Have you seen people hugging Trump as if they are worshipping him as “truly-really” “God’s Chosen” emissary to Earth as if a Moses or a Noah or… in some fashion … a Jesus manifestation? Notice, too, the people of such views that are paid staff in his Administration along with white supremacists. Can you detect presences of homophobia and racism? Denials of Separation of Church and State? Surely you’ve seen how his “base” is crafted around “Evangelical” Christianity and white nationalism for its political power. Since Trump the police cars in my town and county now have “In God We Trust” painted on them. Whatever happen to “Justice We Trust” and “Freedom We Trust,” “In the Law We Trust,” etc.? The separation of church and state has never been so vulnerable and so fragrantly under attack – as a Christian Supremacy is being offered.  And climate change is a constant denial as if it’s a liberal-progressive faked agenda. Leaving the Paris Accords has never been followed-up with a major think-tank committee to map an American response to this obviously daily/global—“existential”– crisis. And where is the moral leadership in the attacks on Americans of significance, the separation of families at the border, and a barrage of constant lies to enflame his base – which has bowed to his hypocrisy, kissed his rump&ring of Monarchical presence? Look at the family/devotees behind him — all ready to become princes and princesses in the new Realm of Trump the Mighty/Chosen One. And he apparently spends millions on golfing while plans are in the works to take away the food stamps of millions of Americans. “Make America White&Christian Again.” That’s what “Great” means to these people.

The Art of the Deal is to make the “other” squeal — and then for them  to accept ”the squeal” as true fact — and then to personally identify with it as what’s best: therefore to then accept the dealing that incorporates the squeal to make The Deal. Soon it won’t even hurt that initial integrity got transformed. America is in such a deal-making that allows Democracy to rhyme with Hypocracy  — and look past the squeals for the  DT45 Deal. Oh My! The Art of the Squeal Deal.

None of the above, a short list as it is, mentioned the Impeachment articles and the Impeachment process that soon moves to the Senate. They are simply manifestations of an amoral leadership person who’s only interested in his continuation in power by whatever means necessary. The problem in America is moral leadership required by our time.. If only the GOP could see the way to get back its moral stature – and relieve themselves of DT45. But its leaders have bought into the Deal of DT45 and don’t know the way out. They could regain their soul by voting to “impeach.” BUT….BUT……PAY ATTENTION AMERICA! This rumbles into a civil-war that augurs ill for our promise, prosperity, and protocol in the world and at home. We must say NO and defeat these forces that seek to be the power in America — for now and years to come. Seems the 2020 vote will come. DT45 must be soundly defeated for an America with moral leadership and a moral/ethical/scientific agenda to be put in place that has no trending towards a Monarchy-Theocracy-Hypocracy. O may the trend be to reclaim our Flag of Democracy, alive and well, in Freedom’s Land of One Nation, Undivided, with Liberty and Justice for All. [Note about In God We Trust. Stirrings for this motto began in 1861 and were finalized for all money by Presidential decree in 1956. I have noted that since Trump it has appeared on City and County police cars in Clarksburg/Harrison County, WV. I got no response to my Letter to the Editor locally for someone to address this issue: its why-how-when-who behind it. I wonder how many other towns and counties have done the same thing. Personally, I don’t believe in any of the Evangelical dogmas of the gospel of God Almighty and Jesus directing human existence. We are not a “Christian” nation. But we are a nation that the FarRight Christians, with Trump, are trying to take over.  In 1954 “under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance.  I grew up reciting with pride the original.