The author of this hopes that if not some sparks of enlightenment for the reader (if ever I have any) – at least some grabs of entanglement with the effort exercised for THE EMBRACE. Alas, some etchings before exiting. Hail! Explorative exegesis!! Open your arms! This poem (from “Glistenings”) will preface and perhaps help you to feel the music and make it to the dance floor.


If I could hold you
As I would hold you as I should
I would hold you
As the clod the seed
The earth the seas
So it is I would hold you.

If I could keep you
As I would keep you as I should
I would keep you
As the sky the wind
The forest the trees
So it is I would keep you.

If I could sing you
As I would sing you as I should
I would sing you
As the frog the pond
The fire the wood
So it is I would sing you.

If I could know you
As I would know you as I should
I would know you
As wild things find home
Each berry its taste
So it is I would know you.

If we should so hold each other
As we could do if we would
We would clasp like rainbows
On all we have to hold and keep
And all we could know to sing
Before we’re called to sleep.

This article is about the universe-human connection — called THE HOLD. We share a “holding pattern” that’s called an “embrace” (with reasons to dance) in this essay. Integral to THE HOLD is a breathing sequence that’s in us and evidenced in the universe, as well. One could say that what holds stars and planets together is the same EMBRACE MATRIX (this phrase brings-to-mind bees in their honeycombs) that holds our bodies and functions together. THE HOLD is not meant here as a mystical conception; it is as real as this planet, a tree, a dog: all such have their forms which have their unique hold to be the beings that they are. But THE HOLD is that pervasive grasp (matrix-dynamic) that’s in everything that exists. It is ubiquitous in each unique. Evolution has allowed every-any-thing to pop into existence which could find a form/function that holds and persists to be duplicated. Survival of the HOLDIST! Seems THE HOLD is much akin to what physicists are calling the Fifth Force of Nature: the Quintessence. THE HOLD is much akin also to the quest for “consciousness” in the “holding patterns” of the universe. I sense that because we can hold our breath, hold our focus, hold our place, create the hold of language and time ( subject-object-predicate/past-present-future) — and all the other holdings we do a creatures – that this is a key player in what seeds consciousness as we experience it. Indeed, we are held by it to be a conscious self — that holds as an identity aware of THE EMBRACE – whereby we feel held by the hold – AS WE CONSCIOUSLY EMBRACE IT. Seems, our self-consciousness is what fashions THE HOLD into THE EMBRACE. Such is my thought about our human existence and how that change makes us human. Consider MEMORY as the penultimate holding pattern that holds us together. What follows are musings on this subject. – Alas, forget Plato, the truest footnote, in this context, is from Heraclitus who saw how the LOGOS (meaning pervasive holding structure and order) rose from the holding-merger of contrary opposites. “Logos” the ontological word (of all words) that holds polar-opposites to be an embrace – a vibrant dance: the AUM sound of silence. Alas, how else to live with deathinlife/lifeindeath. In the breath-depths of my meditation, I am most conscious of THE EMBRACE of opposites within THE HOLD. It’s its own prayer and sanctuary. All sages of the past have seen /felt/surmised this Holding Holism as Hold-On Holy. HO HO HOHO! But they didn’t know as we – the position of this planet in this universe as we know it now. We are like a grain of sand on an endless beach with billions upon billions of suns and cosmic collisions. Our HO HO HO HO is HOME! Here’s the concluding quatrain from my poem WE LONG TO BELONG AND SING TO SAY SO, which is in my book “Sympathies”:

Traveling in time we go as we must go,
Never footsore of authenticity.
We long to belong and sing to say so.
Every trail’s to home that sings the way so.

So, to say this Intuitive Axiom-Matrix (IAM) profundity simply and visually clear is the task – right here! Implied is our “beholding” of the mold castings of life as a self-evident truth. Once we find the matrix of a computer, we can mold-the-hold many, because we know what holds the material together. An “axiom” is something presumed to be true from experience – just as earth builds trees and we Jeeps: water freezes-flows-evaporates. I’m writing from my Poetries of a New Spirituality and not as a physicist-cosmologist-philosopher of science or any such. I use findings/theories as they help demonstrate the “New” of these dimensions. My own IAM’s at work here. Spirituality is an active covenanting with what holds our meaning in place. Poetries are art forms to sound the silence, lift the veil – capture what holds.

