keeps in her hold today.
The next castaway to be me worthy;
Though rhymes unfold to refold the journey.
Me– bold enough to be my say all day?
Wow! That’s seems so simple! What do you say?
You think this simply me is worth the play?
Hoping for applause, I’ll give it a try.
Why applause you say –if just for today?
Because Because Because
Because ……………..B e c a u s e……..
Today it’s simply me. That’s all! OK!!??

(after writing rather complexly about breathing)