SOHOBECALM is the Word for a Visionary 2020


This word is apocroaptic—covering all bases of sentience&substance&sound. Sure, it’s also an amalgam-acronym-neologism utterance. But if you can say ontological-spiritual-existential-psychological-archetypal, etc. – and the words that define them – you should have no problem with SOHOBECALM.

You might even become, as me, a SOHOBECALMIAN—with due stress on the “inner” CALM dimension, as it follows the SOHOBE.  (Adding the suffix IAN is to emphasize I AM NOW. Or ION – I OWN NOW. Or IST – I SING TOMORROWS.  – Notice the Holding Pattern/Identity.) — Covenantally, such suffixes speak  of  having immediate/intimate self-touching/holding as one – all of one’s life significances: family, home, profession, dreams, abilities, health, etc. Indeed, when one is in calm pause/meditation/memory these things all join and align. Alas, the holdings/structures that fill/signature one’s spacetime.   – When I “time out/space out” just to pause/meditate/sing or contemplate – I preface the moment with SOHOBECALM.  – And, in our all-so-often palindromic-pendulamian-pulsating swing/world we get a double-calming at the center: SOHOBECALM-A-MLACEBOHOS . . . coming in and going out with Our Song. MOM-A-MOM! [ Three phrase-constructs affecting this CALM: (1) Existential Crisis – due to cultural conflict, active shooters weekly, climate issues, poor world leadership, etc. – (2) Ecobiological Grief  — due to scientists working with the climate catastrophes/species extermination on a globally increasing scale of devastation and loss, etc. – (3) Enlightenment Fog – due to the Crisis-Grief above, the conundrums of technology,  religious aggravations of power bases, and an increasing confusion of the nature of the universe and our ability to sustain our human promise with our planet in an ever increasing unknown of chaos and random events from one’s backyard to the multiverses of billions of galaxies. – These three “E’s” echo   the three of ALTARPIECES – namely, EMERSON (his call to Nature and new spiritual leadership of self-reliance ) – ELIOT ( his struggle with The Waste Land and transcendence of self-reliance) – ELIADE ( with his call for a new humanism out of the terrors of history.) — Speaking of “E’s” — everyday of late something tears my eyes and I go SOHOBECALM. (As a SOHOBECALM — IAN – ION – IST! ) — Such are explorations of New Poetries of Spirituality under the aegis of Manifest Destiny’s Odyssean Kairos. — mdok —