Embrace, is a “consciousness” word we well know; perhaps a more inclusive meaning than the word “hold” – certainly more than the word “mold.” Yet, we could not know of life’s embrace (or its enfolds-beholds) if life didn’t have molds that hold. Think of humans and butterflies being cast in a mold which holds together all the functions for such a unique life to be. Such is the same for oak trees and finches – water and air. Every rock and creature! Seems only we can experience THE HOLD as an “embrace,” but to watch a butterfly in a flower or any mother animal with its offspring – maybe there’s more to know about creature experience of what “embraces.” So it is from such that our telescopes project us out to observe the Black Hole, Sagittarius A at the center of the Milky Way, which has swallowed the equivalent of 4 million suns and such are, therefore, classed as building blocks of the characteristics of the universe such as spin, mass, electric charge, force-fields – all happening randomly and catastrophically to produce molds that hold, which we be-hold. — So, it seems, there is a connection between an ITAM (Immanent/Transcendent Axiom-Matrix and our IAM (Intuitive Axiom Matrix).

Intuitive is just another word for how our consciousness proceeds and perceives midst the polar complexities of life. It’s a function of our built-in mold/hold. In short: we embrace living and are embraced by living forms. Randomness here and order there! So very simple and so every day. Oh So! Behold! And catching your breath, you seem to even reflect the inhalation/exhalation reciprocillations of the universe. We embrace our breathing and it embraces us. We embrace our gardening and our singing and they embrace us. (See my QUINTETION breathing sequence and feel encouraged to form your own. Such structuring be-holds a matrix that truly embraces. – The 5th instrument playing throughout is THE HOLD.)

No complexities of deities or beyond planet dogmas required here. Some laws we’ll perhaps never fathom. Think of the arrival of panspermia to this planet riding on an ejected asteroid from billions of light years away. Some embrace started life on this planet. Then the resonance and vibrations! Memories! Goals! Our body functions are an embracement of organs and fluids in concert. And our breathing, cognition, and physical body placement as-a-whole forms a constant embracement. We — be-hold – that we are a wholistic embrace. (Recall our HO HO HO HO Is HOME.) Again, here as elsewhere, I’ll give special attention to breathing – – that pulsating, give-and-take covenantal – hold and release – embrace/essence of all living things. Black holes may be the heavy breathers of the universe, but the kinetic particle BRUTINO may have a closer connection to our breathing. It is one of four fundamental particles (say the scientists in the PDF mentioned below): brutinos- neutrinos – matter – photons.

[ A notation before proceeding with breathing brutinos. Existence as we live it on Earth and can see it in the universe – is a strange EMBRACE of quid-pro-quo/life&death/hold&release in-and-out functions. There is no prosperoion embrace without the predation-procreation embrace. Life feeds on itself to be alive. This is an ontological holding/release pattern that’s built-in everywhere: so gruesome and so beautiful. Join the lions and eat your steak. Join the bees and sip your tea. Join the family round the table. Who knows why it had to be this way – if ever? Imaginary gods are just that – imaginary! But “thought,” because of our EMBRACE, covenants (finds meaning) life with death/death with life. My comments in this vein are to comprehend a spirituality that’s in us that has this connect with the nature of reality. Is our EMBRACE just an Eartharian Enlightenment or is it Entangled with Existence Essentially? In all, we must embrace death in all we do. We hold-up and on! That last embrace defines us in the power of THE HOLD.]

So, lately, I’ve done a good bit of writing on breathing in The Hold and The Breath of Life. This aspect of life captivates me because it is an ever constant every moment manifestation of our conscious EMBRACE…and being EMBRACED. It’s the bodily and mental function of greatest awareness. The brutino, which I’ve just discovered, adds to all I’ve said so far. (The PDF “The Fundamental Particles of Physics” ( – is the source of this summary.)

