ARK is a word for a ship a box — and most existentially/physically “that which holds.” No Noahs or Moses or Jerusalems are required for this new most ancient conception. No deities or divinities are required to grasp the meaning. WE ARE IN THE HOLD OF THIS PLANET AND OUR HOLD ON IT. A Covenant is a two-way reciprocation: each holding hands — each for each for the benefit of each. There can be no denial now: we are in a covenantal relationship with the planet of our existence. Together we are a holding pattern/phenomenon that’s a manifestation of THE HOLD which is characteristic of all we can see that exists – sustained through predations, chaos, and the ever-evident random. – All creatures, plant specimens, and environs are in our care to preserve and protect – so they can sustain, preserve and protect our survival. Yes, way before the gods arrived in the mind, THE HOLD – the Ark Planet – was already in place and sailing on the fly with its mix of miracle-majesty-mystery/predation-procreation-prosperoion navigational ability in its hold in the hold of the sun and the solar systems hold in the universe of multiverses, which have a hold on us………………somehow! The Netflix documentary OUR PLANET paints the picture with technological perfection.    —  And so the concept of THE HOLD as the ABSOLUTE  RECIPROCILLATING KOVENANT ( ark ) continues to grab my conscious-breath-holding-mind. — mdok —

[ Alas. Scientific American’s Feb 2020 issue must be mentioned here. It’s about social road maps and GPS-like space&grid&border cells working to guide our navigation within brain and space-time environments. At issue is that the brain “builds, stores, and uses mental maps.” It’s about “mapmaking,” and “building models” of the environment. All creatures have this innate ability to some extent. But humans take it further, of course. Here’s a quote—without all the great science writing therein:

“For humans, the importance of such an abundance of cell types seems obvious: the brain is responsible for knowing the location of home and work, walls and dead ends, a favorite shop or the corner store. It is still a mystery as to how all of this information is drawn together into a coherent map, but these cells appear to provide the parts list for the elements of mapmaking.” “Steady As She Goes,” is a navigational “hold” for destinations ahead. This is all about coherent space-time-place-memory-environments-breathing coordination. It’s all about THE NAVIGATIONAL HOLD we possess and activate.  This “Cognitive Cartography is Physical and Social.” As such, it is the source of our poetries and spirituality to comprehend it as we live it. For now, I see it as the Fifth Force of Nature – that quintessential something that holds us and stuff together – be it planet-psyche-universe: scientific-abstract-metaphorical, etc. — I’ll time-out now for a bit of  “Steady As She Goes,” SOHOBECALM.]