The Reason I

The Reason I chose — iUniverse, initially, to ink my trilogy inspirations.
So much to do with the dotting of one’s own “i” in an age of the imminent eminence of immanence. An Age where OP-ED can mean OurPlanet-Environmentally Dysfunctional and the proliferation-of-selfies-tedium — POST– a daily infusion into Big Data. Daily our “i” is processed from enchantment to disenchantment to re-enchantment.( In AUGURIES, I discussed/presented the similar Crescendo-DeCrescendo-ReCrescendo operatives — of SAC–Self Awareness Centering.) Today our “i” is bombarded by INFORMATION (artificial-alternative-anonymous…even authentic) as never before in human existence. Artificial INTELLIGENCE is constantly an everywhere connect to everything. Informed-Deformed-Reformed is a daily Inquisition. Yes the cosmologists are exposing our little “i” world before an increasingly vast Milky Way Galaxy of 300 billion stars and still counting within the vastness of possible multiverses beyond and beyond their own beyond. Our “i” is small and dotted above with a “dot” that represents our Earth and our suspension in a “covenantal” positioning offering one chance of individual life in this revolving existence of increasing imminent eminence of immanence. — Currently, I’ve chosen in this world-view, for my writings, a website within the ID — Imminent Domain of ID Internet Dominance and ID of “iPhone” Dependence. This does not mean an IDIOT IDIOsyncratic choice, but it does inform that we no longer have ID –In-Dependence from the world of AI and the ever-encompassing Cloud of Cyberhackers and Big Daddy Surveillance. In all, we and called upon to see that our little dot shines us the way forward…singing the song “This little light of mine — I’m going to let it shine!” Where I’ll beam mine next is in process. Hopefully enough illumination&time on the path to inspire an intelligent decision to advance my ID into momentums of clarity and quiddity. Alas, trying by sustaining the journey, to not be abducted by iUFO’s — those personal (“ i “mine) unfulfilled objectives. — mdok–