The brutino is cast as a player in the Kinetic Particle Theory whereby a breathing sphere type of motion is produced that has polarity: and an inhalation/exhalation manifest. Seems this brutino – smooth-spherical-elastic – is quite involved with all that’s physical in the universe from which all matter, radiation, and neutrinos are made. The breathing motion produced is called the Coulomb electrostatic field. Two such breathing spheres (acting with proton-electron in hydrogen atom) produce the gravitational field. Wow! That’s a major finding. This summary seems correct: that there is a breathing polarity sequence caused/evidenced by this brutino in an embrace with gravity.

And gravity with its up/down/attraction/release power is very like breathing. Such are holding patterns in the universe. Now this breath-sequence-particle plays with the “messenger photon,” which is the physicist’s newest candidate for the Fifth Force of Nature. (I discussed this in the site article “Theatrum Mundi.”) Seems that photon is responsible for there being matter that holds rather than total annihilation of polar opposites in collision. The gravitational field (with inhalation/exhalation—creation/destruction -matter/antimatter) results in the formation of matter that persists to exist. Pretty-much tells the story of THE HOLD. Perhaps its manifest qualifies as the FIFORONAT – The Fifth Force of Nature. It’s in there.

I can’t find this “new” brutino mentioned in any of my books describing particles of existence. So, in the great symphony of galaxies and blackholes and their spins and collisions – I’ll use my poetic license to regard this B as a GRACE NOTE. A Grace Note is a flowing-emerging here and there decorative/ephemeral/wandering sounding like a “sniffle” breath in a major theme of life’s composition and its fullness of expression. While it graces the whole like one dew drop on a rose – the whole embraces it. Together, they covenantally hold in place as grace and embrace. They dance. Life requires the concept of Grace Note, because it symbolizes what is unknown and what’s to be known: namely, the intuitive imagination. It keeps reminding us that there is more. – Two of my favorite books (some of which I understand) on this dance are Gary Zukav’s “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” (Bantam 1980) and Fritjof Capra’s “The TAO of Physics” (Fontana 1983). Alas, so much quotable wisdom, but this will have to do:

“There is no single ‘experience’ of physics. The experience is always changing…The entire field of physics is quivering with anticipation…The Wu Li Masters move in the midst of all this, now dancing this way, now that…sometimes with a lightness and grace, ever flowing freely. Now they become the dance, now the dance becomes them. This is the message of the Wu Li Masters: not to confuse the type of dance that they are doing with the fact that they are dancing.”(Zukav, p.16-17) – “The same idea about matter is conveyed, for example, to the Hindu by the cosmic dance of the god Shiva as to the physicist of certain aspects of quantum field theory. Both the dancing god and the physical theory are creations of the mind: models to describe their author’s intuition of reality.”(p.52, Capra) – “The bubble-chamber photographs of interacting particles, which bear testimony to the continual rhythm of creation and destruction in the universe, are visual images of the dance of Shiva equaling those of the Indian artists in beauty and profound significance. The metaphor of the cosmic dance thus unifies ancient mythology, religious art, and modern physics. It is, indeed, as Coomaraswamy has said, ‘poetry, but none the less science.’” (p.272, Capra)

A Cosmic Dance and an Earthly Dance — embrace in my writings on THE HOLD and TOWARDS A BREATHING THEORY OF BEING. In brief, this is more justification that our breathing (all of life’s breathing – to dance is to breathe/to breathe is to dance) sequence of inhalation-exhalation is a manifestation of a similar function in the matrix of the universe. The EMBRACE that we experience is entangled with the matrix-hold of existence in a major way. Howsoever it happened, we seem gifted by an innate function of existence to be conscious of it. Be-hold the Big Bang’s got a Brutino Breath. And, Behold! The very word itself – EM–BRACE — is an inhalation-exhalation word. It is the dance. Ahhh! One can say every new day is one’s dancing partner – as the dance goes on.

So the grace-dance world of the brutino joins the reciprocities of photosynthesis and cellular respiration, the Magnetosphere/Interstitium/Quantum Foam, the Cyclical Bounce Contraction, the unfolding/enfolding of Explicate/Implicate Orders, the Conservation of Energy Law, the systolic/diastolic body/lung sync – and the diaphragmatic pulsation in all life forms. These I’ve mentioned along the way to this summation as The Embrace. I’ve chosen The Embrace to be the favored “Logos” term of the hold of our spiritual and physical dancing partnership. To hold, behold and be beheld is to belong and to belong is to embrace and be embraced: and, finally, to have been so — one is released. The dance goes on!

So, seems we breathe because the universe breathes. We are conscious of our breathing, but have found no evidences, as-yet, that such consciousness is in the physicals of existence. There are theories and theologies to make such a case, but no actual findings of support that are verifiable/falsifiable. Therefore, I’m content to keep-up the exploration of personal living within my world and what data from the sciences I can comprehend. Seems we are a product of embracements unique to this planet and our evolution here. And, now more than ever, we are aware that we must embrace our planet, ourselves, and the promises envisaged here for our species. We are in a Grand Covenantal Planet Manifestation in an existence that may always be the unfathomable mystery that it is today. There will be advances in our search for how “consciousness” may have a play in the universe. I love dancing with that. (It’ll hug me, bug me — both, perhaps with a snug.) The dance goes on.

I use language in many configurations of perception — to see if they increase awareness of what it means to live this earthly life with enhanced meaning before we die. Recently: ACE (Absolute Covenantal Embrace), QVC (Quantuum-Vacuum-Continuum), and now EMBRACE with its own GPS (Grace-Peace-Space). Thus, with my ACE, QVC, and GPS in THE HOLD – IAM THAT IAM. There is meditation here – mindfulness, resonance, music, memory, unity, symmetry – and what we call “spirituality.” I think I’m discussing a true Eartharian connect with the universe(s) of existence that we see. I don’t see a life beyond death for such as me or thee. The universe will keep going it seems with polar reciprocillation. I’m but a random result of a sperm and egg – creatured into this planet’s world, which may have sprung from some random panspermia riding a rock from a million light years away. I’m defined by the dancing embraces that hold me together: art, air, apples. I’m thinking such holdings are “entangled” with THE HOLD of the universe…somehow. We are learning. — I’m doing more slow dancing now than ever before. And, very consciously, pausing more often and calmly with my AHHhhSOHOBECALM so as to know the Be-Hold-Held of the Embrace of Life. — and write about it . . . as these Haiku just came to say:

                           Woke, embraced by Dawn!                                 
                       Good Morning, faithful partner.
                                 Let us keep dancing!

                              Your sunshine is warm!
                      Its rays and beams they hold me.
                                  And I’m not alone!

                                From the dark your light!
                                 I run and fly to catch it.
                                 You show me the path!

I promised some pictures – as below. They should need no explaining as representative embracements.
— mdok – 1/22/2020 – [aka] ‘Apo’kstrophes’ of AFIRADAPO.poet –

[ This essay develops a thought about “deism,” which envisaged a Creator that created and then withdrew from its creation. In other words – no longer involved; existence and humanness were on their own: no transcendental throne involvement. The design was designed to be its own destiny. Alone and on your own! The Deists may have missed something. Perhaps, the creative power was, from day one, invested within as THE HOLD that HELD the creation together. Atoms bonding! An Immanence! Absorbed! A Holding-Dance: an embrace embodied as in covenant. This does not imply a personal god or gods, who hear prayers and manage a heavenly resort in some eternity. It entails planet Earth, music, and photosynthesis, you-me (as self-held identities), oak trees, sunshine, and giraffes: Backyard cook-outs with Blackhole annihilations. Beauty and the Beast. To have and to hold till death do us part. Theists-Deists have a truer bonding hold in the dance as WEISTS…who comprehend OUR EMBRACE as our GEN-i-US. — And so you ask, What happened to the GOD-IN-US tradition from so many cultures, prophets, and sages? Most certainly the transmutation of Hold-Mold to EMBRACE-GRACE led to way to establish a covenantal relationship/reciprocity with that OTHER — presumed as the ultimate embrace. For some, what holds is a Deity Divine Personage. Such a belief/hope was a natural by-product of a life built on a mix of death and loveliness. Some may so believe, and do, but there is no evidence of any force beyond the forces internal to existence as we observe it as never before. The “leap of faith” for some is the “keep of facts” for others. I’ve opted for the latter, because the Keep, the Hold, the Embrace, the Grace, the Consciousness, the Spirituality, etc. — are all still there. So what — if existence keeps expanding to who knows where – or if what’s left returns from the void to be recycled into new singularities. So what — if humans transmute to make themselves more like robots — and programmed oblivious to death? What? And lose the BELONG OF THE EMBRACE? Not my call. As a species we know of so many things that can be made from molds to hold and be held to do their thing to do. Most beneficial. Some detrimental. The challenge of the Human Embrace in the mix of Machine-to-Machine take-over is now underway. Our EMBRACE TO BELONG/BELONG TO EMBRACE must persist to sustain/enhance our HAPE – HOME. Our Home Address Planet Earth/Humanity’s Own Mother Earth. I said much the same thing in my poem I WILL PRAY IF BUT TO NO GOD AT ALL. ( p. 225 –“Auguries”) “Prayer” is but a pause in time to embrace the hold and be held. The poems conclusion:
Yes! Pray daily, this side of any surmise of why,
For wonders that should not die and tomorrow’s dawn.
For such I pray. . .if but to no god at all.
My choice! My Breath-Cry into the Sentience!
I will sing praises! Drumbeat on the Wall!
Bellow “my” sound withal, upon the Silence.

My little chant-sound when I pause in PLACE for the GRACE of the EMBRACE of THE HOLD is
AHHhhSOHOBECALM! AHHhh-SingOut-HoldOn-BreatheEven-CovenantallyAligningLife’sMeanings.
That’s my AHHhhSOHOBECALM! An amalgam, but a “Logos-AUM-primal” word as it sounds from its own presence. It hails the Muse of the Meditative Mind. Embodies the Embrace! Summons the Sanctuary!
HO! HO! HO! HO! We are HO/ME! Clasping like rainbows. Breathing with the Burinos!] – mdok –

This is a newly found note that must be added as a footnote. I missed it somehow, but anyone can search The Fifth Force of Nature and get the whole story many times told. This but a summary note.
Seems scientists working with Helium released a boson (not a dark photon messenger) some 33 times heavier and more energetic than an electron. They called it X17—a protophobic X boson. In quantum physics, “bosons are particles. . . that carry energy and function as the ‘glue’ that ‘holds’ matter together and controls the interactions between physical forces.” (from BigThink 21/11/19) There is a “hidden layer” called the “dark sector” of the quantum world that doesn’t interact in some normal way with our observable, standard model universe. Scientist J. L. Feng (SciNews, 8/10/16) said “it’s possible that these two sectors talk to each other and interact with one another through somewhat veiled but fundamental interaction.” Such would be a Fifth Force of Nature and such is the reason for the ongoing search for this Quintessence. If found it would unify all the forces of nature and radically transform our concept of existence. Seems the forces of nature, except gravity (?!!) are powered by bosons—THE GLUE THAT HOLDS MATTER TOGETHER AND CONTROLS THE INTERACTIONS. — In this EMBRACE essay, I’ve said that THE HOLD characterizes and conceives that 5 th Force: from the classical-proverbial QUINTESSENCE to today’s most recent discovery. This new boson emanation from Helium awaits more confirmation experiments. Even so, I find this newest “matrix” entry into THE EMBRACE OF THE HOLD very “glue-like” supportive of the idea. Indeed, quite clear and loud and CLARION (there’s that action “ion” again) as these lines from “I Heed It Still – That Clarion Call of Mine” that concludes AUGURIES:
Holding hands is grace as we make the climb
While sunshine sparkles through the leaves its call.
I heed it still that clarion call of mine.
There’s a wonder holding us that’s sublime
Like petals floating a stream past the pall.
I heed it still that clarion call of mine.
—mdok— 1/31/2020